News: Calculating 2013 Cap Space for Every NFL Team

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by jobberone, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. jobberone

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    Speculating about free agency is a pastime for fans of teams that failed to qualify for the playoffs—or in today's case, have already been eliminated.

    But, with free agency now on the horizon, it's time to curb the wild speculation and separate the contenders from the pretenders. In other words, it's time to establish which NFL teams actually have the cap space to compete in free agency and which teams will sit by the sidelines.

    ESPN's John Clayton provided a great breakdown of each team's projected cap space headed into 2013, and these figures are used in this article—along with analysis, of course.

    These projected cap numbers are subject to change as teams cut and restructure contracts over the next two months. Anyway, here's an idea of how each NFL team shapes up financially heading into a free-agency period that figures to feature plenty of talent.
  2. Cajuncowboy

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    I'm sorry....Did that say we are 18 Mil over the cap?
  3. jterrell

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    Yes. It is the black and white cap space situation.

    Of course we extend Romo and hand Carr a check and we're back under the cap.

    But we do have far too much money tied up in guys who didnt produce enough last year: Free, Miles, OS, Ratliff. Injury caused the last 3 to under-produce.

    We can make cuts but we end up eating salary to do so. Each cut costs us about 480k because anyone removed roster member promotes another charge for the next guy in line.

    Once we declare our tags and restricted guys we'll still be under the cap. But it's mot likely we'll be very far under. UNLESS we just let Spencer walk with no compensation except a late r4 guy next year.
  4. Hoofbite

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    Nobody should be shocked and anyone who is has no one to blame but themselves for being willfully ignorant to the the number of articles spanning back to at least November that have come out.

    There's been a number of reports with similar values but a vast majority simply write it off because Adam hasn't come out and put the actual numbers out there.

    That said, Dallas will do the annual salary cap dance and push the money off into the future. I think they really need to be mindful of what could happen if they continue this approach and players like Murray, Lee, Carter, Dez, Tyron and others continue to develop.

    If you constantly have to manipulate the numbers in order to operate in a year where you don't have a ton of young talent looking at Free Agency, making decisions on who to keep isn't out of the question.
  5. jnday

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    Every year the cap is a problem for Dallas. I don't think Stephen is the guru that some claims he is.
  6. Manwiththeplan

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    As long as that includes the $5 million dollar cap penalty, I'm not too worried. Add $2-3 million from unused cap space, plus extending Romo, restructuring Carr and we are under. Any money we need for free agents can be created by restructuring a few others as well as releasing a few.
  7. wileedog

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    I think his dad's penchant for extending guys with large contracts when he shouldn't is a bigger problem.
  8. T-RO

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    Just another exhibit of how poorly this team is run.

    We are mediocre now, and will be operating at a disadvantage in the future.

    The prudent thing would be to take one season and get the financial house in order....not perpetuate more bleeding. Miles, Free and probably Ratliff should be cut loose. Absorb the hit and free the team up to be in good shape in '14.

    But at 71 years of age, with a DC who will be turning 73 in a few weeks...I don't think Jerry cares squat about where the team will be sitting 3 or 5 years from now. He'll likely just push us into a Daniel Snyder type fiscal hole and spend like a drunken sailor.
  9. Hoofbite

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    I'm not a fan of the route the team has taken and continues to be on.

    Write contracts to be re-worked the following year in order to operate. I'd rather they be in a position to re-work them in order to be able to go all out but can still operate without having to push money down the line.

    The team's ability to manipulate the cap to comply looks to be top notch.....although given there are few teams that have to do it as often perhaps it's just a perception thing. The fact that I can't recall many teams (if any) who have suffered serious consequences from an inability to comply with the cap doesn't really do much to help his perceived are of "expertise".

    On the flip-side, the teams ability to manage the cap in terms of writing contracts that don't become burdensome and avoiding the annual shuffle of cap space looks to be lacking.
  10. Galian Beast

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    We definitely have a few issues with the cap.

    Miles Austin 7 years 57 million
    DeMarcus Ware 7 years 79 million
    Marcus Spears 5 years 19 million
    Gerald Sensabaugh 6 years 25 million
    Orlando Scandrick 6 years 28 million
    Jay Ratliff 6 years 58 million
    Kyle Orton 3 years 10 million
    Nate Livings 5 years 18 million
    Doug Free 4 years 42 million
    Dan Connor 2 years 6.5 million
    Barry Church 5 years 13 million
    Mackenzie Bernadeau 4 years 11 million
  11. Randy White

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    for some of you, itching has become a way of life.

    Don't want salary cap problems ? Fine, go back to rooting for the 2000, 2001, and 2002 teams. They didn't have any problems. Of course, they didn't have any talent either, but, hey, they sure weren't making alot.

    Here's a question:

    Exactly what all that caproom some of you are yearning for, did for the Filthadelphia Beagirls all those years ?
  12. mmillman

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    just shocked that St. Jones the GM and Owner has allowed the team to become so mediocre in most respects. Shocked I say.
  13. burmafrd

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    probably not good but I would not use the bleacher report to wipe a rabid dogs butt
  14. Bluefin

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    I share your feelings for that site, but they are using John Clayton's numbers in this instance, not anything they came up with on their own.

    Clayton saying Dallas is currently $18.2M over the estimated 2013 salary cap ceiling of $120.9M, which would put the team at $139.1M.

    Clayton is counting the 2012 cap carry over, which he has at $2.3M, in this number. He makes no mention of the $5M Mara cap penalty, so I don't know if he took it into account.

    I have Dallas at $142.053M if Doug Free's contract remains at the original 4 seasons or $141.413M if the team added two additional seasons when they restructured it last off-season.

    That's including the $5M Mara penalty and Clayton's $2.3 cap rollover from 2012.

    That puts us either $21.153M or $20.513M over the cap.
  15. Future

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    Actually, those teams had a ton of cap trouble. I think at one point they were paying Troy, Michael, and Deion, and none were even on the team.
  16. T-RO

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    This. I'm shocked that a poster with as fine a handle as Randy White would be so lost in the weeds when recalling Cowboys history...and in mischaracterizing the relationship between spending and success.

    The Campo and Gailey teams were crippled both by bad drafts and by salary cap mismanagement. Go back to that era and you'll hear the term, "Salary Cap Hell."

    Meanwhile look at the teams right now that are spending that buying them success? Carolina is in a horrible way...but their big spending sure hasn't done much for them. Same with over-spending Arizona. Meanwhile the Bengals made the playoffs and will enter 2013 with a vast war chest. I could go on and on about other examples.

    Smart budgeting and a refusal to used "credit" is just smart.
  17. Bluefin

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    Any team that spends to keep its own players is going to run up against the cap now and again.

    $4.71M in remaining guaranteed money.

    And $40M was guaranteed in the extension.

    Most of that guaranteed money ($32.41M), however, is already off the books.

    Ware has been restructured the last two years and it looks like there's $10.66M in remaining guaranteed money.

    $2.1M in remaining guaranteed money.

    Marcus Spears' career is likely over with a degenerative knee, likely a June 2nd cap casualty.

    $5.25M in remaining guaranteed money, $3M of which is his 2013 base salary.

    There will only be $1.5M in remaining guaranteed money in 2014.

    $6.52M in remaining guaranteed money.

    Either $10.375M or $10.875M in remaining guaranteed money.

    Rat's extension had $8M in guarantees that are not defined on line, but it likely includes most of his 2013 base salary.

    This is one I'm waiting on AdamJT13 to clarify.

    At any rate, there will only be $4M in guaranteed money remaining in 2014.

    Just over $3.33M in guaranteed money remaining.

    Gets a bit pricey in 2014 ($4.916M cap number), the team will either extend or release then, IMO.

    $4.5M in remaining guaranteed money, which includes his 2013 base salary ($1.7M).

    That number drops to $2.1M in 2014, which may be bye bye time.

    $8.35M in remaining guaranteed money if still on 4 year contract.

    $8.99M in remaining guaranteed money if 2 years were added when deal was restructured last year.

    $1.35M in remaining guaranteed money.

    Will be pink slipped in near future.

    $2.76M in remaining guaranteed money.

    $2.4375M in remaining guaranteed money.
  18. Erik_H

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    Good post with good info. Sad that few will pay attention.

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