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Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by TheHustler, Apr 4, 2005.

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    linear editing is old fashioned. You have 2-3 tape machines all connected and put the video together in chronologically scene by scene. You cannot go backwards and change anything. It is a real pain in the ***.

    The digital editing is non-linear so you can do what you want and change things you already edited.
  2. Wezsh0T

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    Got 420kb dl...

    VERY entertaining...good companion to Nostalgia...

    WOW...JJ looks so fast in those clips. His ability to cut looks really special. The only concern is that a lot of those runs were bounced to the outside. I wonder if JJ can bust long ones up the middle...

    I wouldn't mind more clips of Emmitt. The Cowboys History DVD didn't seem to show a lot of his tough between the tackles stuff. I mean...anyone can run through holes the size of a blue whale. What a I recall about Emmitt was vision, balance, and shiftiness...
  3. JDSmith

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    The one thing I think that really stood out about Emmitt was his ability to use his right arm to fend off tacklers. Emmitt is a righty, but always liked to run with the ball in his left arm, it makes sense because of his style. Go back and watch how many times he shrugs and pushes guys off using his right arm. Not just your standard stiff arm moves, but using his upper arm and shoulder to make enough space to get by someone. He also pushed down on guys a lot as they tried to tackle him, driving their arm tackles down and getting free.
  4. Crown Royal

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    Wow...I watched again. Terrance Copper = BAD blocker.
  5. Rack Bauer

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    520 kbps.
  6. Wraith584

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    Calico - that was freakin awesome

    Emmitt Smith lifting his hands to the sky and yelling after winning the all-time rushing leader against the Seahawks was the best part up until then

    when Julius Jones came on, my jaw dropped and my mouth stayed wide open and I couldn't close it.... that guy... holy S***... wow.. just wow.
  7. Cajuncowboy

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    Guys, the words thank you do not cut it.

  8. DallasInDC

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    That was awesome Calico! You are my hero!

    When you have your next three day weekend do you think you could make a highlight video of the boys against the skins. I'm sure you have tons of footage for that video. I would love to have that video playing on the PCs of all of the skins fans I work with when they come in one morning.

    Again, thanks for all the work.
  9. adbutcher

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    Simply awesome! Speed maxed out at 448 kb/s.
  10. jterrell

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    excellent offering again!
    The balance and vision of Dorsett, Dorsett and Jones is simply outstanding.
  11. Juke99

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    REALLY well done...and very much appreciated...

    Things that catch the eye:

    - What might have been with Duane Thomas...
    - The speed of Dorsett and why many of us consider him the best RB the Cowboys have had
    - Those tiny little steps Herchel took and how TOP heavy he was
    - Emmitt. Many people talk about his success being the result of the offensive line's blocking....but the guy had moves and great balance...and of course, determination.
    - Julius...probably the fastest guy for 25 yards I've seen in a long time. His quickness in change of direction is beyond words. A great great selection by Parcells. Let's hope Julius holds up to the physical demands.

    Again, thanks for the hard work in putting this together.
  12. Jarv

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    Emmitt...out of all of the runners I noticed that Emmitt seems to have the most balance. JJ, HW and TD were faster, but Emmitt seemed to bounce off tacklers better.

    JJ has the best moves and I think he's a fast as TD and HW...The difference is the whole leauge is faster now...TD and HW were very very fast for their time, but the leauge wasn't full of 4.3 guys, there are a lot more now.

    Duane Thomas could have been another great one, but alas, he went to the Skins...nuff said.

    THUMPER Papa

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    Awesome job Calico, the music and editing were very well done, I really enjoyed it.

    Could not get over how incredibly fast Jones is. His acceleration is phenominal and he has incredible moves.

    The keys to being a good RB in the NFL are: Vision, Balance, Acceleration, Strength, and Desire. Size and 40-speed are useless in determining a RB's potential unless he has those other qualities.

    Perkins, Thomas, Dorsett, Herschel, Emmitt, and now Julius all had/have those qualities in abundance which is one of the main reasons why the Cowboys have been so successful over the years.
  14. JDSmith

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    I'm going to post a new thread with the links for most of my videos in a little bit. First I have to take my daughter to school though, so it'll probably be 15 or 20 minutes.
  15. heavyg

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    Ok this has been said several times in this thread but I have to say it again. Just how dog gone quick is JJ?! It almost as if the video was in fast forwards at times. WOW.

    Great job and thanks Calico
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    I clink on the link, and I get nothing! What am I doing wrong?? Please help!!!!!!!!!
  17. JDSmith

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    You are supposed to right click and choose 'save as...' if you are just clicking the link then it's probably trying to play it with windows media player directly - but first it's going to download the entire 65 megs without doing anything in the meantime.
  18. kapolani

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    Great vid!

    Thanks for that.
  19. ljs44

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    whoops! I'll try that. Thanks!!
  20. ljs44

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    The download timed out. Any suggestions??? I really would love to see the video

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