Call of Duty: Black Ops II

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    The sniping on MW3 part was just killcam lag. If you watched it in theater it did the same thing.
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    If at the end of the game, the person who dies last drops out, there is often times no kill cam. The kill cam comes from what is registered on the dying player's XBOX, which basically doesn't matter at all.

    It wouldn't make sense to have the kill cam data sent to the host of the game and then sent right back to the dying player. Nobody else sees the kill cam except for at the end which is why nobody sees one if the dying player drops too quickly.

    There's lag. Always will be. You're going to have people with slower connections and you have to equilibriate the game to make it playable for everyone. That's where the missed shots come in. You can look at a player running and where you see him is about 1-2 steps behind where he really is.

    On Black OPs, Hanoi was notorious for having your guy react to another player's character before that player came around the corner. It does it in BO2 as well. Your gun will target onto a guy before he's even in your sight because his character is actually a few steps ahead of what you see.

    The theater comes from the host's XBOX so regardless of what happens on someone else's XBOX if it doesn't make it to the host, it never happened.

    That's why you can miss a guy but get the kill to register with a sniper. The game has some leeway and if you are within that little margin of error, it counts and get sent to the host. So the host gets a clean shot on target but your kill cam shows your perspective which is usually nothing close to a hit.

    Hasn't been the case in MW3. Like I said though, I dunno if that is just making your kill cam register a clean shot or if it's actually better.
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    Bad choice.. shoulda went with Halo 4.
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    I haven't gotten into multiplayer on Halo yet.

    I'm trying to knock out some of the co-op missions to unlock some things first. Nothing pisses me off more than having to play a game handicapped simply because I didn't go out and get it at midnight.

    Still giving BO2 a shot. I've found that the SMGs are actually far more useful for me than they have been in past games. I was usually an assault rifle guy because the SMGs spray half a clip of hit markers before finally landing a shot. Seriously, in MW3 I was using an entire clip for one kill and then I would be caught reloading.

    In BO2, the SMGs are far more accurate and you don't have to empty one to get the kill. I also like how you can move a ton faster with them. With lightweight, you can actually make it around a corner when you're getting shot at. Wasn't happening for me with the assault rifle. Someone would have the jump on me from distance or be positioned behind me and I couldn't really do anything. SMGs are pretty much my mainstay now. I can get around the corner and move across the map a ton faster. The spawns and cluster of players makes it almost impossible to win more than a couple of fights without getting overwhelmed by numbers. I've noticed I've been able to catch more guys who are lone-wolfing with the SMG and I think it's probably because I am getting around fast enough and getting to them quick enough that they haven't had the time to catch up to their team after respawning.

    From what I have seen of Halo though, I'm pretty sure that it's gonna win out.

    I like the weapons far better. I honestly can't stand killstreaks at all. I think they're a detriment and always have been. I'm more of a gun-on-gun guy which is why Perfect Dark 64 will always be the best FPS ever created, IMO. I hate the stupid armor abilities in Halo but at least it's not like some ridiculous paper plane flying around looking for someone to bomb.

    I absolutely hate the claymores and bouncing betties. They're completely asinine. Just more free kills for the people who use them and more cheap deaths for those they are used on. The dumb ***** looking DirecTV dish, or whatever that is, is another annoyance. Same with the electricity nades. Just blow up and kill me. Rather than slowing me down and making me completely incapable of doing anything at all and totally vulnerable, just blow up already.

    Between the killstreaks that are totally automated and guarantee kills, the equipment that is proximity triggered and completely unavoidable once triggered and the other dumb equipment that slows down your ability to do anything for a few seconds, it's almost impossible to refrain from throwing your controller through the screen.

    I think Halo is gonna take over the Xbox once I get into it.

    Borderlands 2 has been too damn addicting to put down or else I would probably have already switched over.
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    I think your right. Halo 4 sounds amazing but what made me go with BO is that all my friends have it and playing with them online vs playing by myself in Halo gave BO a huge edge. Plus the new zombie mode looks fantastic.
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    This exactly.

    As for BO2 I didn't buy it and haven't played it. The buddies of mine that did get it have had nothing but bad to say about the piss poor spawning, the lag, and the usual list of absolute crap that comes along with playing a Call of Crap game.

    So if you want it just to be frusturated while playing it with your friends then you should get it but don't get it expecting it to be even a remotely good game because you'll wind up feeling very foolish.
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    Honestly, I've listed all the things I don't care for but the spawns haven't been nearly as bad as what I got in MW3. I've probably gotten 5 hours in gameplay in and I think only once have I watched a kill cam where the guy who ended up killing me had died and respawned so quickly that I was able to see his death and mine in the same killcam.

    In MW3, this sort of thing would happen at least once per game to me.

    The lag hasn't been bad for me either.

    I'm actually surprised that most of the common complaints I hear aren't ones that I think are as bad as previous versions.
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    Completely unrelated, but the Army's 2013 Weapons Systems Catalog is available for download today.

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