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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by chicago JK, Nov 13, 2004.

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    I think Ronnie Brown is a fantastic back and may be the better pro, but boy do I like watching the Caddy run. He would be a fun guy to watch in Dallas. I wouldn't draft either Caddy or Ronnie Brown in the top 10 but if we traded one of our picks into the late teens or early 20's then I would have no problem with either.

    Julius may very well turn out to be a good back, but Caddy and Ronnie are both electric runners. Every time they touch the ball you feel they could take it to the house.
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    Card Williams is that. I like him. Pollack getting snuffed by TE's. He's a lie.

    Watch this kid - I don't buy it - has a burst and made a serious interception...............

    Carlos Rogers
    CB, Auburn
    War Room analysis
    Strengths: Is a fearless defender who has NFL-caliber size and strength. Shows the physical skills to match up with most receivers.

    Weaknesses: Rarely makes big plays. Entering his senior season, he had only four interceptions in 35 starts. Lacks ideal speed and struggles to track airborne balls. If beaten on routes, has trouble making the quick turns and sprints necessary to recover.

    Bottom line. Rogers' body is NFL-ready, but his lack of playmaking potential makes him only a late-Day 1 or early-Day 2 pick.
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    Nors, I am with you here.
    I have been saying all year Pollack will be a bust, average player at best on the NFL level.

    IMO Carlos Rogers just may be the second best CB in College Football behind Rolle. I like this kid a lot, and have for 2 years now.

    Have loved the Caddy since his he first started carrying the rock at Auburn.

    I must admit though Ronnie Brown also has really grown on me. His versatility is very impressive. Tough runner, but Caddy has better vision. I guess it just depends on the style you like. It really is a lot like comparing Dorsett to Emmitt.
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    I like both the Auburn backs, but I'm really hoping we see enough of JJ this year to have a good idea if he's the future.

    I wouldn't take Pollack in the 1st. He makes a lot of effort plays, but I think many people have him overrated. Now maybe in the 2nd if he somehow slides that far. Gotta be able to come in and do more than Wiley.
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    I'd also have to agree on the Carlos Rogers kid. He sure is impressive out there today.

    Sure seems like the CB from LSU has fallen off. Cory Webster I believe his name is. He was ranked 2nd behind Rolle at the start of the season, but since then hasn't been much.

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