Calls commence for Eagles to part ways with Mike Vick PFT

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Jun 26, 2010.

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    Calls commence for Eagles to part ways with Mike Vick
    Posted by Mike Florio on June 26, 2010 7:15 PM ET
    We've tried several times over the past two days to articulate the fundamental problem with Mike Vick's recent public birthday party, which anyone could attend. Based on some of the reactions we've gotten, some of you don't yet understand the nature of the risk Vick took, given his very unique circumstances.

    Jordan Raanan of explains the situation better than we have, ultimately calling Vick's "indefensible" and suggesting that Vick has done enough to justify the Eagles getting rid of him.

    "His fatal mistake wasn't what he did at the party," Raanan writes. "It was being there in the first place. Those are exactly the type of scenes a high-profile ex-convict is supposed to avoid. Especially someone who was given a second chance at a lucrative career -- Vick is expected to make $5.2 million this year -- as long as he steers clear of trouble. . . .

    "These were the kind of slip-ups Vick needed to avoid. These are the situations he wasn't supposed to put himself in ever again after what seemed like a life lesson he would never forget. He was supposed to live happily ever after in relative obscurity. That doesn't happen when you're throwing yourself an open-invite birthday party with 300-plus attendees."

    Some of you have insisted that Vick did nothing wrong because he couldn't control who chose to attend the party. But that's precisely why he shouldn't have had a party whose attendees would be determined only by whether they paid the money for a ticket and complied with the dress code.

    When Vick said all the right things last year upon returning to the league, many wondered whether he truly had changed, or whether he was saying what he thought he needed to say in order to get his NFL career back. Though he apparently has stayed out of trouble, his decision to proceed with Thursday night's party suggests that he possibly hasn't changed (or that he has changed back), and that he's still surrounding himself with people who can't or won't give him good advice that he'll heed.

    Thursday night's events also have another potentially negative consequence for Vick. It puts him back on the radar screen, and it gives the feds, the NFL, and the Eagles reason to start poking around, to see whether he fully has complied with the terms of his probation and reinstatement.

    It's like an IRS audit or an NCAA investigation. They show up for one thing, and they end up nailing you for something else that they never would have known about but for the thing that got them there in the first place.

    For Vick, no one knows what will happen in the coming days and weeks. But no one would be talking about him right now if he merely had opted for a private birthday party attended only by persons with whom he's permitted to associate -- and whom he can trust not to bring a gun.
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    He deserves to get kicked out of the league.
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    Michael Vick is dumb.

    Nothing is going to change that.

    He was turning 30, not 21. Stay away from the night clubs dingbat!

    Same deal with Pacman. These idiots just can't get away from the club where they can be gawked at all night by haters. And then they wonder why stuff pops off around them.

    It's a shame that NFL, NBA and MLB players are targets when they go out to have a good time, but it is what it is.

    So if they don't have six bodyguards with them don't go. Or better yet have a party in a closed setting with some friends and family. You have reached a level financially where this is possible so take that route.

    And on this note...

    [​IMG] MilesAustinIII

    heading out to the jersey shore tonight. "unce unce unce" (techno beat) about 1 hour ago via web

    Miles probably isn't as recognizable as Vick or others, but why announce it on Twitter? Just go have a good time and get back home without incident.

    For a laugh I did throw this at Miles...


    @MilesAustinIII You got Snooki with you right?
    18 minutes ago via web in reply to MilesAustinIII

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    Twitter is gonna get alot of people robbed. Idiots
  5. MarionBarberThe4th

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    W/ a player the caliber of Vick you just cant afford to let him go. Hes just too good.
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    Yeah, right....
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    This article sums up my argument in the other Vick thread quite nicely... except he said it better than I did...
  8. silverbear

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    Pal, I think Vick's problem is that he has this sick, near-desperate need to be the Big Deal... he craves adulation like an addict craves his next fix... that's why he took to running a dogfighting ring in the first place...

    Guys like that tend to surround themselves with sycophants, who never, ever tell the Big Deal "no", that he shouldn't do something, that he's headed for trouble... these are the types that Vick calls friends, the types that he chooses to associate with... and if he doesn't wise up real quick, these are the types who are gonna bring him down for the last time...
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    I am sure the eagles can survive without his 2 or 3 plays a game. I can't see why they haven't cut him before this. No way is he worth over 5 million.
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    i don't see what he did wrong he went to a party left and someone got shot. How is that Vicks fault
  11. silverbear

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    Nobody's saying he's responsible for the guy getting shot... not even the police...

    But that's not the problem here... he didn't just "go to a party", he threw himself a birthday bash at a night club... and one of the 300 plus invitees to that party pulled a gun and shot an old friend of his...

    So, if it turns out that the guy who did the shooting is a convicted felon (which seems like a safe bet, guys who carry concealed weapons into night clubs and aren't afraid to shoot people in full view of many witnesses tend to be criminals), then Vick is in violation of his parole (ex-convicts on parole cannot associate in any way with other ex-cons)... and from the NFL's point of view, Vick is once more garnering negative publicity for himself and for the league, which may put him in hot water with the commissioner, it may be a violation of the terms of his reinstatement...

    He did nothing criminal, he just did something really, really stupid... he should never have thrown that birthday party...

    But again, I don't blame him for Quanis Phillips getting shot, ol' Q had no business attending the party (he's an ex-con too, he was a partner in Vick's Bad Newz Kennels, so he's not supposed to be hanging out with Vick), and ultimately, the guy who pulled the trigger is to blame...
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    Besides, it will be out of the Eagles hands soon enough. Vick has The Commish and his Parole officer to worry about. The Eagles are scum, of course they will keep him...too bad it won't be up to them
  13. hornitosmonster

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    He is on Parole and under strict guidelines from the NFL.

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