Calvin Johnson and Lynch Trade

Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by da_whiz_kid, Nov 7, 2013.

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    I've been trying to get Calvin Johnson.Jimmy Graham or Rob Gronkowski from another guy.

    I offered Marshawn Lynch and Victor Cruz for Gronk and Calvin (DENIED)
    Lynch, Dthomas, Wilson, Jeffery for Jimmy and Calvin (DENIED)
    Lynch for Calvin (DENIED) (Hes has Sjax and Foster)

    He proposed
    Calvin Johnson, Gronkowski, SJax for Lynch, DThomas, Alshon, Wilson

    Now I have no problem trading Wilson as I was gonna use him for one week, and continue to roll with Romo(Cowboys Homer)
    But Am I crazy to think Lynch for Calvin straight up is fair? And Cruz for Gronk /or DThom and Alshon for Jimmy is fair? I feel like I give up too much in the trade he proposed to me.

    My Roster(7-2)

    His Roster(2-7)

    Are my trades fair? Are his? What would you recommend? I like my team, but a guy just made a bunch of trades which yield him a team with Bryant,Marshall, and Decker as his starting WRs and Bush and Morris as his starting RBs with Davis at TE and Brady at QB. His depth is not great but I feel I should make an upgrade to make sure I am head and Shoulders above his team. Cameron has been good but I dont trust Campbell. SHould I accept his trade or counter with something else? STANDARD NONPPR 10 team league.
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    All else equal, Lynch is considered more valuable than Calvin.
    Just out of curiosity, I looked up ESPN's rest-of-season a values for players.
    Lynch was 2nd overall, Calvin was 11th.

    But we all know that team needs will impact the players value. If you're loaded at RB and weak at WR, for example, then Calvin's value goes way up for your particular team.

    I know Lynch still has a bye week--so that drops his value a tiny bit. But I would really have a hard time parting with him.
    Btw, ideally you would trade him Wilson after Romo's bye week 11 (Wilson faces Minn dst)
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    Yea, And I have Forte/Lacy/Stacy which should be good for the ROS. Which is why I was ok getting rid of him for Calvin. Its really just the rest of his proposal that gets me (Jeffery, DThomas, Wilson for GRONk and SJax)
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    I got Calvin & MJD in a trade a couple of weeks ago in a deal for A Morris, D Thomas & Leveon Bell.

    My Roster now is:
    QB: Luck
    RB: Shady, Murray, TRich (traded MJD), Ben Tate, Andre Brown & Vareen (on IR)
    WR: Dez, Calvin, Boldin, Cobb (IR), D Moore, & Dobson
    TE: Gronk, Jordan Reed
    K: Dan the Man Bailey
    Def: Chiefs

    I also got Calvin the week of the Dallas game so his value now is threw the roof to most owners

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