Calvin Pryor vs. Ha Ha Clinton-Dix

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by dalboy, Feb 12, 2014.

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    Yes routinely and also that's a different scheme. We play Church alot more in box and man to man and want a FS that can cover the middle. Read and react and make plays.

    Of course Ward is on the board. Just where at?
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    Hopefully high enough so that he's wearing The Star in camp.
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    I hope not. I don't want another mid round small school secondary player. We need a day one starter.
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    Yeah, a mid-round secondary player can never make it in the league. That Richard Sherman is pretty terrible.
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    Oh, and certainly not college walk-on linebackers who convert to Safety in the NFL and dominate as the best at their position and best in franchise history during their time in the NFL.

    Ahem...sig pic.
  6. supercowboy8

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    Sherman is the one in 20. Look at Dallas secondary. Sherman wasn't great year one either. Yes they can develop but we have enough of those guys.

    You brought up Carro and Thomas earlier. Both top 15 picks.
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  7. supercowboy8

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    1 a 100. I look at reality. Look at how many players we have drafted mid round since Woodson. Still haven't found one.
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    although I agree that good safeties can be found in all rounds I find it hard to believe that the Cowboys draft a mid round safety again.. they have done it almost every year recently.. I think unless they go safety in round 1 we probably won't be drafting one unless they take a shot on a guy like Jonathan Dowling in the 6th or 7th
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    Einstein-"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.".we should either be serious about fixing the safety position or bring in a vet but i would hate another mid rd no hoper.
  10. supercowboy8

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    I agree with this. With Drafting Wilcox just last year in round 3 I doubt they get another mid round to add. I think they will look DL OL LB CB WR and even Qb in the mid rounds more than safety. How much better can a mid round pick be this year than a mid round pick form last year with a year of experience.
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    I know this thread is about Pryor v. Clinton-Dix, but Ward and Brooks have been mentioned, so I want to add this... I just watched a few of the cutups on Ward. My thoughts:

    Really easy mover. Fluid. Versatile. Can be moved all over the secondary, even playing in the slot at a high level. Plays the ball in the air well (times his break and rakes at the ball at the right moment).

    My problem with him is that he's not a reliable tackler. He's very small (5'10 3/8", 191 lbs.) and plays that way when the ball is on the ground. His coverage ability and range are there for him to be a true FS, but his tackling will dissuade coaches from putting him in that position. His size is that of a smaller CB as a matter of fact, so although I appreciate him for what it is, I'm not sure he's a layup as a full-time FS.

    Terrence Brooks is also smallish (5'11, 197 with very short arms and small hands). That's not good, but he plays bigger than that. You can see that he's more aggressive in his downhill breaks, and wraps up and drives through the ball carrier as opposed to cutting the guy down Deion-style (like Ward).

    Both these guys are good players and could help us. I think I'd be a bit more comfortable putting Brooks in that full-time FS role, but Ward provides that extra layer of being a better man/slot cover guy. Since Scandrick is so good in the slot, and Carr/Claiborne aren't going anywhere in the next couple years, that reduces Ward's value just a bit (since it would likely take an injury for us to use him a ton in the slot).

    Overall... these top 4 S's would all help us, as they'd all upgrade our overall quality in the secondary. But I wouldn't be overly thrilled with Ha Ha/Pryor in the 1st, or Ward/Brooks in the 2nd. Totally thrilled to score any of these guys a round later.

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    When you break down Vaccaro, you have to really view him as two different players because his responsibilities and what he was asked to do in the Texas scheme changed late in his career. Early on, he was a complete safety. He played much more in the box and he took very good angles in the run game. Later, they changed him up to be much more involved in the passing game. He played in the slot a lot more. He actually asked for this change, I'm sure to increase his value in the eyes of scouts, which it did.

    I really liked Vaccaro and wished we had taken him last year. You may remember that last year, it was leaked that had Vaccaro been available, we would have taken him and not traded down. That, to me, says that we liked what he did on the field and it's reasonable to believe that if they see Vaccaro in any of the Safeties early, that could be a strong consideration for the Cowboys.
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    Richard Sherman went to Stanford. Bigger school, better grade of completion. Also Woodson went to Arizona State.
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    I am by no means a pro scout but if you watch tape on both on like i did knowing not a lot about either, Pryor looks worlds better overall.

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