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    Calvin Watkins ‏@calvinwatkins 30m
    Thursday morning #Cowboys questions are being taken.

    Calvin Watkins ‏@calvinwatkins 28m
    @AllboutTHEChu: @calvinwatkins better chance at staying healthy this year miles or demarco?” Murray. But it's close

    @TreHolmes11: @calvinwatkins who will be Cowboys' impact players? Which side of the ball improve the most?" Dez, Spencer, Mo. D improves.

    @J_BSn: @calvinwatkins best candidate to win a starting G position over 1 of last years starters (assuming Fred wins C job) is" Leary.

    @Rell_Fleming: @calvinwatkins how many runningbacks you think we gon keep on da 53 man roster ?” Murray tanner randle & Dunbar

    @Ftballdialogue: @calvinwatkins Gut feeling Sean Lee get a new deal? Hope so just got his jersey.” He's not going anywhere.

    @PSNdotCom: @calvinwatkins Is there a plan to improve the safety position or are we going with what we have now? They like what they have

    @RalphCascasanLV: @calvinwatkins I still have no faith in OL, just read G Leonard David is available, why not bring him in?" For what?!

    @jumpman2o9: @calvinwatkins do you feel the O-Line will improved enough 4 us to win the division?" Yes. Like what Callahan is doing

    @B_Orange14: @calvinwatkins your pick to win the third linebacker spot?” Durant is the other starter

    @georgekorkian: @calvinwatkins who gets the start at the second safety position? Also 3rd WR? in your opinion” Allen and Harris.

    @Efranco210: @calvinwatkins how concerned are the cowboys with Tony Romo's back?” 0 concerns. Minor surgery.

    @SamirJR24: @calvinwatkins Miles still the #2 WR? Any chance T Will gets that spot?” Doubtful. TWill fights Harris for No.3 spot

    @naranjo_steven: @calvinwatkins what's your starting offensive line look like ?” Smith livings Frederick MB free

    @KennyLang1775: @calvinwatkins Glad to see Danny Coale in the mix. Whats your assessment on his chances to make team or practice squad?” PS

    @MrBellFromJena: @calvinwatkins .Hatcher is a childhood friend. Do you see him getting an extension or Hitting the Market?" Market.

    @J_BSn: @calvinwatkins what is it that Callahan is doing that you like so much?” More familiar with his system. Zone block & aggressive

    @georgekorkian: @calvinwatkins what about Johnson? I really like him on tape. He's a playmaker” I agree. Watch Wilcox though

    @Helmstetler828: @calvinwatkins Can Costa steal a guard spot or will he just backup Frederick?” Costa can steal C spot.

    @FrankieCamaj_: @calvinwatkins who has a bigger impact these season Lee or Carter? (if both healthy)” Lee

    @MLGBeatdown: @calvinwatkins whos our #2 rb on the depth chart?” Randle

    Didn't post all, because some just got silly.... but for curiousity's sake, here's his twitter handle -
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    As always, thank you for all of the work you do that makes this place so informative and enjoyable for the rest of us.
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