Cam Johnson - Why he fell to the 7th round

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by xwalker, May 4, 2012.

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    From ninersnation:

    Johnson was actually rated fairly highly by most analysts as far as his talent was concerned. A week ago, Mike Mayock ranked Cam Johnson No. 50 among all players. So why was he a seventh round pick? Well, health issues are prominent due to a sickle cell trait. It is not sickle cell disease or sickle cell anemia. The disease is more serious and involves a mutation of the hemoglobin gene, while Johnson's sickle cell trait produces both abnormal and normal hemoglobin.
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    Not normally a problem. High altitude can cause a problem for some. The trait is thought to confer some benefit in regards to malaria but I don't know if a good study has ever been done. Occasionally a trait patient acts more like a disease patient than you'd think. Not often.
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    I wondered what was causing him to drop
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    read sickle cell trait
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    Sickle cell trait usually will not prohibit you from playing sports - it's not like having sickle cell disease. It's also more common in African-Americans, so it's likely that there are a handful of players in the NFL who also have it. I doubt this caused that much medical concern for him to drop that far.
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    There are a few, most notably Ryan Clark, who do not play games at altitude...i.e. Denver.
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    Yeah, I understand that and can see that being somewhat of a problem if you're the Broncos or play in the AFC West. He's played competitive sports for a while though, presumably without any negative effects, so I doubt this will affect him that much in the NFL. It' s just weird for a team to use this as an excuse given there's NFL players out there who are playing with sickle cell trait (and probably some that don't even know it) that are doing just fine.

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