Can anyone find this stat? Adam?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Qwickdraw, Nov 21, 2005.

  1. Qwickdraw

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    I'm curious to know where Dallas ranks in the league in terms of penalties and penalty yards. We are doing really well this season in this department.

    Also, I'm curious to know how teams rank in penalties when playing us as opposed to other teams.
    We seem to be creating a lot of penalties out of teams we are facing. Is Bledsoe's hard count that good?
  2. AdamJT13

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    Going into the Detroit game, we had the third-fewest penalties, and our opponents had the fourth-most penalties.
  3. Qwickdraw

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    Thanks bro.
  4. joseephuss

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    I don't think Bledsoe was doing any type of hard count early. Detroit was just trying to jump the count. I thought opposing teams got good jumps against the offense when both Quincy and Vinny were at QB. Seems like they are getting close with Bledsoe is at QB. Perhaps they should do a little focusing on the snap counts and cadence.
  5. Juke99

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    I LOVE the title of this thread.

    Quite a compliment for Adam...who I still think is actually Stephen Jones.

  6. Hoov

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    we are getting a lot of PI calls in our favor, and at key times that keep drives going. I mean, it sure seems like more than i am seeing with other teams.
  7. czmtzc

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    It may not have happened this game but I seem to recall that we have been getting a lot more Intentional Grounding penalties due to our improved pass rush.
  8. ravidubey

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    There were two bogus 15 yard penalties against Detroit that got us 3 points yesterday. Other than that, Detroit made too many mistakes because they pressed too hard. They just didn't have the horses to beat the Cowboys in Texas.
  9. Ashwynn

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    I too wonder about our famed Adam and his true identity. Though I dont dwell on it, when ever I see a 'Bam, there it is' post by adam with info only stephen would know.....kinda makes you wonder dont it.

    But dont worry Adam, should we ever find that definitive proof, we wont break your cover. We love you man. (can I have that bud lite now please?)
  10. percyhoward

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    Ours is not to question why, just how many, how much.

    I'd like to know if we just set some kind of record for most opponents' penalties/yards over a 2-game span.

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