Can BP win us the Superbowl next year ?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Jarv, Jan 2, 2006.

  1. Jarv

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    Can BP win us the Superbowl next year ?

    If not, then I would prefer he would just leave now.

    Based on the FACTS we know now. BP is in the last year of his contract, right. Assuming things stay pat there, then this is his last year as our HC.

    Now, if he or the organization thinks we can make the right moves next year to win the superbowl, plugging any holes we have, then cool...Lets keep BP.

    If not, then he should leave now. Why, because if we don't win the superbowl next year and BP does leave, per his current contract...Bammo, we are starting over with new coach's, schemes, etc.

    If that is the case, lets start now. Why wait another year ? We have a good young nucleus on the D...And an older conservitive style on O. If we can't win it next year I'm all for starting new this year and building consistancy with a coach that is willing to bring that consistancy here for a few years, rather than one last grasp next year and then rebuilding the following year.

    Unless I see a contract extension that I feel comfortable that BP will honor for 3 or more years, then lets rebuild the offense with a new head coach now.

    Haven't we all been through this coach switching enough over the last 10 years.

    I say BP for 3 more years, or just leave now. I do belive in BP, if he gives me more than just one more year...Then we would just have to reload anyway.

    How many times have we said about a player that has been through 3 coaching changes and schemes and never gets the chance to learn and perfect a system for x years.

    If BP just wants to finish his final year here, then I say lets bring in someone new who will committ to us for a while.
  2. sago1

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    I want Parcells to stay one more here cause I think he has the talent to properly evaluate and add the players we want particularly on offense & with the aid of Ireland who I think did a good job in 05 draft on defense.

    I'm tired of us getting rid of HC and there no prove Jerry Jones would hire a good HC anyway given his previous track record. If Parcells agrees to extension (with JJ understanding Parcells only staying 1 more year), we get enough stability and add enough new young players to become team to reckon with in 06 & beyond. There also aren't a lot of HC out there I'd want anyway. Certainly not Tice, Sherman, Capers, etc, but Capers as a DC of 3-4 scheme after Parcells fire Zimmer is good idea but will Cowboys do it.
  3. Jarv

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    My point was, that if we had a real assurance that BP will be here for at least 3 more years, I would say sign him in a heartbeat. If he is just here one more year to fullfill his contract obligation, then I would be for us getting a new HC now.

    If BP comes back for just one more year, then we will be looking at a new HC in 2007 anyway. If thats the case, give me the new HC now...If change is inevidable, lets get it over with and do it now....or, BP give me 3 more years.

    I think JJ thinks this way also, that is why he supposedly offered BP an extension....and won't comment on the future of BP.

    I think if BP does not sign an extension...JJ wants to start over now too. I also think BP is pissed about this, being pressured into more years.

    That is why we have been told we'll hear more about this soon.
  4. demdcowboys#1

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    I hope he can win us a SB. We are literally an FG kicker and a couple o linemen away from being Super Bowl contenders. We are very balanced offensively and defenseively, and with work in the offseason, i can only see this team getting better.
    We had the #13 offense and
    We had the #10 defense.
    That is a very balanced team. We just have to tweek out a few problems...........kicker and O linemen(TUCKER MUST GO!!!!!!, Suisham must go!!!!!)
    We need to pick up a top notch FA kicker and pay him big money. We also need good O linemen and a better d coordinator that can really work the 3-4 scheme(Capers sounds nice) We have few problems, and they showed down the stretched, resulting in our 9-7 record. We can do it!!!!!!!!!!!

    ROAD TO HOUSTON 07 STARTS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Jarv

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    Well I sure hope your right bro !
  6. kingwhicker

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    I highly doubt it.
  7. Kilyin

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  8. iceberg

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    then why in 3 years have we only made the playoffs (and bp himself is the one who uses 3 years to eval, right?) once w/carter?
  9. Bach

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    If Bill comes back it'll most likely be his last season. So we can expect to sign a few more over the hill veterans in order to try to make a short term run. We'll have Bledsoe back at QB, 2 aging 30-something WR's, an old Larry Allen and whichever other aging vets we sign.

    Other than the defense, Witten and possibly the two RB's (but I'm not sure either will ever be stars), we really haven't done anything on offense to build for the future. We have no one behind Bledsoe that can step in when he's gone. Other than Crayton we have no young quality WR's, and when Key and Glenn leave, I still see Crayton as a #3, maybe #2 at best.

    So for next season, I foresee us chasing a wildcard spot again and hoping we can possibly get that elusive one playoff win again. It all depends on how much the defense improves and whether we can patch up the OL.

    But beyond next year, I think Bill will definitely be gone before the '07 season, and Bledsoe along with Key and Glenn and Allen will be right behind him. We'll be bringing in a new HC and staff, reverting back to Jerry being the full-time all-powerful GM :rolleyes: and having to start from scratch on offense at most of the key positions.

    After four years, assuming BP comes back next season, we will have made it to the wildcard round once or twice, have a much improved defense and that's basically it.
  10. big dog cowboy

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    31 other teams in this league probably feel the same way about their coach. To throw down "win the super bowl or leave" is slightly unrealistic.
  11. Jarv

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    Not true, BP is signed for only one more year. That is the difference. If he signed on for a few more years, I would agree. Until he does that, next year is his last hoorah.

    As Bach says below, this is not what I want to see in his last stand. I would rather rebuild the offense anew. We have a solid future in our "D". With BP here one year we can expect the below (From BP's history here) on what he would do for the offense. Bledsoe would play his normal season and we may hit on a wildcard...Then start all over with new coach's...

    Lets start it now.

  12. Ashwynn

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    Man, can you not figure that one out for yourself.

    Here, let me break it down for you!

    2003 his first season. Carter and the #1 defense - THis fooled Parcells into thinking he was better then he really was (team wise, not personally). So he thought he was decent and with a few tweaks, could move to next level, enter 'Dat Dude' and Vinny.

    2004 Here we see the smoke and mirrors wearing off and reality set in. We stunk and Vinny proved to be a bad choice. Stubborn Parcells wont play Henson or Romo when the season clearly lost early.

    2005 - present. Parcells, seeing this team for what it is, scraps the entire thing. Drafts D heavy and puts a solid foundation down for a monster D to come. Oline woes plague the Offense and a Jeckyl and Hyde Oline sometimes plays well and sometimes not. This hurts all areas fo the game including D. The D wears down from constant playing time and pressure of having to save the game from the Dallas Offense. Starts wearing down late and the Boys fold and close shop on the 2005 campaign.

    2006 - Future. This is where we are. Parcells has spun his wheels the first two years, seen reality and is addressing it. Now the 2 years we wasted is hurting us, but another MAJOR SUCCESS at drafting will hasten the departure from this fantasy back to the reality that is the 2006 Cowboys.

    parcells will address the Oline and a receiver, maybe a young QB, but Drews gunna be the horse he rides into battle in 2006. The D will get the added pieces that make it a great, not just good, defense. A FS and 1 or 2 LBs. Another year of offseason workouts and a re-dedicated team, maybe with a few new position coaches, maybe not, will hit the field and start kicking *** and taking names.

    Hope that helps.
  13. iceberg

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    parcells has had 4 picks and one fa pickup to fix the line.

    why will he suddenly get it right next year?

    oh, cause that's what we're waiting on now.
  14. MS17

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    Bach and Jarv have it about right. BP needs to fish or cut bait, or Jerry does. The win now mindset is not wrong headed or misguided, but this team's looking squarely at big, huge personnel decisions the next two years or so, and BP will as others said, take many or most of "his guys", about 3 or 4 on the current roster, with him into retirement. Put me in the group that wants to start now, be it with a new coach, QB replacement, NFL level kicker, retooled O line, et al.
  15. demdcowboys#1

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    Parcells watches the tape, he know the problems we have with the line, and he will address them. He also know how bad the kciking situation was. He will definetly address them!!!!
    The 2006 Cowboys will be competitors, i just cant wait until the offseason REALLY starts. I just know that he has plans to fix up key parts in this franchise. Our offseason starts now, and with a few tweaks here and there BP will have this club in the playoffs in 2006/2007.
  16. Jarv

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    Yeah, but currently we have no coach for 2007.

    If BP stays 1 more year we start over with a new HC in 2007. How many 1st year coach's (Besides Gruden in Tampa Bay) have won a superbowl ?

    If BP stays and doesn't win it all next year, we are starting from scratch in 2007.

    As I said a few times here, if BP signs an extension I'll be behind him 1000% !
  17. EndGame

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    If you know of a coach that will come in and be guaranteed to win us a Super Bowl, I'd be happy with Parcells leaving right now. That aside, I'll keep him. It was mentioned that Tuna would bring in a bunch of over the hill vets for one more run. He didn't do that with the defense, so what makes you think that's a lock for the offense?
  18. Zman5

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    In today's NFL, anthing is possible. Didn't the Rams and the Patriots have a 7-9 like seasons previous to winning the SB?
  19. Jarv

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    Actually, I don't know that. Its just the last couple of years he has brought in his vets (or others) on the offense (Key, Glenn, Vinny, D. Ward, Young, Bledsow, Rivera, Richie A.,).

    Seems like MOSTLY he has drafted on D and brought Vets in on offense.

    There is no guarentee that BP or any other coach will win us a Superbowl. As of now, BP will not be here in 2007, should we wait until then to replace him or start now is my question.
  20. Chuck 54

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    Very unlikely, but if we can get better performances at 2-3 positions on the OL, anything is possible.

    Maybe Rivera plays better next year...maybe.
    Maybe LA plays as well as this year, or better....maybe.
    Maybe Tucker can hold the fort at LT till Adams gets back...remember, he never even switched to LT till midway through camp....maybe Adams won't be a liability for a year when he returns....maybe.

    If the maybes at LT, LG, and RG work in our favor, then I'd say we desperately need upgrading at C and RT...that could happen in FA.

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