can claiborne become a top 10 cb this year?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Howboutdemcowboys31, Jul 17, 2013.

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    I don't understand your philosophy .... So we used a 1st/2nd to draft a CB who's most likely going to be considered great (top 15-10 CB), but he probably won't be in the super star tier (top 3 CB). In no way is this a bad trade, because we got someone who's a very good player in a position we needed drastically. The only way this trade would "hurt" us is if MO sustains a career ending injury, or an injury that majorly hinders his skill. Which honestly could happen to anyone. Also, if there were ever a CB coming out of college who was a no doubt super star coming into this league, then they would command so much value (multiple 1st round picks). I don't think anyone considered MO to be D.Revis 2-3 years as a pro coming out of college, because if they did you would've seen something similar to how the RGIII thing went down.
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    Ok,Here's my philosophy, Dallas was an 8-8 team, they weren't 1 player away. You need quality players to build your roster not 1 quality player. Dallas had the 14th pick in the draft, at that position your sitting in a good spot to get a real good player. Again there was several real good corners in this draft. You also needed a lot of help on the O-Line, maybe a safety (going back to that year). Second round would have been a great place to do that. But whatever.... Essential what we could have done is take David Decastro with the 14th pick and Casey Heyward with the 45th. Also you could have traded back to the end of the first rd and took Janoris Jenkins while adding picks and still getting a guy like Mike Adams fill your offensive line. So your filling 2 gaping holes in your roster, there's a ton of scenarios where we could have gotten a pretty good CB in this draft. While still filling other needs the roster needed.

    Now this is the part that might be confusing to you, if you love Mo and have to have him, to pass up on getting another need for this roster he can't be just above average. He has to be elite, otherwise it's a bad trade. Dallas wasn't a 11-5 team who needed a corner to be a contender they needed a lot of positions. But they pulled the trigger made the trade now we will see what happens... Again you don't give away premium draft picks unless your getting a special player in return its not like there weren't several other corners to get in the first or second round.

    Also look at the teams that win consistently, none of them trade away premium picks, it just doesn't happen this isn't madden.

    Now do you have a philosophy or do you just think they should trade their picks cuz everything out of the first round is a bust?
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    If he's not top 10 he'll be very close to it. I think he'll be the best corner on the team.
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    I'm sure when Dallas traded for MO they didn't just believe they were getting a "quality player", I'm sure they've expected him to do more then he's done as of yet. Also, it's very easy to go back to past drafts and say Dallas should've done this or that differently. Hindsight is always 20/20. Jury is still out on MO and if this trade was worth it. We'll just have to wait and see for a couple more years.

    Again, hindsight is always 20/20 and it's very easy to go back and say they should've done it differently. I'm sure they expected MO to come in and be this "special player" that you're talking about.
    I believe the NFC East Division Champs want to have a word with you, they traded the no. 6 overall, 2013/2014 1st rounds and a 2nd round pick. If a team feels that a player is the real deal (super star/special player) then they will "trade away premium picks" to obtain that player. Just like the cowboys did for MO, though he's yet to be that caliber of player he very well could end up blossoming into one.

    -Well going to bed dude, it's already 11:00 PM! Also sorry for the #039; in my post, IDK why but they just popped up lol.
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    I said teams that win consistently, Washington doesn't qualify as that at all, they have been the model of what not to do the last decade...kind of like us, but they made out last year but didn't win anything.
    Good debate, good night
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    And it's last years draft, that's not really hindsight... We were debating if it was worth trading up.
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    A little confidence from having a season under his belt along with being healthy and stronger could go along way with Mo.
    I expect we will see something close to top 10.
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    I'm sorry, but you're conflating your opinions on the trade with your opinion on Claiborne's likely performance. Just because you disagree with the trade does not mean you are allowed to have unreasonable expectations about Claiborne--obviously you take this approach to solidify yourself as "right," and even if you end up not being "right" (i.e. Claiborne ends up being a top 5 CB), you can say, "Who cares??? We got a top 5 CB!"
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    I believe we will see a way better player and he will make the jump too be a top corner in the league.
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    please list these incredible 10 corners for me...
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    Possibly... but so could a lot of guys.
  13. Ntegrase96

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    I think Claiborne has the highest upside of the rookie corners, no question. But I wouldn't stop there-- the guy has better potential than most NFL CBs, period.

    I personally think he and Jenkins were a push last year. Yeah Jenkins had a few big splash play, but the guy was routinely burned and had a ton of 'rookie moments'. He feasted on possibly the worst offense in the league, the Cardinals, but when the stronger teams rolled around, he was often abused.

    I'm okay with saying Hayward was the best overall, but Stephen Gilmore showed the most promise. As the season wore on, the guy was about as a shutdown corner as Sherman/Revis.

    If I had to rank the top 5 guys I'd go

    1a. Casey Hayward (GB)
    1b. Stephon Gilmore (BUF)
    3. Alfonzo Dennard (NE)
    4. Mo'
    5. Janoris Jenkins (STL)
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    These guys still play in the NFL, and they're all going to get better just like MO. I'm not even sure MO will be the best CB on the team next year, though we'll just have to wait and see.

    L. Sandcastle (Best CB in NFL)

    P.S - Apparently I have an agenda, so watch out.
  15. Ntegrase96

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    I'd Add Lardarius Webb (top 5), and then Finnegan, Carr, Amukamura, Leon Hall, Brent Grimes, Sam Shields are worth mentioning (I know I'm forgetting someone here...)

    And then you've got the up and comers in Claiborne's category: Hayward, Gilmore, Jenkins and Trumaine Johnson.

    And guys like Xavier Rhodes and Dee Milliner coming into the league.

    Yeah, there are some good CBs out there. I'd say Claiborne has the most upside out of 95%, but at this point it's all just potential.
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    Claiborne was the number 1 CB in the draft and arguable th #2 best out of all the players in the draft. Hind sight is 20/20 but at that point in time you make that trade.
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    Hindsight is what you're judged off of.
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    I don't agree I actually don't want him to be. We paid nice money for Carr and I want him to be the best CB on the team for another year or two so that he sticks around. Coming on the third year i'd like Mo to be going for the best CB on the team.

    If we can we 3 INT and a fumble recovery out of him, i'd be happy with his performance this upcoming season.
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    I only did that for the debate with the other guy because he was saying I value draft picks too much, so I showed him a scenario, draft picks are valuable... I was just saying Claiborne has to be a special player to be worth it because we gave up 2 premium picks for 1...that's all, I never gave my opinion on if dallas should have done it or not that was never even debated
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    The fact ypu don't even have joe haden listed, you can't be taken serious

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