Can Ernie Simms play safety?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Supercowboy1986, Dec 21, 2012.

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    probably better than who we have on roster now.. but that safety learning curve is steep.. ilb and s are the hardest positions to play on defense because the player must be very cerebral.
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    Exactly! That's what I was going for when I made this. A lot of posters do not like to do some of these fun scenarios. That's one thing I really enjoy talking about with other fans. I just find it odd that on a MB about our team very few like to have these kind of discussions and it frustrates me.
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    I've got no problem with threads like these. They are fun -- we just all need to be realistic that major position changes almost NEVER work out in the Pros.

    Best one I can think of -- I'm sure others can come up with better ones is Roy Green the great Cardinal WR -- I believe he came into the league as a CB and switched after his 1st year.

    Rod Berstein -- a Chargers RB who they converted to TE also comes to mind.
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    I don't want to give up the athleticism he brings to the reserve linebacker spot.

    One of the reasons the D has been able to hold together this season is that Sims has been able to cover ground from the inside linebacker position. Sproles wouldn't have been able to abuse us in the Saints game so bad if Sims could have stayed in. Connor and Poppinga just don't have the zip to cover speedier backs like that.
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    So while it's unlikely, it is not the kind of outlandish suggestion that some have made it out to be with their comments.

    Truth is, 20 years ago a guy with Sims measurables might have made a pretty good strong safety. Now that today's best safeties are closer to CBs, it would be a tougher transition. Who knows, in the offseason (if we hold on to him) we may look into having him be a hybrid type player. I wouldn't expect to see him as one of our starting 2 though.
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    not sure we want to take an already thin ILBer corps and make one of them a safety.
    Pkus despite being able to run fast in a straight line i doubt very much that Sims has the hips to be able to turn and run with wr's.
    Lets just get a guy who can play S and put him there.

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