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    Can someone find an article somewhere out there that grades the 1999 draft, 5 years ago? One writer did that last year, and it was very interesting.
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    ST, do you mean an article that was written just after the 99 draft or one that was written recently grading that 99 draft?

    Also, do you want it for all the teams or just Dallas?
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    Let's see how difficult handicapping NFL draft really is

    Prognosticator grades himself five years after analyzing 1999 picks

    By Joe Stein

    April 23, 2004

    Trying to assess an NFL draft the Monday afterward is pure folly, an impossible task that appeals only to egomaniacs with exaggerated opinions of their pro football knowledge.

    Which probably explains why I jumped at the assignment a number of years ago.

    Besides, today's sports fans demand instant gratification. They don't want to wait five years, which is just about the right time needed for a well-measured analysis of how their favorite teams did.

    So, for some time now I have gone merrily on my way, grading drafts immediately afterward on a team-by-team basis while figuring that everyone would forget when I was wrong. The things I got right I could remind my colleagues about, ad nauseam.

    Then my bosses decided to throw an illegal-procedure flag on me. I was ordered to make myself accountable by going back five years, to the 1999 draft, and remind everyone of what I had to say back then.

    "Gee," I responded, "that could make me look rather foolish."

    No big loss, they said, or something to that effect.

    So let's time-travel back to April 19, 1999. You can grin while I bare it, in synopsis style, with the grades I gave and why.

    CHARGERS: Original grade: C-. Analysis: If anything, I was way too kind, a departure from the D's and F's I routinely had been giving Bobby Beathard's drafts. "When you don't have a first-round pick, you should do better than (running back Jermaine) Fazande in the second," I wrote. He lived down to my expectations. Revised grade: F.

    ARIZONA: Original grade: A. Analysis: I was moved by the talent of wide receiver David Boston to write: "This franchise finally has its act together." Well, no, it didn't then and still doesn't. Revised grade: D.

    ATLANTA: Original grade: B. Analysis: Not much beyond top two choices Patrick Kerney and Reginald Kelly. Revised grade: B-.

    BALTIMORE: Original grade: B-. Analysis: Top choice Chris McAlister "was a steal," I wrote, but downgraded Baltimore because it had only four choices. As it turned out, the Ravens also made good use of two fourth-rounders: WR Brandon Stokley and guard Edwin Mulitalo. Revised grade: B+.

    BUFFALO: Original grade: B. Analysis: CB Antoine Winfield and WR Peerless Price were worthy of that. Revised grade: B.

    CAROLINA: Original grade: B. Analysis: No first-rounder, but I thought Carolina did well with its two second-rounders. DE Mike Rucker didn't disappoint, but OT Chris Terry did, so this evaluation should drop. Revised grade: C.

    CHICAGO: Original grade: B+. Analysis: Way too generous. I was impressed by the sheer volume of the Bears' 13 choices and the belief UCLA's Cade McNown would become a pretty good pro QB. He flopped, and so did this rating, although G Rex Tucker, WR Marty Booker, LB Rosevelt Colvin and CB Jerry Azumah turned out to be solid pros. Revised grade: C.

    CINCINNATI: Original grade: B+. Analysis: "It all depends upon Akili (Smith) and how much help he gets from an organization that has had a knack for self-destructing," I wrote. The quarterback from San Diego got little help and was a huge disappointment. Revised grade: F.

    CLEVELAND: Original grade: A. Analysis: "It would have been hard to go wrong with all those high picks, and the Browns didn't, although the choice of (top selection Tim) Couch might be second-guessed," I wrote. That's especially true now that the QB from Kentucky has bombed. Cornerback Daylon McCutcheon is about all the Browns have left of two twos and two threes. Revised grade: D-.

    DALLAS: Original grade: B-. Analysis: "Not everyone is sold on (top choice Ebenbezer) Ekuban," I wrote, "but (No. 2 Solomon) Page and (No. 3 Dat) Nguyen were nice pickups." Linebacker Nguyen is the only nugget. Revised grade: C-.

    DENVER: Original grade: C-. Analysis: I thought Denver, with 12 choices, should have done better, writing: "For all the draft picks they had stockpiled, not that impressive." Still feel that way, although top choice Al Wilson has done well. Revised grade: C-.

    DETROIT: Original grade: A-. Analysis: Much too high a grade, although I was leery of the second of two first-rounders, Aaron Gibson, saying the offensive lineman, "as big as he is, carries some risk." Gibson broke down quickly and the top choice, USC linebacker Chris Claiborne, hasn't become the star I envisioned. DE Jared DeVries has been OK and sixth-rounder Cliff Kriewaldt was a special-team demon who jumped to Pittsburgh. Revised grade: D.

    GREEN BAY: Original grade: B. Analysis: About right, although the success was rather upside down. First-rounder Antuan Edwards disappointed at cornerback, as did Fred Vinson, who later was traded to Seattle for running back Ahman Green, a great maneuver. Third-round CB Mike McKenzie turned out to be the best choice, while QB Aaron Brooks (fourth) and WR Donald Driver (seventh) also were excellent. Revised grade: B.

    INDIANAPOLIS: Original grade: D. Analysis: I liked top choice Edgerrin James but was critical because I thought the Colts should have done what the Redskins did, sending their top choice to Mike Ditka, who surrendered all of the Saints' choices and 2000's No. 1 for the right to draft RB Ricky Williams. The Redskins then traded back up with the Bears, adding extra draft picks. My view was the Colts could have had both James and that draft-choice bounty. I added this: "And, remember, Indy traded away Marshall Faulk, so how much has this team helped itself, if at all?" Revised grade: C-.

    JACKSONVILLE: Original grade: C-. Analysis: The top pick, CB Fernando Bryant, has been ordinary. "Lots of questions about (No. 2 Larry) Smith's attitude," I wrote, and the DE was, indeed, a poor fit on disciplinarian Tom Coughlin's club. Revised grade: D.

    KANSAS CITY: Original grade: B. Analysis: The Chiefs got two solid performers in OT John Tait and LB Gary Stills. Revised grade: C+.

    MIAMI: Original grade: B-. Analysis: "Despite Jimmy Johnson's gloating, it's still uncertain if he got the go-to running back he desperately wants," I wrote. He didn't as (No. 2) James Johnson, (No. 2) Rob Konrad and (No. 5) Cecil Collins came up short. Revised grade: D.

    MINNESOTA: Original grade: A-. Analysis: I liked QB Daunte Culpepper a lot. Still do. Second-round TE/FB Jim Kleinsasser has been a productive player, too. I described the other first-rounder, DE Demitrius Underwood, as a gamble. That was an understatement, as he failed to make it out of camp because of mental problems. Revised grade: B.

    NEW ENGLAND: Original grade: B. Analysis: Damien Woody has been a force in the Patriots' offensive line, but the other first-round choice, LB Andy Katzenmoyer, was hurt and is out of football. Second-round RB Kevin Faulk is steady and unspectacular. Revised grade: C.

    NEW ORLEANS: Original grade: D-. Analysis: I hated the aforementioned deal with the Redskins to acquire Ricky Williams, saying that the former Patrick Henry High running back "is a wonderful talent, but the price Mike Ditka paid to get him leaves Ricky out to dry. The Saints were more than one player away, and now the cupboard is bare." Williams has flourished in Miami. Revised grade: D-.

    NEW YORK GIANTS: Original grade: F. Analysis: A lousy draft, but deserving of a bit higher. No. 1 pick Luke Petitgout has been a solid offensive lineman. Revised grade: D.

    NEW YORK JETS: Original grade: C-. Analysis: "Bill Parcells got the help he needed at guard, where (Randy) Thomas can step in immediately," I wrote, adding: "In general, though, these picks are far from inspiring." That held true. Revised grade: D.

    OAKLAND: Original grade: D. Analysis: Didn't like the Raiders' top two choices, OL Matt Stinchcomb and DE Tony Bryant, then or now. As it turned out, a couple of fifth-rounders, Eric Barton and Rod Coleman, elevated this draft. Revised grade: C-.

    PHILADELPHIA: Original grade: B. Analysis: "If the Eagles have patience with (QB Donovan) McNabb, he could be something," I wrote. Philly got little beyond that other than guard John Welbourn. Revised grade: B.

    PITTSBURGH: Original grade: B+. Analysis: I called No. 1 Troy Edwards, "a bit of a reach." The wide receiver turned out to be an outright bust, as was No. 2 Scott Shields, a safety, and No. 3 Kris Farris, an offensive tackle. Saving the draft were LB Joey Porter, RB Amos Zereoue, DE Aaron Smith, TE Jerame Tuman and kicker Kris Brown. Revised grade: C+.

    ST. LOUIS: Original grade: B. Analysis: The No. 1, WR Torry Holt, has been everything he was cracked up to be and more. I added this codicil to the grade: "Give 'em an A if the acquisition of Marshall Faulk is added to the mix." The other draftees, with the exception on No. 2 Dre' Bly, generally tanked. Revised grade: B.

    SAN FRANCISCO: Original grade: C-. Analysis: No. 1 Reggie McGrew, No. 3 Chike Okeafor and most of the other draftees left their hearts and little else in San Francisco. Sixth-rounder Tai Streets was the one saving grace, recovering nicely from a torn Achilles' tendon. Revised grade: D-.

    SEATTLE: Original grade: Incomp. Analysis: "An evaluation of Mike Holmgren's first Seattle draft must wait until we see how well (No. 1 DE Lamar) King makes the transition from the boonies to the big time," I wrote. He should have stayed in the sticks, and so should most of the other Seahawks' choices. Revised grade: F.

    TAMPA BAY: Original grade: B. Analysis: No. 1 Anthony McFarland, No. 3 Martin Gramatica and No. 4 Dexter Jackson helped the Bucs become Super Bowl champs two seasons ago. No. 2 Shaun King disappointed and there was no help from the lower reaches of the draft. Revised grade: B.

    TENNESSEE: Original grade: C. Analysis: "(No. 1 Jevon) Kearse is a boom-or-bust type, a special talent who seldom plays to his ability," I wrote. Kearse had a great rookie season and then did little after that as injuries took their toll. Revised grade: C+.

    WASHINGTON: Original grade: A. Analysis: "The Redskins not only got their man in (CB Champ) Bailey and a solid tackle in (Jon) Jansen, but own New Orleans' first-round choice next year," I wrote. And the extra first-rounder paid off brilliantly, enabling Washington to pick linebacker LaVar Arrington and OT Chris Samuels back-to-back the next year at No. 2 and No. 3 of the first round. Revised grade: A.
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    For reference, here are each team's picks --

    Arizona: 1, David Boston, wr, Ohio State (8). 1, L.J. Shelton, ot, Eastern Michigan (21). 2, Johnny Rutledge, lb, Florida (51). 3, Tom Burke, de, Wisconsin (83). 4, Joel Makovicka, rb, Nebraska (116). 5, Paris Johnson, db, Miami, Ohio (155). 5, Yusuf Scott, g, Arizona (168). 6, Jacoby Rhinehart, db, Southern Methodist (190). 6, Melvin Bradley, lb, Arkansas (202). 6, Dennis McKinley, rb, Mississippi State (206). 7, Chris Greisen, qb, Northwestern Missouri State (239).

    Atlanta: 1, Patrick Kerney, de, Virginia (30). 2, Reginald Kelly, te, Mississippi State (42). 3, Jeff Paulk, rb, Arizona State (92). 4, Johndale Carty, db, Utah State (126). 5, Eugene Baker, wr, Kent (164). 6, Jeff Kelly, lb, Kansas State (198). 6, Eric Thigpen, db, Iowa (200). 7, Todd McClure, c, LSU (237). 7, Rondel Menendez, wr, Eastern Kentucky (247).

    Baltimore: 1, Chris McAlister, db, Arizona (10). 4, Brandon Stokley, wr, Southwestern Louisiana (105). 4, Edwin Mulitalo, g, Arizona (129). 7, Anthony Poindexter, db, Virginia (216).

    Buffalo: 1, Antoine Winfield, db, Ohio State (23). 2, Peerless Price, wr, Tennesee (53). 3, Shawn Bryson, rb, Tennessee (86). 4, Keith Newman, lb, North Carolina (119). 4, Bobby Collins, te, North Alabama (122). 5, Jay Foreman, lb, Nebraska (156). 6, Armon Hatcher, db, Oregon State (194). 7, Sheldon Jackson, te, Nebraska (230). 7, Bryce Fisher, de, Air Force (248).

    Carolina: 2, Chris Terry, ot, Georgia (34). 2, Mike Rucker, de, Nebraska (38). 4, Hannial Navies, lb, Colorado (100). 6, Robert Daniel, de, Northwestern State (175). 7, Tony Booth, db, James Madison (211).

    Chicago: 1, Cade McNown, qb, UCLA (12). 2, Russell Davis, dt, North Carolina (48). 3, Rex Turner, g, Texas A&M (66). 3, D'Wayne Bates, wr, Northwestern (71). 3, Marty Booker, wr, Northeast Louisiana (78). 4, Warrick Holdman, lb, Texas A&M (106). 4, Rosevelt Colvin, de, Purdue (111). 5, Jerry Wisne, g, Notre Dame (143). 5, Khari Samuel, lb, Massachusetts (144). 5, Jerry Azumah, rb, New Hampshire (147). 6, Rashard Cook, db, Southern California (184). 7, Sulecio Sanford, wr, Middle Tennessee (221). 7, Jim Finn, rb, Penn (253).

    Cincinnati: 1, Akili Smith, qb, Oregon (3). 2, Charles Fisher, db, West Virginia (33). 3, Cory Hall, db, Fresno State (65). 4, Craig Yeast, wr, Kentucky (98). 5, Nick Williams, rb, Miami (135). 6, Kelly Gregg, dt, Oklahoma (173). 7, Tony Coats, g, Washington (209). 7, Scott Covington, qb, Miami (245). 7, Donald Broomfield, dt, Clemson (249).

    Cleveland: 1, Tim Couch, qb, Kentucky (1). 2, Kevin Johnson, wr, Syracuse (32). 2, Rahim Abdullah, lb, Clemson (45). 3, Daylon McCutcheon, db, Southern California (62). 3, Marquis Smith, db, California (76). 4, Wali Rainer, lb, Virginia (124). 5, Darrin Chiaverini, wr, Colorado (148). 6, Marcus Spriggs, dt, Troy State (174). 6, Kendall Ogle, lb, Maryland (187). 6, James Dearth, te, Tarleton State (191). 7, Madre Hill, rb, Arkansas (207).

    Dallas: 1, Ebenezer Ekuban, de, North Carolina (20). 2, Solomon Page, ot, West Virginia (55). 3, Dat Nguyen, lb, Texas A&M (85). 4, Wane McGarity, wr, Texas (118). 4, Peppi Zellner, de, Fort Valley State (132). 6, Mar Tay Jenkins, wr, Nebraska-Omaha (193). 7, Mike Lucky, te, Arizona (229). 7, Kelvin Garmon, g, Baylor (243).

    Denver: 1, Al Wilson, lb, Tennessee (31). 2, Montae Reagor, de, Texas Tech (58). 2, Lennie Friedman, g, Duke (61). 3, Chris Watson, db, Eastern Illinois (67). 3, Travis McGriff, wr, Florida (93). 4, Olandis Gary, rb, Georgia (127). 5, David Bowens, de, Western Illinois (158). 5, Darwin Brown, db, Texas Tech (167). 6, Desmond Clark, te, Wake Forest (179). 6, Chad Plummer, wr, Cincinnati (204). 7, Billy Miller, wr, Southern California (218). 7, Justin Swift, te, Kansas State (238).

    Detroit: 1, Chris Claiborne, lb, Southern California (9). 1, Aaron Gibson, ot, Wisconsin (27). 3, Jared DeVries, de, Iowa (70). 4, Sedrick Irvin, rb, Michigan State (103). 5, Ty Talton, db, Northern Iowa (137). 6, Clint Kriewaldt, lb, Wisconsin-Stevens Point (177). 7, Mike Pringley, dt, North Carolina (215).

    Green Bay: 1, Antwan Edwards, db, Clemson (25). 2, Fred Vinson, db, Vanderbilt (47). 3, Mike McKenzie, db, Memphis (87). 3, Oletidus Hunt, dt, Kentucky State (94). 4, Aaron Brooks, qb, Virginia (131). 4, Josh Bidwell, p, Oregon (133). 5, De'Mond Parker, rb, Oklahoma. 5, Craig Heimburger, c, Missouri (163). 6, Dee Miller, wr, Ohio State (196). 6, Scott Curry, ot, Montana (203). 7, Chris Akins, db, Arkansas-Pine Bluff (212). 7, Donald Driver, wr, Alcorn State (213).

    Indianapolis: 1, Edgerrin James, rb, Miami (4). 2, Mike Peterson, lb, Florida (36). 3, Brandon Burlsworth, g, Arkansas (63). 4, Paul Miranda, db, Central Florida (96). 7, Hunter Smith, p, Notre Dame (210). 7, Corey Terry, lb, Tennessee (250).

    Jacksonville: 1, Fernando Bryant, db, Alabama (26). 2, Larry Smith, dt, Florida State (56). 3, Anthony Cesario, G, Colorado State (88). 4, Kevin Landolt, dt, West Virginia (121). 5, Jason Craft, db, Colorado State (160). 6, Emarlos Leroy, dt, Georgia (182). 7, Dee Moronkola, db, Washington State (242). 7, Chris White, de, Southern U. (246).

    Kansas City: 1, John Tait, ot, Brigham Young (14). 2, Mike Cloud, rb, Boston College (54). 3, Gary Stills, lb, West Virginia (75). 3, Larry Atkins, s, UCLA (84). 4, Larry Parker, wr, Southern California (108). 7, Eric King, g, Richmond (220).

    Miami: 2, James Johnson, rb, Mississippi State (39). 2, Rob Konrad, rb, Syracuse (43). 3, Grey Ruegamer, c, Arizona State (72). 5, Cecil Collins, rb, McNeese State (134). 5, Bryan Jones, lb, Oregon State (142). 6, Brent Bartholomew, p, Ohio State (192). 7, Jermaine Haley, dt, Butte JC (232). 7, Joe Wong, ot, Brigham Young (244).

    Minnesota: 1, Daunte Culpepper, qb, Central Florida (11). 1, Dimitrius Underwood, de, Michigan State (29). 2, Jim Kleinsasser, te, North Dakota (44). 4, Kenny Wright, db, Northwestern State (120). 4, Jay Humphrey, ot, Texas (125). 5, Chris Jones, lb, Clemson (169). 6, Talance Sawyer, de, UNLV (185). 6, Antico Dalton, lb, Hampton (199). 7, Noel Scarlett, dt, Langston (236).

    New England: 1, Damien Woody, c, Boston College (17). 1, Andy Katzenmoyer, lb, Ohio State (28). 2, Kevin Faulk, rb, LSU (46). 3, Tony George, s, Florida (91). 5, Derrick Fletcher, g, Baylor (154). 6, Marcus Washington, db, Colorado (180). 7, Michael Bishop, qb, Kansas State (227). 7, Sean Morey, wr, Brown (241).

    New Orleans: 1, Ricky Williams, rb, Texas (5).

    New York Giants: 1, Luke Petitgout, ot, Notre Dame (19). 2, Joe Montgomery, rb, Ohio State (49). 3, Dan Campbell, te, Texas A&M (79). 4, Sean Bennett, rb, Northwestern (112). 5, Mike Rosenthal, ot, Notre Dame (149). 6, Lyle West, db, San Jose State (189). 6, Andre Weathers, db, Michigan (205). 7, Ryan Hale, dt, Arkansas (225). 7, O.J. Childress, lb, Clemson (231).

    New York Jets: 2, Randy Thomas, g, Mississippi State (57). 3, David Loverne, ot, San Jose State (90). 4, Jason Wiltz, dt, Nebraska (123). 5, Jermaine Jones, db, Northwestern State (162). 6, Marc Megna, lb, Richmond (183). 6, J.P. Machado, g, Illinois (197). 7, Ryan Young, ot, Kansas State (223). 7, J.J. Syvrud, de, Jamestown (235).

    Oakland: 1, Matt Stinchcomb, ot, Georgia (18). 2, Tony Bryant, de, Florida State (40). 4, Dameane Douglas, wr, California (102). 5, Eric Barton, lb, Maryland (146). 5, Roderick Coleman, lb, East Carolina (153). 6, Daren Yancey, dt, Brigham Young (188). 7, JoJuan Armour, lb, Miami, Ohio (224).

    Philadelphia: 1, Donovan McNabb, qb, Syracuse (2). 2, Barry Gardner, lb, Northwestern (35). 3, Doug Brzezinski, g, Boston College (64). 4, John Welbourn, ot, California (97). 4, Damon Moore, db, Ohio State (128). 4, Na Brown, wr, North Carolina (130). 6, Cecil Martin, rb, Wisconsin (172). 6, Troy Smith, wr, East Carolina (201). 7, Jed Weaver, te, Oregon (208). 7, Pernell Davis, dt, Alabama-Birmingham (251).

    Pittsburgh: 1, Troy Edwards, wr, Louisiana Tech (13). 2, Scott Shields, db, Weber State (59). 3, Joey Porter, lb, Colorado State (73). 3, Kris Farris, ot, UCLA (74). 3, Amos Zereoue, rb, West Virginia (95). 4, Aaron Smith, de, Northern Colorado (109). 5, Jerame Tuman, te, Michigan (136). 5, Malcolm Johnson, wr, Notre Dame (166). 7, Antonio Dingle, dt, Virginia (214). 7, Chad Kelsay, lb, Nebraska (219). 7, Kris Brown, k, Nebraska (228).

    St. Louis: 1, Torry Holt, WR, North Carolina State (6). 2. Dre' Bly, db, North Carolina (41). 3, Rich Coady, db, Texas A&M (68). 4, Joe Germaine, qb, Ohio State (101). 5, Brad Scioli, de, Penn State (138). 5, Cameron Spikes, g, Texas A&M (145). 6, Lionel Barnes, de, Northeast Louisiana (176). 7, Rodney Williams, p, Georgia Tech (252).

    San Diego: 2, Jermaine Fazande, rb, Oklahoma (60). 3, Steve Heiden, te, South Dakota State (69). 4, Jason Perry, db, North Carolina State (104). 5, Adrian Dingle, de, Clemson (139). 5, Reggie Nelson, g, McNeese State (141). 6, Tyrone Bell, db, North Alabama (178).

    San Francisco: 1, Reggie McGrew, dt, Florida (24). 3, Chike Okeafor, de, Purdue (89). 4, Anthony Parker, db, Weber State (99). 4, Pierson Prioleau, db, Virginia Tech (110). 5, Terry Jackson, rb, Florida (157). 5, Tyrone Hopson, ot, Eastern Kentucky (161). 6, Tai Streets, wr, Michigan (171). 7, Kory Minor, lb, Notre Dame (234).

    Seattle: 1, Lamar King, de, Saginaw Valley State (22). 3, Brock Huard, qb, Washington (77). 3, Karsten Bailey, wr, Auburn (82). 4, Antonio Cochran, de, Georgia (115). 5, Floyd Wedderburn, ot, Penn State (140). 5, Charlie Rogers, wr, Georgia Tech (152). 6, Steve Johnson, db, Tennessee (170).

    Tampa Bay: 1, Anthony McFarland, dt, LSU (15). 2, Shaun King, qb, Tulane (50). 3, Martin Gramatica, pk, Kansas State (80). 4, Dexter Jackson, db, Florida State (113). 5, John McLaughlin, de, California (150). 6, Lamarr Glenn, rb, Florida State (195). 7, Robert Hunt, G, Virginia (226). 7, Autry Denson, rb, Notre Dame (233). 7, Darnell McDonald, wr, Kansas State (240).

    Tennessee: 1, Jevon Kearse, lb, Florida (16). 2, John Thornton, dt, West Virginia (52). 3, Zach Piller, g, Florida (81). 4, Brad Ware, db, Auburn (114). 4, Donald Mitchell, db, Southern Methodist (117). 5, Kevin Daft, qb, UC Davis (151). 6, Darran Hall, wr, Colorado State (186). 7, Phil Glover, lb, Utah (222).

    Washington: 1, Champ Bailey, db, Georgia (7). 2, Jon Jansen, ot, Michigan (37). 4, Nate Stimson, lb, Georgia Tech (107). 5, Derek Smith, ot, Virginia Tech (165). 6, Jeff Hall, pk, Tennessee (181). 7, Tim Alexander, wr, Oregon State (217).
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    ummm... that is HORRIBLE... only Dat panned out... no wonder we have no depth...

    This is a perfect example as to why you can't grade a draft immediately after it takes place...
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    to the guy who asked, it doesn't matter whether it was after the draft or recently, just as long as it has an old grade

    btw thanks to whoever put up that nice article
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    On the other hand, six of the eight are still in the NFL and four are or have been starters. Even our seventh-round pick started all 16 games last season (for San Diego). That's not too bad.
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    Adam you are "the Man".......You simply amaze me. :)
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    Just noticed....GB had a pretty good draft in 95...hehe

  10. trickblue

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    Bad for us though...
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    The theme of that analysis seems to be:

    "Drafts are full of a lot of busts and you're lucky to come up with a couple gems."

    Everyone gets all jazzed up about draft day, but once the bux wears off, you realize there are more disappointments than sure things.
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    AdamJT is the only person worth anything on any cowboy forums

    Thanks Adam
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    If that were true, I wouldn't read them or post on them.
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    woohoo! thanks for sticking up for us!

    on a serious note, thanks for the info. i dont think anyone recieved a higher grade 5 years later than they did that day, if so, that doesn't speak well for our low grades...
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    That was a weak draft year overall. Not too many teams helped themselves.

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