can the tuna save the Dolphins

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Rampage, Jan 16, 2008.

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    He has turned every other team into a playoff one. I think if he can add some pieces this year through FA and the draft they can go 6-10. The next year I can see the Phins at 8-8 or 9-7. Thats how good Parcells is and with Jeff Ireland helping to find talent I can see them turning the ship around in Miami. Just look at all the talent they helped bring Dallas over the years. I love the Tony Sparano move also. Hes a damn good coach who has Bill Parcells no nonsense attitude. The key question for the Dolphins now is John Beck there QB of the future.
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    I also think the Dolphins will have a quick turnaround. Parcells lives and breathes the game like few other people. He will churn and nitpick and manage that team into championship contention within three years.
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    If history repeats itself and he lives another 4 years:D
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    He took a 5-11 team here with QC as QB and Tham to the playoffs.....

    That was a Big turnaround.
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    This is a major project. At least in dallas he had a few pieces to work with. In miami they have a aging defense.... poor corners and safeties.... on offense no QB, a running back coming off an ACL and no gamebreaking on the outside. Ohh yeah they play in a division with the pats.... good luck tuna. He won't last 3 years.
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    I think the biggest part of BP not turning the fins around will be his on field presence. It just won't be there, no matter how many of his staff he puts in place they will not be able to do the on field things that BP does.

    He will probably get some talent in there, and it will take a new staff to get it to perform. Just my thought.
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    Ricky Williams

    Parcells is going to get this guy onboard and producing. He can get to Glenn like problem players with the best.

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