Can we even fix the O-line in one off-season?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WV Cowboy, Feb 13, 2006.

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    Hopefully Flozell will come back healthy, LA needs replaced ... we need a LG, Johnson needs replaced ... we need a C, Rivera needs to get healthy and come back strong with a years experiecne in Dallas, we need a RT.

    Can we do all of that in one off-season, ... if not, next season will resemble 2005.
  2. wesleyc288

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  3. Derinyar

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    Probably not. We probably can fix two positions this year.
  4. BigDFan5

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    We are going to sign a RT
  5. AbeBeta

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    The line probably isn't as screwed up as most folks think. Lines are units -- if one part of the unit isn't playing well then the entire unit is going to look very bad. You replace one bad part and the other parts start performing better.
  6. theogt

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    Sure, all we need is improvement at C and RT. From there the rest will look much improved because O-lines are units as abersonc just pointed out.
  7. DragonCowboy

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    After really thinking about the O-Line situation, here is what I think:

    LT: Flozell Adams (Good)
    LG: Larry Allen (Good for now, replacement for future)
    C: Al Johnson (He's not horrible, so I'll make this Fair)
    RG: Marco Rivera (He's not good, but an offseason should do a world of help)
    RT: Rob Petitti (He's not good now, but an offseason might do him good)

    I would say we should get a veteran RT in the FA, just so that Petitti can have time. If Marco Rivera gets to the level we all want him to be at, we wouldn't need to worry about that yet. We should also get a LG in the draft that we can develop, maybe Max Jean Gilles?

    So far, I think we would only need to bring in two players to bring our Offensive Line back to respectable/effective. If all this happens, then:

    LT: Flozell (Good)
    LG: Allen (Good) <Young guard in his wings>
    C: Al Johnson (One more year, we should address this next year)
    RG: Rivera (Good pending a good offseason)
    RT: Runyan/Backus <Petitti in the wings>

    So, the only "if" factor that really worries me is the fact that Marco Rivera might not require.

    A trade to get 2 1st rounders would be good, so we could get an OLB (Lawson, Carp), and then Max Jean Gilles. That would solve our guard-of-the-future problem. As long as we pick up a good RT in the FA, that shoudl be all we need to fix the O-Line for now.

    I wouldn't expect Parcells to go after 3 offensive linemen. 2 sounds more plausible...
  8. ravidubey

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    In an ideal world, Johnson, Rivera, Columbo, and Pettiti would all improve, and in reality I think all but Johnson will improve. The question is how much? Another question is is Marco Rivera's body falling apart?

    Signing Bentley seems expensive, but what a luxury to allow Gurode to leave without any worries. Center goes from a point of weakness to a point of strength with one move. That's enough for free agency, IMO, but securing a decent RT would not hurt.

    Dallas will still draft one or two OL with at least one in the first two rounds. No way to avoid it, not for 2006 but really for any hope of maintaining a competitive team in the future.

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    Not that bad? are we sure about that?

    Didnt we have 3(+4) DLinemen getting past 4 and 5 and 6 Cowboys?
  10. Clove

    Clove Shrinkage

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    Hopefully everyone's not expecting pro-bowlers at every position. I'll take 2 pro-bowlers on the line, and 3 solid solid players.
  11. Derinyar

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    Almost every team in the league would take that, as it would be better than what they have. I'd deal with 5 solid players Few teams have multiple probowl level OL or DL any more, thats what the cap does.

    I hope that does happen, cause it would likely make us one of the favorites in the NFC this next year.
  12. Clove

    Clove Shrinkage

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    The first statement I highlighted, I would say that if we were to draft Max Jean-Gilles, he would start day one. That guy is too dominant not to start.

    2nd bold statement, you hit it right on the dot sir. We don't need a complete over-haul.. We still have Peterman who could play Guard, and Gurode. We need to have depth, and we could get a guy in the third for that. The only all world Tackle I see in the draft is Ferguson, the rest are 2nd to 3rd rounders IMO.

    3rd bold statement, that would be a dream come true if we could get an OLB and an all world Guard. Although, Gilles may slip to the 2nd, Carpenter may as well slip, so giving up to get 2 number 1's might not be neccessary.
  13. peplaw06

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    I say if we can fix two positions we'll have a pretty good line. Flozell will be back, Allen and Rivera are serviceable. If we can "fix" C and RT either through FA, draft, or improvement, we should be ok, barring injury.
  14. DragonCowboy

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    Ok, I agree with that. So instead of starting both Allen and Rivera, I would kick out the worse of the two, or whichever one hurts the cap left, and bring in Gilles. It would also be awesome to be able to pick him up in the 2nd round.
  15. kiheikiwi

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    I would be very surprised if LA is let go this year, my hope would be that he will restructure for one more year with the hope of going deep this upcomming season.We need to know about Peterman - and so far we know squat about his potential.So mayby draft for the future to learn behind larry if Peterman is not the answer - but who knows.
    I agree that we cannot address every position on the line this offseason and LG is not on top of the priority list. If, as a few of us suspect, we take LBer somewhere in the top of the draft, that leaves us not enough room to fix all our line needs in one go.Yes Larry is starting to fade, but we will need him for at least one more season. -Plus I couldn't see him in another uniform anyway!
  16. Cowboys&Caps

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    we need only a tackle and a guard

    I think we cut LA, keep Johnson. He is only going into his third year playing this is the year parcells says put up or shut up, and he will show why we spent a second on him. At tackle we have some depth as long as we get a solid right tackle like ashworth, Pettiti is a very servicable back-up for both sides. At guard we should sign or draft someone i would like Charles Spencer from pitt in the third or the big ol boy from usc in the second. then we have Rivera, Latui, Peterman, and possibly Gurode who are all relatively good at guard. We COULD sign a center or draft Mangold if he is there in the second. But that would be giving up on Johnson far to early.
  17. noshame

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    First off, we need to know what guys are coming back. Is it the "solid/disciplined/pro bowl" Flo of a couple years ago? Is it the give at least 75-100% LA? Is it the above average G we signed in Rivera?


    Is it "false start Flo".

    I can't get off on the ball to save me(but I can bench alot) fat LA.

    Last but not least "I really took you suckers" Rivera.

    So, I guess we could be in the play-offs, or, we'll have a top pick in the 2007 draft.

    I personally would like to go with a youth movement.:star:
  18. Hostile

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    IMO, no, an O-Line cannot be fixed in 1 off season. We could sign the 2 best OTs, the 2 best OGs and the best C available this year and they could struggle.

    You have to have the right blocking schemes.

    There has to be good chemistry. Great players do not make a great line every time. More than any other unit on a football field the OL has to be in sync with each other and able to read each other. That takes time and it takes focus.

    Look at Denver's O-line. A great unit. Are they household names? Most people can't and that's understandable. They aren't a who's who of draft picks that everyone coveted. They're a unit that functions well together and has incredible chemistry and a great scheme.

    Look at our OL from the early 90's Dynasty. They weren't high Draft picks. Tuinei was a converted DT. Newton was undrafted. They made up the left side of the line. Troy's blindside. Don't underestimate that.

    We had a great scheme and they had incredible chemistry. Why do you think Larry Allen has played at a Pro Bowl level at RT, RG, and LG? I'll tell you why, because he knew every assignment for the whole line because it was all in sync.

    I miss that OL so bad it hurts at times.
  19. AbeBeta

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    maybe you could read more than the first line of a post before responding.
  20. sago1

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    Easiest way to address this is to ask who wants the Cowboys to win the NFC East & 1-2 playoffs this season or who satisfied if Cowboys just tread water while we wait/hope for Johnson & Pettiti to improve/develop in the offseason?

    A. Can live w/Adams at LT, but whose his backup if he gets hurt again?
    B. Allen's our starter at LG, because we've got no viable option unless Peterman can step in. Allen turns 35 & won't get better; what happens if he gets hurt?
    C. Johnson enters 3rd season as starter. Can we wait on him to develop further? If he can't improve & we don't add quality center to replace him, who do we blame?
    D. Riveria didn't play well--maybe due to injury. At 34, can he became quality starter again?
    E. Pettiti was 7th(?) round pick who forced into starting RT role. Why do some think that offseason conditioning program suddenly morphs him into playing like a first rounder in only his 2nd NFL year?

    Most important upgrades we can make is at C & RT because the results will be immediate. Despite all wanting Bentley, there are 2 other highly rated centers available in FA (Hartwig of Tennesee & Mitchell of Carolina); at RT, there is Runyan & Backus--neither whom I want--but Ashworth (if he didn't have back problem in 05 as 1 poster early mentioned) would be best, long term solution. Given Allen/Riveria ages (not knowing about Peterman who can only play LG anyway), we should draft an OG as their backup (scouting department/Parcells better not get this wrong) and replacement nlt 07. Even with this 3 additions, we still very vulnerable if either of our OT misses significant playing time. This is where we can wish/hope either Pettiti or Colombo can step in. So, even with 3 additions this year, next year will be another year when we will have to revisit OL again.

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