Can We Get A Little Steeler Luck!!

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by brucem78, Nov 6, 2005.

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    Man I hate the Steelers. I don't think I have ever seen a luckier team in my life. It just seems like they get a lucky break every week. Last week they are ripe for an upset by the Ravens and their normally reliable kicker misses a short field goal that would have won the game for them a d Anthony Wright misfires on a pass tro a wide open Derrick Mason with 30 seconds left that also would have given them the win. Charle Batch today was terrible yet they pull out a win because this week GB has 1st and goal and fumbles the ball away for a Polomalu TD, A perfectly thrown ball from Favre to Driver bounces right into the hands of a Steeler defender, and Longwell misses a 31 Yard field goal. This is 3 weeks in a row the opposing kicker has missed a short field goal that proved costly. No one has missed against us this year and only 4 field goals have been missed against us in the last 3 years. The opposing kickers against us are 57 out of 61 with only kicks of over 48 yards missed. How can we get some of this Steeler luck for the stretch run?
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    part of the reason for the field goal stat is that our division traditionally has pretty good kickers, and all the fields (dallas, ny, philly, washington) play in fairly kicker friendly stadiums. Pittsburgh might be the most notoriously windy stadium in the league, and I don't know where they've played the last couple weeks but that might have something to do with the misses.
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    I loathe those turds.
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    I could care less what the Steelers do unless we play them......otherwise, I dont really care.....I think are a good team that has caught a few breaks......sounds like anyone we know? Their success W/O luck depends on how quickly Big Ben can get back in there....

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