Can You Do Better Than They Did?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by MarionBarberThe4th, Sep 2, 2009.

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    No trades

    Its tricky, some things broke poorly in front of us

    51) Sean Smith- CB/S- Great prospect, can actually make plays
    69) Jason Williams- Im cool w/ him

    101) Stephen Mcgee- No fun right now, but a good investment

    117) Lawrence Sidbury jr.- OLB- Pure pass rusher

    156) Duke Robinson - G - Forgetten man but has potential

    166) Javon Ringer- RB- IDK what to do w/ him but good value.

    172) Buehler- Of course

    197) Jason McCourty- CB - Blazing corner w/ ST abilities

    208) Jason Phillips - ok

    210) AQ Shipley- P.S. material. One year to bulk up

    227) Sammie Stroughter - WR/PR-
    I dont want Julian Endelman

    UDFA - Jamal Westerman- OLB

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