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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by goshan, Dec 5, 2005.

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    Ok, lets cut to the chase. We can shut down the forum now-just read this and say you agree and we are good until next game.

    1. The OL is pretty bad. Tucker isn't very good, Pettit is worse. Johnson is average. LA is slightly above average. Riviera has been disappointing. Witten can't block very well.
    2. The RBs are average. Jones looks slower this year and his 'two hands on the ball at all times' technique seems to have affected his elusiveness. He also never takes the run outside the called hole.
    3. Bledsoe is pretty good if there is no pass rush. He isn't very mobile and if you hit him early, he seems to get rattled the rest of the game. He has a nice arm when he has time.
    4. The Defense is pretty good. Ware is playing pretty good but needs a couple of more moves. He is better against the run than expected. Canty looks pretty good. Ellis is the same man. Glover, ferguson, all good. Spears hasn't done much yet, neither has Burnett. LBs are average overall at best.
    5. Secondary is excellent overall - one of best in the NFL.
    6. WR are pretty good but aging. Crayton is promising, but we need another young guy probably next year. Witten is underutilized but a couple of times this year he has looked like a wuss.
    7. Playcalling has been conservative and predictable - probably because Bill doesn't trust the OL or Bledsoe that much. Should we attack anyway? Maybe, depends upon who you talk to. Bill is trying to go back to the way he played in 2003 because he felt like he threw too much last year.
    8. Kicker has been a weak spot. Bill should have gotten a better kicker knowing our strategy of running the ball and winning close games.
    9. Bill may quit if the team craters.
    10. Bill looks sleeker this yr.
  2. DragonCowboy

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    I totally agree. We made Eli cry, even without anthony Henry. Sort of ironic how this secondary sucked it up last year, huh?
  3. Future

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    Thats because eli sucks.
  4. Juke99

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    goshan....good post...Point #10..I think Bill is wearing a Wonder Bra.
  5. FolsomCowboy

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    I can agree on those points
  6. Future

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    LOL. Id have to say sports bra, he doesnt look too perky
  7. Juke99

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    Maybe he doesn't know how to use the air pump. :D

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