Canuck Cowboys Most Legit Mock Draft Ever !!

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by CanuckCowboysFan, Mar 17, 2010.

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    I'm hoping that Jerry and Co. either sign FS Atogwe, or the reigns are handed over to Ball. Worst comes to worse then Hamlin is the FS in 2010-11. I hope they look into Atogwe though.

    1st - Mike Iupati - Idaho
    Drops because of other teams needs and stupidity. Solidifies the line and can be the Guard for 10+ years. He could start day one, but I doubt that happens. Either way if Iupati's on the board at 27, I GUARANTEE he's the selection. There is no other play IMO that the Cowboys want worse. If Iupati isn't here, there trading down IMO.

    2 - Dorin Dickerson - Pitt

    One of my favorite pet cats in this draft. Won't be there in the 3rd. Some will say this is to high for a FB, but he isn't just a FB. He can line up in the slot, out wide, and can take a couple snaps at FB. Great Goal line back. Anderson is more then likely gone, here's your replacement. The days of the big lead blocking FB are over. This guy has potential to be one of the top FB in the league and put the O over the top. Look for Mccluster here as well.

    3 - AOA - IUP

    Small school prospect, from IUP. He can challenge Scandrick for the Nickel corner or the 4th corner, or Ball/Hamlin for the starting FS spot. Provides depth at both positions. Not to mention he is the best return man in this years draft. I really hope Jerry drafts this guy more then anyone else.

    4 - Jason Fox - Miami

    One of the best OT in the draft, falls this far because of medical reasons. The biggest steal of the draft by far at this point. Not much that needs to be said about this guy. He could challenge Flo for the tackle spot, or even free, and provides depth at both.

    6 - Joe Pawelek - Baylor

    Also a steal at this point. The best Cover linebacker in this years class, by far (9 career int). Can learn from Brooking for a year or to, then step in and replace him. Depth for James, incase he gets shipped. Good work ethic, good leader. This guys going to be really good.

    7 - CJ Wilson - ECU

    I'm pretty sure either Spears, Bowen, or Hatcher get shipped/let go this year. This guy can play the 5 technique & could give Rat some breathers.

    Thoughts? Comments?

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