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Caption This: Bill is in the building

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by bbgun, Feb 25, 2006.

  1. bbgun

    bbgun Benched

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  2. TheHustler

    TheHustler Active Member

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    This a recent picture? Or just a random picture?
  3. ThreeSportStar80

    ThreeSportStar80 Benched

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    That's a picture from earlier Saturday.
  4. Murph80

    Murph80 Member

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    He is getting Holmgren straightened out.
  5. bbgun

    bbgun Benched

    27,868 Messages
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    Weight Watchers convention.
  6. big dog cowboy

    big dog cowboy THE BIG DOG Staff Member

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    You were so screwed in the super bowl............
  7. DoomsDayD

    DoomsDayD Well-Known Member

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    Your room or mine??
  8. Zman5

    Zman5 Well-Known Member

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    BP: "Now I'm telling you Mike, 3-4 is where it's at. You go to a 3-4 and get a guy like Shanle and your Defense will be the BOMB!"

    MH: "Oh Really. Now where do I get one of these "Shanles" ?.

    BP: "Ok Mikey. Since I'm a nice guy, I'll give you our Shanle for your 1st this year and your 1st next year."
  9. ka0tik

    ka0tik DALLAS

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    .. '' I did not like last times position mike.. '' :lmao:
  10. cowboyeric8

    cowboyeric8 Chicks dig crutches

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    BP: So do you wear a bro?

    MH: Why yes I do, very supportive.
  11. Seven

    Seven Messenger to the football Gods

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    B.P. - "When they make calls like that in the super bowl, call 'em over to the sideline. Hold your hands like your gonna strangle 'em. Like this see."

    M.H. - "I usually just look at them. Like this."
  12. DragonCowboy

    DragonCowboy Well-Known Member

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    Bill: Hey, Mike, I called the armrest, take the one next to you!!!
  13. DragonCowboy

    DragonCowboy Well-Known Member

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    Bill: ...and the plug of fat in my aorta was THIS big. This is really why fat guys like us should watch our weight...
  14. felix360

    felix360 Active Member

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    :lmao2: :lmao2: :lmao:
  15. billknows

    billknows New Member

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    :lmao2: :lmao: :lmao2: :laugh2:
  16. Rockytop6

    Rockytop6 Well-Known Member

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    A few sick people here.
  17. fortdick

    fortdick Well-Known Member

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    "I could have shot Cortez!"
  18. RealCowboyfan

    RealCowboyfan Championship

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    I bet you the conversation went like this::

    Bill:: You should have been more conservative
    Mike:: Why?
    Bill:: Cause you had Alexander
    Mike:: So what you think about them Jenny Craig Diets?
    Bill:: Tried it; Didn't work...
    Mike::I tried smoking ciggarettes, it didn't work
    Bill:: Me and my players use to hangout, but they got tired of me trying to use them to lose weight..
    Mike:: What players what helping you lose weight?
    Bill:: Quincy Carter, my former player LT, and Derek Ross
    Mike:: Where are they now?
    Bill:: Don't know; I forgot...
  19. Typhus

    Typhus aka...golden

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    " Look Mike, just shave of that flavor saver, and you will be a babe magnet, just like me."
  20. demdcowboys#1

    demdcowboys#1 Well-Known Member

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    funny a** thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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