Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

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    I'm usually a very light hearted person but after the experience I had yesterday, I wanna remind people about the dangers of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. I also included the symptons of CO poisoning. Be aware of them and don't ignore them. It might save your life.

    I opened the store that I manage at 8:45 yesterday morning. Everything seemed fine. About 10:30 I started feeling weak, dizzy and had a headache. I just figured it was because I hadn't had breakfast. By noon I was really feeling sick and having trouble focusing my eyes and I had body aches. I decided that I really needed to eat at that point and called Pizza Hut to deliver lunch to me. Thirty minutes later, a customer walked into the store and the first thing they said to me was "Do you have a gas leak in here?". I told them I didn't think so and that I didn't smell anything. Since I hadn't left the store since I got there, I was unaware that I had a natural gas leak and that the CO levels were rising. From what I've been told, you wouldn't notice it when the leak starts slowly and you are exposed to it for a long period of time. They suggested I call 911. I propped open the front door and called 911. After I told them that my customers smelled gas and told them how I felt, they said they would have the fire department stop by and check it out. Within 10 minutes I had 3 Fire Engines, 2 police cars and 2 Ambulances outside my store. They block off the street in a block radius around my store. The firemen walked in and immediately told me I needed to leave, they smelled gas also. They put on HazMat suits and oxygen tanks before going back in. They didn't like the way I looked and had a Paramedic check me out. My BP was 188/114, my arms started burning, my fingers and toes were tingling, and I started having trouble concentrating and couldn't speak right. Next thing I know, I'm on the way to the hospital in an Ambulance. I spent 6 hrs on 5% Oxygen, had arterial blood gas test, blood test, chest xrays, ekg and was kept on a heart monitor. The doctor said I had dangerous CO levels in my blood; my lungs, throat and sinus' were inflamed, and was lucky a customer came in when they did- I may not have been alive. The fire departments CO sniffer told them that the levels in my store were very dangerous.


    What is carbon monoxide (CO) and how is it produced in the home?

    Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colorless, odorless, poisonous gas. It is produced by the incomplete burning of solid, liquid, and gaseous fuels. Appliances fueled with natural gas, liquified petroleum (LP gas), oil, kerosene, coal, or wood may produce CO. Burning charcoal produces CO. Running cars produce CO.

    What are the symptoms of CO poisoning?

    The initial symptoms of CO poisoning are similar to the flu (but without the fever). They include:
    Shortness of breath
    Many people with CO poisoning mistake their symptoms for the flu or are misdiagnosed by physicians, which sometimes results in tragic deaths.

    For more info on CO poisoning - causes, effects, etc. go to Consumer Product Safety Commission website
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    Sorry to hear about your troubles.

    We had a leak at my work place a few years back, many people got headaches and felt sick. I was like you and thought I just had a headach, as it is common for me due to my ear problems. But others started feeling the same way.

    However I guess it was a good thing of sorts because now we have all the detectors in place.

    BTW, You smell funny.:p:
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    Wow Prin. I'm so glad you made it through everything ok. Are you feeling any after effects? Do you need to take any time off? I assume they found the leak and everything with the store is back to normal.

    You may not pop in as much, but this place wouldn't be the same without you. :)
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    Co is nothing to mess with. Someone was looking out for you.

    Glad you are ok or as close to ok as you can get right now.
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    Hey Sis, glad you're okay. You're really lucky.

    BTW, anyone concerned about this, you can buy CO sensors that are similar to a smoke alarm.
  6. Chief

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    That's scary.

    I'm glad you're OK.
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    Was this test painful for you ?
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    I am glad all is alright. My family was gassed at a B&B we stayed at, and I will never forget it. I was the only one that was not in the room with them, but knowing the symptoms, I took them to the ER right away. That is scary stuff. My sister-in-law was practically lifeless. Scary as he!!. It was during the OU vs. Texas game, so needless to say I had a good buzz of my own on.

    Hostile is right, they are not expensive when you consider the price of life. I now have one on every floor, and I have one I can plug in and I take it anytime we stay away from home. Not taking that chance again.

    Once again, glad you are alright.
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    Bingo! I have one installed just for this reason.

    Glad to hear you made it through that Princess!
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    That is one hell of a story, Princess.

    I'm glad you're ok. You are very lucky to be alive.
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    If done correctly it really shouldn't be.

    They usually take a small needle and go in the artery in the wrist.
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    I'm looking at mine in the Hallway right now.

    Cheap and easy to install...And as Princess has seen well worth it.
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    BP couldn't have one because the fumes are coming from him :D
  14. WV Cowboy

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    I had to have this test done prior to heart surgery, .. they warned me that it would be very painful, put me in a wheelchair, even asked my wife to leave.

    After 4 failures in my wrist, which didn't hurt too bad, the moron stuck me 4 more times up beneath the fold in my arm. Now those 4 hurt bad.

    On the 4th failure, my hand opened up and 3 fingers twitched, ... must have hit a nerve.

    I told the guy after 8 misses, .. "You're done, it's over, we're not doing this anymore."

    Four days later, on the day of my surgery, (I was dreading doing this all again) a cute little blonde girl walked in, stuck me once in the wrist, .. and was walking away when I yelled, "I love you!"

    She gave me a strange look and kept walking. :p:
  15. ConcordCowboy

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    Like I said...If done correctly...It shouldn't Hurt.
  16. CowboyPrincess

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    Thanks for all your well wishes. It was a close call. They said I woulda been dead if my customer hadn't of come in. They came back today to check on me. I'm a workaholic, so I was back to work this morning....To answer all the questions...

    Yes, it hurt like hell. It was done at the wrist, I screamed, gave her a dirty look and said "I bet you LOVE your job".. :)

    I am still feeling it.. still have a headache, muscle aches, sore throat, tired, blurry vision and scared to death to be back in the store. They said it could take a few days for it to wear off. My nose is sore from the 5 L oxygen push they did to push oxygen into my blood to push the CO out.

    Found out today that the owner of the building was told about the heating unit having a leak and that the heater was condemed a year ago. She Gerry rigged it, turned the pilot light up to a three inch flame and didn't replace the missing door to the unit. The three inch flame was what the gas company called a "Natural Gas and CO danger". The sniffer was sniffing at 5 which I was told is high. The gas has been turned off to the building until repaired are done correctly. My boss called the City Code Enforcement office and they are reg flagging the building until she brings everything up to code. I've been told to consider contacting an Attorney about this. I'm not sue happy, never sued anyone so I'm not sure that I will.

    Other than having to take meds for my throat and lungs for a few weeks, I'm ok now. My doctor is going to do another arterial blood gas test on Tuesday to make sure the levels are lowering and they wanna do another EKG cuz of the 6 hrs that my BP was really high.

    I bought CO detectors for the store and my home this morning. I'm not taking any chances. I'm the only parent Erik has and I don't ever wanna see the looks on his and Wades faces that I saw yesterday... ever again.

    Again, Thanks for the well wishes and just make sure y'all don't have this happen to you... get the detectors
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    What Kind of Heart surgery did you Have?

    Have you hear of Belington, WVA?

    It's by Philippi...Elkins...Buckannon.

    My Mom is from Belington and my Uncle still lives there.
  18. ConcordCowboy

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    Happy you're Ok...But obviously can you say Lawsuit?

    I'm not a big person on suing...But I think you have a good case!:)
  19. Hostile

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    I'm not a sue happy person either, but you need to at least talk to an attorney about this. It isn't about the lawsuit, it's about the fact she endangered your life knowingly.
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    i'm glad you are ok princess.....

    by the way.. hello.


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