Card-Processor Breach Hits MasterCard, Visa

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    Keep an eye on your statements. :)


    Global Payments Inc., MA - which processes credit cards and debit cards for banks and merchants, has been hit by a security breach that has put some 50,000 cardholders at risk, according to people with knowledge of the situation.

    The full extent of the breach couldn't be determined, one of the people said. It wasn't immediately clear if cardholders have been hit by fraudulent transactions.

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    It gets worse and worse everytime you read the net. Someone is always losing CC information.

    My mom called me late last night all upset. Her and my father have been working the past 2 weeks getting their taxes done. After getting it all done their accountant went to file them and called them back and informed them that someone was using my dads SS#.


    So I filled her in on what they had to do this morning. Call the SS office and the IRS and verify if anything was on file it wasn't legit and that their returns would be showing up soon via the mail

    I then signed them up w/ TransUnion and Equifax for multiple credit monitor reports. I also pulled all 3 credit reports and stepped through each one w/ her verifying they all were legit and they were. That made them feel better.

    Hopefully it is just a clerical error and stupid lazy IRS agent fat fingered a key.

    You cannot be aware of your personal identification enough if you are handling your finances on the internet.

    Shred all of your bills at home, do not just throw them away. Invest in a small office shredder and for gods sakes secure your PC's and keep it updated and use common sense, and limit your CC# use on the web.

    Sad world we live in.
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    MY statements? I've got my eye on YOURS. :D;)

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