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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Kchunda, Jan 21, 2005.

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    I know a bunch of mock drafts have us taking Carlos with or 2nd 1st rounder, but if he plays well in the Senior Bowl he's going to shoot up the charts - and possibly out of our reach.

    Don't know if he's the #2 rated CB cause of Pac-Man, Justin Miller, or even Corey Webster. . . If Carlos plays well and moves to the top of the charts, who else should be take with #20? I'm not really familiar with the other CB's but I hear it's a deep CB draft. . .

    Just two more days before's NFL Experts embark on five furious days of coverage from
    the practice fields of the Senior Bowl, and things are already starting to heat up.

    Auburn's Carlos Rogers, presently rated as the number two cornerback in April's NFL Draft, just
    announced he plans to play in the game.

    Several NFL-general managers have already spoken out about the importance of next week, especially
    in a draft where anything can happen.

    Look for live reports from the Riverview Plaza Hotel in Mobile Alabama, home of the Senior Bowl,
    starting this Sunday exclusively on and the network!
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    I can really only think of one player recently that had a major change in their draft postion from the Senior Bowl and that was Rivers last year. In the long run more weight seems to be put on the combine than on the senior bowl.
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    LT vs Deuce 2001
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    Here are the corners in order of my ranking
    1) Antrel Rolle #3-12 pick
    2) Marlin Jackson #10-22 pick
    3) Carlos Rogers #10-25 pick depending on his combine and Sr Bowl
    4) Corey Webster #18-31 pick; he has something to prove at the combine after an average year but has the size and speed that will increase his value
    5) Justin Miller #24- round 2; some team could fall in love with him or there could be a big run on CBs, otherwise he's a late round 1 early round 2 pick
    6) Antonio Perkins very late 1st to mid round 2nd; his return capabilities and athleticism (likely to do well at the combine) may bump him into the first round. Some team may think he's the next donte hall.

    As you can see, there is the potential to see 5-6 CBs taken in the first round. Sometimes you see a run on a certain position in a draft and values get inflated because teams panic that they won't get anyone decent at a certain position. Two years ago it was the DT position. Last year it was WR although it was a very good WR class. Arguably, but barely, CB is the deepest position in this draft and there will be a very good one available at pick 20 and hopefully our round 2 pick if needbe.
    Personally, I like Rolle, Jackson, Rogers, and Miller the best. I rank Jackson slightly above Rogers because Jackson has better technical skills and Rogers relies a little to much on his speed. However, Rogers has a little more athleticism. They are both 6'1 and close to the same weight. Michigan has a good defensive back program also. They teach the position well. Nonetheless, I'd be happy with landing either of them at the 20 spot or Miller in round 2.
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    Pacman Jones anyone?
  6. Rack Bauer

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    Not to mention Antonio Perkins just flat out sucks. He's a kick returner, nothing more.
  7. ghst187

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    i knew there was someone I was forgetting....I'd rank Jones behind Miller and above Perkins. Pac-Man is probably a high to mid second rounder.
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    The combine is overrated in my opinion.....I just wish more teams would pay attention to football speed and functional strength, than a forty on a track or some guy lying down on a bench.
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    I dont think it matters, because I'm pretty sure we WONT take a CB with either of the 1st rd picks anyway...I think the two 1sts will be used on a DL/LB, DL/DL or maybe WR and DL

    with the rules being what they are, using a 1st on a CB is probably a waste now IMO

  10. dbair1967

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    like I said in another thread, the CB talk is probably moot because I really dont think we'll take one with either first rd pick...but there is no way in hell Antonio Perkins will be a 1st rd pick, and I doubt he'll be a 2nd rd pick either...the guy is a terrible cover CB


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