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Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by Supercowboy1986, Jan 8, 2013.

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    First off I can't stand this guy, one of the most overrated players I have ever seen both on and off the court. He may have talent on offensive but he such a liability everywhere else and worst of all he is the biggest baby ever. I honestly do not think he will ever get a ring despite how the Knicks are doing now. With that out of the way does anyone know any of the details of the confrontation he got into with Kevin Garnet? Also I think he is next in line to be the athlete in the spot light. What I mean by that, is that he is going to get the same kind of treatment that Lebron James (until he won his ring) and Tony Romo get from the media and the general public. Does anyone else see this happening?
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    I hate him too but look how good he is when u have a real PG dishing him the rock. I know Dirk misses Kidd bad.
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    Got this from another board.

    KG has a history of this so....
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    Any other man would've reacted the same way had someone said that to them about their wife.
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    Lala left Anthony two months ago. He's having he-man woman hater moments.
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    Garnett is fake tough
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    Melos reputation is preceding him on this one. Fact of the matter is, watching him this year, he's not the same Melo. He's playing aggressively in all other phases of the game than offense and he's putting the Knicks on his back. Read somewhere that we're 9-0 when Melo shoots 18-22 times a game and 4-2 when he shoots less than 18 times.
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    The guy is the best pure scorer in the league. Any possession the Knicks have in which he doesn't get a touch is a mistake, imo.

    Also, if you've got time, and like Barstool Sports, they did a really funny article about what cereal NBA wives might be. I won't post a link because the content is a bit rough, but I got a good laugh out of it.
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    Melo is playing different this year. About KG. He is a *****bag. Ask any big man went against him. He always talks dirty.
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    Kevin Durant says hello

    As far as the confrontation, Garnett loves to talk and he crossed the line. Or at least Melo's line.

    He's one of those dudes that thinks he can say whatever he wants on the court and won't have to pay for it off it because he's protected by the refs. I used to love Garnett, and I still like his play style, but I'm pretty sure if he said half the nonsense he says on the court in pickup games, he'd get his clock cleaned.
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    Kevin is just a classless guy. During one matchup with Tim Duncan, he said "Tell your mom happy mothers day"(Tim's mom passed away when he was 14)
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    My come back would have been a jab about how she fell to the floor in laughter at the lack of size of his man parts.....she would have told me something about sausages from Vienna...LOL

    Garnett is one of the biggest piles of fecal matter the league has ever seen. He has absolutely zero class.
  13. Future

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    You can go back and forth all day between a handful of guys, but I don't think any can do what Melo does.

    LBJ took Durant away during the finals. There is not a player in the league that can do that to Melo.

    Durant might be the best transition scorer in the NBA, and he really feeds off of the talent that Westbrook has. But in terms of creating and getting buckets for themselves, I don't think there's anyone better than Melo.
  14. jimmy40

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    1,254. Khloe Kardashian/Gruel


    :lmao2: :lmao2:

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