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Carter benched at WLB for Ernie Sims

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Nation, Oct 3, 2013.

  1. birdwells1

    birdwells1 Well-Known Member

    3,814 Messages
    940 Likes Received
    I agree, you can't have it both ways. I was one who felt that contracts and draft status determined who play so I'm in favor of this. If the coaches look at the film and deem Carter's performance worthy of a benching and Sims is playing better I'm all for it.
  2. birdwells1

    birdwells1 Well-Known Member

    3,814 Messages
    940 Likes Received
    Yeah, each year that the draft rolls around, UNC has all these prospects that are slated to go early in the draft but you look at their team and they are like 6-6. How do you have all these high draft picks and are mediocre as a team? Underacheivers.
  3. birdwells1

    birdwells1 Well-Known Member

    3,814 Messages
    940 Likes Received
    I just don't like a defense whose performance is based off how many TOs they get. What happens when the other teams doesn't give up the ball?

  4. theranchsucks

    theranchsucks Benched

    3,492 Messages
    2,427 Likes Received
    Who said he was inexperienced when he was tearing it up last year before the injury.....just another big ? In Jerry's world....it's hard to get used to but I am almost ready to expect the unexpected, that's why I knew they were going to draft a te in the 2nd round
  5. Vintage

    Vintage The Cult of Jib

    13,970 Messages
    1,746 Likes Received
    Remember when people were saying Carter was our best LBer headed into this year? lulz.
  6. theranchsucks

    theranchsucks Benched

    3,492 Messages
    2,427 Likes Received
    Also, good players could play in any system
    Doomsay likes this.
  7. Proximo

    Proximo Well-Known Member

    2,759 Messages
    3,812 Likes Received

    I guess I shouldn't be surprised there's so much being made out of this on here.

    You people do realize Carter's not being benched for the entire game right? I'd be willing to bet he's most likely going to sit for the first series or two AT MOST as a result of his poor play last week. It's called accountability. This is what you do to light a fire under somebody and at the same time let the team know that their spot in the lineup is not guaranteed.

    And I have complete faith Carter will elevate his game as a result of this.

    Also, some of you folks might want to keep in mind that we are literally only FOUR games deep with this new scheme. Maybe, just maybe, these proven defensive coaches - Kiffin and Marinelli - deserve just a little bit of time to get this thing running like a well oiled machine.

  8. DFWJC

    DFWJC Well-Known Member Zone Supporter

    32,952 Messages
    11,131 Likes Received
    Different scheme and different demands.
    Really, he seems like a good fit for WLB, but I guess time will tell.
    Step away from the ledge

    In all seriousness, if Dallas had a 3rd safety that could cover, I bet they would be tempted to play 3 in this game.
    This Denver team has 4 very good to great receiving threats...and that's is not including any backs. And of course, they have the perfect guy to get them the ball.
    It's like playing 7 on 7 with these guys.
  9. T-RO

    T-RO Well-Known Member

    6,169 Messages
    2,205 Likes Received
    Unfortunate indeed, DOUBLE WING. I wouldn't be surprised if we are see 3 or 4 games this season where team's threaten to put 40 on us, or alternatively dink us to death over the middle, one first down after another.
  10. texbumthelife

    texbumthelife Well-Known Member

    9,393 Messages
    5,243 Likes Received
    Took a short hiatus and forgot how the amateur circus here gets worked up...

    Someone correct me if I am wrong, but didn't we just make a dramatic scheme change on defense? Didn't our switch to a 3-4 take a couple years to really be potent (if it ever was)?

    Also, for you side show clowns who are all "boo-boo, the sky is falling, I will never see another sunny day", Sean Lee just had his best game as a pro. The same Sean Lee who was the defense's weakest link through the first two games. Sit down and relax. Let the players figure things out.
  11. khiladi

    khiladi Well-Known Member

    16,755 Messages
    6,833 Likes Received
    At least the defensive coaches bench players... When has our offensive guru ever benched a guy on offense that wasn't getting the job done...
  12. nake

    nake Well-Known Member Zone Supporter

    6,472 Messages
    2,973 Likes Received
    DeMarco got benched for a while against the Bengals.
  13. khiladi

    khiladi Well-Known Member

    16,755 Messages
    6,833 Likes Received
    I don't count pre-season... We've had horrendous play from Felix, Murray only getting time originally cause Jones getting injured and Ogletree and Doug Free was awful last year, yet none of them were benched.
  14. DuceizBak

    DuceizBak Active Member

    449 Messages
    141 Likes Received
    Very very stupid move..he had a bad game... he's a great tackling, decent speed... wow.
    Ernie Sims isn't bad so i don't mind if it kicks bruce carter into gear.

    I think they'll probably give him less playing time just to teach him a lesson.

    There's a stat and I think bruce carter rated one of the best in terms of tackling people without the runner getting a broken tackle off of them.
  15. Chocolate Lab

    Chocolate Lab Run-loving Dino

    33,928 Messages
    2,894 Likes Received
  16. kevm3

    kevm3 Well-Known Member

    2,950 Messages
    2,553 Likes Received
    Can't complain about this move. If a guy has a bad game, make him earn his position back. This is how you foster competition.
  17. Gaede

    Gaede Well-Known Member

    10,616 Messages
    3,395 Likes Received
    Disappointed in Carter.

    Good for the coaches benching him though.
  18. Gaede

    Gaede Well-Known Member

    10,616 Messages
    3,395 Likes Received
    Great point.

    People are saying we should applaud Garrett for finally benching someone--but I really doubt that all of a sudden he has changed the way he does things and started benching people left and right. Especially considering all the people being held accountable--Will Allen, Mo, and Bruce Carter--are all on defense and we just happen to have a new coach there.
    khiladi likes this.
  19. Doomsay

    Doomsay Well-Known Member

    8,211 Messages
    3,352 Likes Received
    Did anybody else seem to think that he gave up on the 1st TD to Woodhead? It looked like he just sort of flailed his arm and said Frick-it at the one yard line.
  20. birdwells1

    birdwells1 Well-Known Member

    3,814 Messages
    940 Likes Received
    Uh, tell that to the coaching staff, they're the ones that benched Carter not message board posters. smh

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