Carter Should be Ready for 2011 Season...

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by realtick, Apr 29, 2011.

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    From the horse's mouth himself, Carter on with Mickey Spagnola just said that "they said I should be 100 percent by training camp...I gotta work my way into it."
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    What a pick! Didn't expect that, absolutely love it
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    mayock said he was a top 15 pick before the injury
  6. realtick

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    More from Carter with Nick Eatman regarding his knee....

    "It feels good...I'm able to cut now and everything is going up (rehab)"
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    Bruce Carter Scouting Report
    Projected Draft Position
    by FFToolbox Writers

    Position: OLB
    School & Year/Status: North Carolina - Senior
    Jersey Number: #54
    Height & Weight: 6'3 - 230 lbs.
    Ranked #44 on our Top 100 Prospects Board

    2011 NFL Draft Prospect Scouting Report:
    Bruce Carter, OLB, North Carolina
    During the 2007 campaign, Bruce Carter made an immediate impact as a true freshman. He was one of many freshmen to play in that game, but he blocked a punt during his first collegiate contest. And things kept getting better for the 6-3, 225 pound outside linebacker. By the end of his freshman campaign Carter had seven starts under his belt and was making obvious strides late in the year. In fact, nearly all of his tackles came late in the season. The late success of the 2007 season paved the way for a breakout 2008 campaign.

    There was nothing Carter did not do as a sophomore. He started all 13 games at outside linebacker and totaled 68 tackles, 11.0 tackles-for-loss, 5.0 sacks and one interception. Although Carter spent his junior season being overshadowed by fellow linebacker Quan Sturdivant, he still ranked third on the team in tackles with 65 and added 7.5 tackles-for-loss, 2.0 sacks and one interception. Carter has been a leader throughout the 2010 campaign while a large portion of the defense has missed some time or been kicked off the team.

    Carter always seems to be around the ball and is capable of making the big play. His strength and speed are helpful, but he simply has great football instincts. That is why many considered him one of the top 10 or 15 outside linebackers heading into the 2009 campaign. Having opted to stay in school (and out of trouble), Carter's stock has moved way up and he is considered by many as the top outside linebacker in this class.

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    Whats the knock on Sturdivant?
  9. UnoDallas

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    I think hes slow

    think Carter is faster
  10. UnoDallas

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    I think Carter may replace Bradie

    Read & React: Generally does a nice job in reading his keys. Aggressively attacks the line of scrimmage and underneath routes, often breaking on underneath passes before the quarterback has even released the ball. Is so aggressive that he can be susceptible to good play-action. Only average ability to locate the football, but pursues hard and has fine closing skills due to his explosiveness.

    Run defense: Aggressive in meeting, greeting and discarding blocks against the run. Has the lateral agility and vision to elude blockers and makes plays at the line of scrimmage. Also shows some explosiveness in his upper body with his ability to stack and shed blocks. Rare straight-line speed and good agility to avoid tripping up through the trash. Chases hard laterally and downfield in pursuit.

    Pass defense: Provides a good initial pop to the tight end and has the agility and speed to trail closely when in man coverage. Gains good depth on his drop. Changes directions fluidly and has rare straight-line speed. Reacts aggressively to the movement of the quarterback, showing good route recognition and a burst to close on the ball. Can be beaten with good play-action due to his over-aggression.

    Tackling: Possesses legitimate explosiveness as a hitter. Generates great momentum in only a few steps and can deliver highlight reel collisions. Generally a reliable open-field tackler, but sometimes drops his shoulder for the big hit and fails to wrap up securely, resulting in some missed tackles. Also has a tendency to arrive on the scene so fast that he's a bit out of control, overrunning the play slightly. Generally athletic and strong enough to make the lunging tackle anyway.

    Pass Rush/Blitz: Generates good speed off the edge as a stand-up blitzer. Typically relies on his speed to run around the offensive lineman, showing good flexibility and agility in doing so. Gives blockers an explosive pop to disengage from blocks, but has yet to develop a variety of pass rush moves or the hand technique to fight through once they've latched on to him. Intangibles: Underwent ACL reconstruction surgery on his left knee on Dec. 14, 2010 and may not be available to work out for scouts before the draft. Prior to the injury he was recognized as a workout warrior. Reportedly has been timed at 4.39 in the 40-yard dash, and owning a 40.5-inch vertical jump and a 440-pound max bench press, 605-pound squat and a power-clean of 374 pounds. Special teams demon for North Carolina in 2008. Led the country with five blocked kicks, including four punts. Blocked eight kicks for his career.
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    Good to see he didn't get caught up in the cheating scandal or get caught taking payments from agents. Hopefully the knee will rehab on schedule and he'll make an impact this year.
  12. johnnyd

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    I absolutley love this pick. We need speed on this Defense we have all been complaining how slow bradie is for years sideline to sideline player who will be a starter next to lee for the next 7+ years
  13. realtick

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    I do have one main concern regarding to Carter. I'm gonna post on it in a minute.
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    So Carter will be a ILB or OLB. He was a OLB at UNC, I don't think he really fits the 3-4 but I would give Ryan the benefit of the doubt.
  15. dstew60105

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    Perfect ILB for the 3-4. 6-2, 240. Nice size and fast.
  16. jblaze2004

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    he is a mlb in our system (3-4)
    I love he pick then if he is indeed healthy by training camp. We will love that speed. We have dinosaurs at mlb that will change with lee and carter.
  17. supercowboy8

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    Lee and Carter 3-4 ILB both 1st round talent drafted in the 2nd round due to both having blown knees
  18. Cowboy from New York

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    Was thinking the same Super, is this some new template for Dallas to grab 1st rounders who dropped due to injuries or just a 2 yr fluke?
  19. poost

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    If we draft Duenta Williams this year than there may be some weight behind this theory.
  20. ThreeSportStar80

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    What a great pick by the Cowboys!!!!!! One of the best LBers I saw in college over the last two years... One of my friends works with the athletic department at UNC and he LOVES Carter!

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