casmith07's Mock Draft, version 2

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by casmith07, Mar 25, 2010.

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    This mock draft will be a little different from my other one, and will take into account Mike Iupati no longer being on our draft boards at #27.

    #27 traded to the Cleveland Browns for the #39 pick and the Browns 4th and 5th round picks.

    Round 2

    2a. Nate Allen, S, USF


    With a desire to gain more playmaking ability from the safety position, the Cowboys select Nate Allen out of USF. A willing hitter with sound tackling fundamentals, Allen's cornerback-style abilities in coverage help the Cowboys to bring in a player that will help to solidify the evolving position of Free Safety in the NFL in today's passing league. Does Nate Allen start in 2010? Probably not unless Ken Hamlin shows a marked decrease in ability on the field or goes down with injury; however, if Nate Allen does get a shot, look for him to possibly hold down the spot permanently and make Hamlin expendable.

    2b. Jared Veldheer, OT, Hillsdale


    With Doug Free projected as the future at Left Tackle & Robert Brewster as the future project for Right Tackle, this pick might confuse some fans. Jared Veldheer, the 6'8", 312lb offensive tackle from Hillsdale would be an outstanding pick in the 2nd round and it might be difficult to get him that late in the 2nd round. While he does give up around 50lbs to Leonard Davis, his height alone would make him an excellent prospect to actually make the switch to Guard in the NFL. With a guy this size eventually playing alongside Doug Free on the left side of the line, he could give Free a bit more latitude when blocking speed rushers on the edge. At a very light 6'8" as well, he would also make for a punishing blocker when pulling around off-tackle to the left, or into the gaps on the right behind Leonard Davis.

    Oh, and he can hang clean 425lbs.

    [youtube]<object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="480" height="385"></embed></object>[/youtube]

    Round 3

    3a. Dorin Dickerson, FB/TE/WR/H-Back, Pittsburgh


    With two pretty solid potential 1-year starting positions drafted, the Cowboys now look to the future, as well as a few problems in the offense in key losses last year. Dorin Dickerson makes the releasing of Deon Anderson a foregone conclusion, and he becomes an immediate Day 1 starter. A receiving threat from the slot or the backfield, a willing and able blocker, and a potential short yardage solution to keep offenses guessing, Dorin Dickerson makes almost too much sense as a pick for the Cowboys and in my opinion would also be a steal at this point in the draft.

    Interestingly enough...thats Nate Allen in that photo as well.

    3b. - via Trade (4th rounder traded via Cleveland)

    Jacoby Ford, WR, Clemson


    Jerry Jones works some wheeling and dealing with this year's 4th round pick to move into the middle of round 3 to select Jacoby Ford out of Clemson. Ford, who only stands about 5'11" with cleats and weighs 185 lbs, is very athletic and once was reported to run the 40-yard dash in high school between 4.1 and 4.2 seconds. Some unofficial watches at the combine had him around 4.27 seconds. With this pick, the Cowboys find themselves a speedy return specialist that would allow us to keep Felix out of the freight-train style collisions of the kickoff return as well as a wide receiver deep threat similar to DeSean Jackson - while he might not be good enough to see the field much in 2010 as a receiver, Ford would be able to at least run off coverage by going long very quickly. This could potentially open up a lot more of those intermediate passing routes that Jason Garrett seems to love but our team cannot fully execute to the best of their ability due to not having someone fast enough to draw deep downfield coverage a la Terry Glenn.

    Speaking of Terry Glenn, he wasn't much bigger than Ford. Sometimes the little guys deserve a look.

    Round 4

    Jason Fox, OT, Miami


    Late season knee surgery and other injury concerns have Jason Fox sliding down to the back half of round 4. Here, the Cowboys find outstanding value as a potential backup swing tackle as well as Left or Right Tackle prospect in the event that Doug Free is better suited at RT and Robert Brewster doesn't pan out, or vice versa. As a former tight end, Fox's athleticism is not in question and he was a solid anchor on the offensive line at Miami all four years and was a candidate for the Outland Trophy. He also allows the Cowboys to keep with their theme of selecting high-character individuals.

    Round 5 - via the Browns

    Reggie Stephens, OG/C, Iowa State


    An All-Big 12 honorable mention, Reggie Stephens is an incredibly versatile offensive line prospect that started and played games at Left Guard, Right Guard, and Center in his career at Iowa State. Through 2008, he started 28 consecutive games so durability would not be an issue. He's a little short at 6'3", but at 322lbs he's strong and uses his lower center of gravity to his advantage. He's also very well-spoken.

    Round 6

    Myron Rolle, SS, Florida State


    With the Cowboys feeling that they don't have very many holes to fill, they decide to take a flyer on Myron Rolle. Obviously a smart guy, Myron Rolle is also a very athletic strong safety prospect while not exactly being the fastest guy on the field. He might struggle to make the team, however, with the Cowboys having Mike Hamlin seemingly as the SS in waiting behind Sensabaugh, and Nate Allen posed to takeover FS from Ken Hamlin. As a backup, however, he would provide a little bit better coverage ability than Patrick Watkins, although he isn't nearly as fast as Patrick Watkins and his special teams contributions remain to be seen.

    Round 7

    Malcolm Sheppard, DT, Arkansas


    The Cowboys decide to go back to Jerry's alma mater for this pick and take Malcolm Sheppard out of Arkansas. While a bit raw, Sheppard did record 14.5 tackles for loss in 2008 as well as 6.5 sacks in the SEC. He was also voted 2nd Team All-SEC in 2008. He is a bit undersized at 6'2", 280lbs, but he might also help to provide some depth at Defensive End if he can beat out Junior Siavii in camp.
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  3. DFWJC

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    Nice effort

    Just a note---I suspect you can get a lot more than the 37th pick and 5th rounder for our 27th, maybe even their 2nd, 4th and 5th.
  4. TheSport78

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    I agree. Moving down 12 spots that early in the draft and only getting a 5th would not be worth it IMHO. Nice job though, I'm not that high on Veldheer still but overall well done.
  5. casmith07

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    Well, I was using our 2nd choice in the 3rd round for Jacoby Ford as a trade from the 4th round. I'll add some language to reflect that as well as add our 4th rounder back in there.
  6. SDogo

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    I dont much care for prediciting trades and it's not exactly what direction i think Dallas will go in the draft but if they did I would be more then happy with those selections.

    Good effort as well, I like the extra time you put into it.
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    I would not kick this mock outta bed for eatin' crackers....

    I'd be happy if something like this went down.
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    Love it. Getting Allen, Veldheer (who's one guy in particular I really want us to get), Ford and Fox would be amazing. Not really high on Rolle, but in the 6th, it's not a big risk at all.
  9. canters

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    I looked at the Youtube video of Veldheer lifting the weight and he looks like a relatively skinny guy due to his height. He has room to grow for sure in terms of mass.
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    i like your draft except for the last 3 picks, others were super, but last 3, yuck,

    how about someone like geathers or joseph at DT/NT, john conner at fb or newhouse at OG/C and the big center from new mexico

    again, first 5 were super, but you tailed off last 3, always remember you go with a players talent in one or 2 areas when u pick in lower rounds, not if he can fit a multiple of positons, because most likely in pros he cant, like you had rolle, but he ran a 4.7 real super slow for a safety
  11. casmith07

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    It's not meant to be realistic. Plus if we're taking Dorin Dickerson, why blow a pick on John Conner?

    At this point in the draft and considering what's already on the roster, you're drafting players that you feel could be special teams contributors or have an outside shot to make the 53-man roster, and maybe hide on the practice squad for additional development.

    I think Stephens is underrated, but the other two - hey, take a flyer.
  12. cowboyjoe

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    no problem, i wasnt picking at yah, again first 5 were super, but thought you could do better last 3

    reason i want john conner, 2 reasons,
    im tired of deon anderson missing critical game with injuries and maybe costing us a game doing so;
    second, most of the time we went double TE, ( i want dickerson to play TE/some slot WR and a little fullback but moreso play in redzone, with his 4.4 speed at TE and pushing Bennett, mabye bennett would play harder)

    with dickerson only weighing 225, he couldnt play FB too much;

    but john conner could, and remember dickerson caught 7 tds in redzone at pittsburgh
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    The first five picks alone would make me happy.

    I don't particularly like the last three though. While I like Rolle, and I think he's got potential, his dissappointing 40 time puts me off. I must admit to not knowing too much about stephens and sheppard, but stephens sounds like an intersting O-line prospect.
  14. MarionBarberThe4th

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    Not to be a [​IMG] but I never even noticed Dickerson at Pitt. Just be careful is all
  15. Oh_Canada

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    I think Rolle and Fox (though I like him, maybe moreso than Veldheer) would be redundant, but other than that I would be happy.
  16. TheCount

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    I like the Nate Allen pick and maybe Fox, a little luke warm on the rest of it though. We've spent a 3rd or higher on a lineman once in how many years and so many people want to spend it on a FB. Not sure I get that.
  17. MarionBarberThe4th

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    Im cool w/ a fair Marty trade and picking up a hybrid like Gronkowski, Pitta, or Dickerson. That intrigues me
  18. TheCount

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    Well sure, but I don't think Marty is going anywhere. We don't trade young players.
  19. MarionBarberThe4th

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    I think Jerry is embarrassed a bit by Marty. If he can trade him to Cincy in a package to get to 21, or get a mid 2nd I think hed do it.

    But theres a good group of mid round TE's, so who knows if they could pull that off

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