CB Buchanon wants out of Oakland

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by big dog cowboy, Dec 29, 2004.

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    News briefs: Buchanon wants out of Oakland
    Dec. 29, 2004
    SportsLine.com wire reports

    ALAMEDA, Calif. -- Cornerback Phillip Buchanon is so frustrated with the way the Oakland Raiders are operating that he wants to be traded.

    Buchanon, the Raiders' first-round draft pick in 2002 out of Miami, said he spoke with team personnel chief Michael Lombardi to express his desire to go elsewhere.

    "The way I am feeling about the Raiders, I am not happy," Buchanon said Wednesday. "I am just not happy with the organization right now. I am looking forward to a possible trade with somebody else."

    Oakland (5-10) ends another disappointing season at home Sunday against Jacksonville.

    If Buchanon leaves, there's a possibility the Raiders will lose both starting cornerbacks this offseason. Four-time Pro Bowler Charles Woodson, making nearly $9 million this season as Oakland's franchise player, could earn as much as $10.5 million next season if the Raiders kept the franchise tag on him -- an expensive move that seems unlikely, especially after his arrest last week for public intoxication.

    Woodson has said for months he wants to be the highest paid cornerback in the league. Buchanon has 59 tackles, three interceptions, nine pass deflections and a fumble recovery this season, but has been consistently poor returning punts.
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    We really should talk to the moderators about coming up with an NFL Zone or something . . . :rolleyes:
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    That would be an excellent idea.

    Whaddya say, Mods... *what's that, Middy? You were... being sarcastic? There already IS an NFL Zone? Why the hell are these mental midgets posting non cowboys stuff in here then? Oh wait, did I say that outloud?

    I'm gonna go take my meds now.
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    I think what makes this a Cowboys-related post is the potential for either one of these guys to become Cowboys.

    I know I wouldn't want Woodson right now because of his uncertain persdonal circumstance and the fact he wants to make more money than any other CB. Anyone who grants his wish will live to regret it - a lot. The Vikings and Moss come to mind here.

    I don't know about Bucannon, does he just have really high performance standards or is he a locker room malcontent? Would he have any chance at all of getting along with Parcells? I would no longer even venture a guess.
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    There's also potential that this pimple I have on my back could grow into a third arm and I could join the circus . . .

    However . . . the likelyhood is slim to none . . .

    But if we're living in Potentialville . . . there legitimately stands the possibility that each and every player currently in the NFL, college, high school, and pee-wee could one day play for the Cowboys . . .

    So should we just nix that whole NFL zone and bring everything here?

    Potentially, that could happen.
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    sounds cool, I hardly ever read the NFL zone or the Draft zone. But I did notice a Mod post a draft thread the other day. I read it and I don't remember any one complaining about that.

    But here's a novel Idea, (and this is not just you Midswat) but if a thread does not interest you. just skip it.
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    I've got another idea . . .

    Go eat a s___ sandwhich . . .

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    LOL...I knew you'd rip me. And I still couldn't stop myself from laughing.:D
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    I agree, and while I have no interest in Charles Woodson or making him the highest paid CB in the league, I would be interested in signing Buchanon if available...any young starting CB would be a huge upgrade over Hunter, Frazier, or anyone else we currently have put up with.

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