CB Tanard Jackson and CB Dashon Goldson flew to the Combine in Jerruh's jet

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Feb 26, 2007.

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    Weather issues: Bad weather prevented 40 players from making departures for the combine because of canceled flights.

    Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones helped two others make an on-time arrival. Syracuse cornerback Tanard Jackson and Washington cornerback Dashon Goldson flew in from Dallas on one of Jones' jets.


    Jerry Jones to the rescue: Poor weather kept draft prospects Dashon Goldson from Washington and Syracuse's Tanard Jackson in Dallas unable to get to Indianapolis until Jerry Jones came to the rescue.

    The Cowboys' owner and general manager had his plane, which was scheduled to leave Dallas for Indianapolis anyway to pick up some assistant coaches, fly Goldson and Jackson to town so they could work out.


    Let the speculation begin...
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    Interesting. Thanks for that.

    I still think the first day of this years draft should be all about offense. This is the time to draft a wr and get as many playmakers around romo.

    If we now have our quarterback and a solid offensive coaching staff, which I dont think is going anywhere soon, I think this draft should be about getting them the tools.

    I think we need one more player who brings a pass rush, but I would wait and hold out till the second day for a guy like a mark anderson type to come to us....
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    I like Tanard Jackson. I believe he played his entire career as a CB at Syracuse but was willing to play safety in the bowl games and didn't embarass himself from what I understand. His versatility may help him out come draft day.

    Actually his best chance is probably at safety 'cause I don't think he's all that fast. He'll probably need to keep everything in front of him in order to be successful at the next level. He's got decent size tho.

    Might be a decent pick up in the 4th.
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    Speculation?? It couldn't just be that Jerry was being a nice guy, helping out a coupla kids who were in a fix??
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    nope is a Jerruah plot, to get these kids on his side, so that we can draft them in the later rounds, Move A. Henry to FS cut Aaron Glenn, and put this two rooks in there place
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    and so that if in fact these kids were something else, then ireland would be able to evaluate them and suggest to draft them, rather than them being stuck in the airport.
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    Why were those guys in Dallas? Do they live in Dallas? Just curious.
  8. DragonCowboy

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    Tanard is from Maryland, and Goldson is from California.

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