CBS sports says 15 players worth looking at in Tx vs Nation bowl tomorrow

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    Texas LB Bobino shows quickness, instincts at All-Star Challenge
    Posted: January 30, 2009

    EL PASO, TEXAS--Draft expert Russ Lande and his team of former NFL scouts provide news, notes and analysis from Texas vs. The Nation All-Star Challenge practices:

    The Texas Squad

    Rashad Bobino, ILB, Texas. He showed his quickness and instincts by getting across the line of scrimmage and bursting through gaps. On one play, he took down the running back for no gain. Bobino (5-9, 230) will have to overcome a lack of height and bulk in the NFL, but speedy linebackers are extremely valuable and Bobino could become a productive player with improved technique in coverage and tackling.

    Justin Brantly, P, Texas A&M. Brantly had the wind at his back and put up a couple of boomers -- with excellent hang time and distance. Although he did not shank any, he did not get great hits on a number of punts.

    Chase Holbrook, QB, New Mexico State. Holbrook struggled with accuracy on deeper throws and also fumbled a snap.

    Jamar Hunt, LS, UTEP. He is doing a respectable job, delivering tight, strong, spiral snaps.

    David Johnson, QB, Tulsa. In the 7-on-7 drills, he seemed to check down too quickly and regularly rather than trying to get the ball downfield.

    Johnny Knox, WR, Abilene Christian. Knox showed good burst out of his cuts, ran good routes and made two nice leaping catches.

    Jose Martinez, K, UTEP. Martinez showed a strong leg, kicking 40-yarders into the wind with room to spare. However, he was inconsistent with his accuracy, pulling a couple to the left.

    Chase Patton, QB, Missouri. He threw late on a 15-yard out that was easily picked off by Ohio CB Mark Parson. Patton had happy feet on one play in the 7-on-7 drills.

    The Nation Squad

    Demonte Bolden, DT, Tennessee. He beat Missouri Western G Roger Allen on an inside-out speed move. Bolden also displayed his strength by bull-rushing through Northwestern State G Tim Henderson.

    Tony Carter, CB, Florida State. Carter continued to show ball skills and instincts by jumping routes, breaking up passes and bursting upfield to help in run support.

    Jason Chery, WR, Louisiana- Lafayette. He had a few nice grabs, including a 15-yard touchdown catch on a corner route in which he got late separation off a nice inside fake.

    Dobson Collins, WR, Garder-Webb. Early in the day, Collins dropped an easy touchdown pass at the goal line in the two-minute 11-on-11 drill. But he was impressive in the combined practice, catching two long touchdown passes. On both, he showed he had the speed to get good separation, beating each of the corners by at least one full step. He adjusted to one pass, which was underthrown.

    Anthony Kimble, RB, Stanford. He runs a bit upright, which may have been a contributing factor to his fumble on an outside run.

    Nick Moore, WR, Toledo. Moore had multiple drops and was unable to get any separation.

    Curtis Painter, QB, Purdue. He thew a few balls behind receivers and then telegraphed one into double coverage. He also missed some open receivers and generally wasn't accurate. He did finish the day with a nice scramble out of pressure to hit the tight end over the middle for a score.

    Jamarko Simmons, WR, Western Michigan. Simmons did not square off one route, allowing the corner to get inside him and break up what should have been a completion.

    Corey Small, CB, Florida Atlantic. He made his presence felt, showing good instincts and closing quickly to break up two passes.

    Mike Teel, QB, Rutgers. He struggled early with his accuracy and target selection before hitting Louisiana-Lafayette's Chery on a 15-yard corner route for a touchdown. Later, Teel sailed the ball on a number of passes, missing open receivers on 15-yard patterns. He did make a nice throw down the middle seam for a long score.

    Russ Lande founded GM Jr. Scouting LLC, a football scouting service that analyzes NFL draft prospects for Sporting News. This piece by Lande first appeared in Friday's edition of Sporting News Today. If you are not receiving Sporting News Today, the only daily digital sports newspaper, sign up today for free.


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