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Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by ringmaster, Nov 27, 2006.

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    Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving, I sure did especially how the Cowboys stuffed the Bucs 38-10 with the helping of Romo's 5 TD passes.

    Anyone besides me watched NFL on CBS, and they had former Texans GM Charlie Casserly, on hand to give us his top young signal callers and he had Romo, at #6 and Eli Manning at #3 as a franchise QB which is a joke, and the #1 QB was Carson Palmer which I can't debate against.

    If anyone can come up with the list it will be appreciated.
  2. sago1

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    Yes I saw him and couldn't believe. Don't remember how his list went but he had Leinart ahead of Romo and I think even Campbell of the Redskins I think Casserly (who also was a former Washington Redskin GM /some of it while Gibbs was H/C/ before Snyder fired him & he moved on to take over GM duties for the Texans). Frankly I think Romo isn't yet getting the respect he entitled to cause he lacks a pedicre which I define to mean a resume analysts can look at which gives them ammunition for how the QB would perform. So that's why no criticism/question about Rivers performence vs Romo's. GMs like Casserly need that pedigre/resume to support (rightly or wrongly) their decisions. So Rivers, Leinart & others get ranked over Romo; Casserly won't give Romo enough benefit of the doubt until at least end of this season and a good showing in the playoffs will help--a poor playoff perforance would allow the so called experts to really come down hard on Romo -- an I told you so attitude would prevail.
  3. DanTanna

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    If you can't play you coach. If you can't coach you scout talent. If you can't do any of that you work in the NFL front office.
  4. ringmaster

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    You know what that is what alot of people are banking on when and how Tony, will come back down to earth just for them to say that he isn't what he claims.

    Really it doesn't matter where Casserly, puts Romo as long as he keeps winning games that is all that matters but Romo, and Rivers are the ones with much more upside than that of Leinart's just me though.

    Casserly, really knows "talent" how's the Mario Williams deal going Charlie.
  5. kevwun

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    Take a look at the Texans roster to get an understanding of Casserly's talent evaluation skills. He traded 2 draft picks for Buchanon. The same Phillip Buchanon whom Raider fans affectionately nicknamed Pburnt.
  6. ringmaster

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    You got that right.
  7. jcblanco22

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    Also interesting to note that it was Charlie who thought that Henson was going to be successful in the league, and that he would be a valuable trade commodity for his team (which he was correct on in that aspect to a point).

    Maybe Casserly is bitter that Romo turned out to be so much better than Henson, LOL.
  8. dfense

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    And you wonder why he's unemployed?
  9. Dale

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    And if you can't do that, you become a bad NFL analyst.

    Casserly, I'm sure, will soon be relegated to mere fan status.
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    That is fine by me, if he thinks that way. But in the end its the guy who gets his team in the endzone and wins games is the best qb in my book. So far in his 5 1/2 games he has done just that.

    He was probably basing his ranking on the guys with the most starts. Romo looks good now, but can he sustain this?? I am hoping he does, but you never know.

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