cbssports:Pro Timing Days at Baylor, F.A.U. and Utah State(Hudson Houck there)

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Mar 4, 2011.

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    Baylor might not yet be considered a hotbed for pro prospects, but the talent level is unquestionably on the rise in Waco, Texas.

    At least 20 teams were present for the workout and 33 total scouts attended as did several position coaches, including Cowboys offensive line coach Hudson Houck.

    The big draws for scouts were two potential top-40 picks: offensive lineman Danny Watkins and nose tackle Phil Taylor. In January, they became the first Baylor duo selected to the Senior Bowl in the same year since five Baylor players went in 1989.
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    Danny Watkins age concerns me. I would much rather draft a 23 year old than a 27 year old
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    all things considered so would i . The difference is if our coaches and scouts feel this kid is ready to play this season than im all for it i just dont want to draft another "project" o-lineman at 22 or 23 and have to wait 3-4 years for him to be ready to go which would make him 26/27 ala doug free ;) .
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    I would be fine with Watkins in the third - he's ready to play.

    I would agree that anything before then is too early considering his age.
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    I agree, if Watkins can come in and start at LG right away then its not different then signing a FA who is 27.

    But he will be a rookie and has only played 4 years of football in his life and all those years are at Baylor going up lower talent. I think NFL DTs are alot better than the DTs Baylor played. I would just much rather have Ben Ijalana or Marcus Cannon. Pouncey will be gone, I also like Rackley in the 3rd but he isn't ready to start this year and will need a year to develop.
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    I'm sure skill plays into this statement somehow. ;)
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    the 4 years of football thing is a little scary I agree. But not trying to attempt to get into a full scale discussion i just wanted to point out as far as the opposing talent goes, Baylor's in the big 12 not sure how other people see it but i see it as one of the Best football conferences in the country. After the SEC i feel they should be in the disccussion for 2nd best in the country JMO.

    If anything i would be more concerned about the competiion of Ijalana, cannon, and rackley not that i dont like those guys though.

    From what i have read watkins is more pro ready than any of those 3 . Pouncey's a round 1 guy so i ommited his name.

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