CBZ40: A Moment Of Silence For Pops…

Discussion in 'CZ Announcement Zone' started by MichaelWinicki, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. Tyronosaurus77

    Tyronosaurus77 Member

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    Wow! What a great tribute to someone you contributed so much to this site!
  2. BrassCowboy

    BrassCowboy RW Hitman

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    What a great idea, I just wanna say thanks.
  3. Bleu Star

    Bleu Star Bye Felicia!

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    Awesome way to keep the spirit of CBZ40 closeby. Nice touch CZ.
  4. RoadRunner

    RoadRunner New Member

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    Great move. My hats off to the mods for such a nice gesture.
  5. Rack Bauer

    Rack Bauer Federal Agent

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    Heaven is a better place now. Gonna miss you, Pops.

  6. DaBoys4Life

    DaBoys4Life Benched

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    This is a really nice thing and CBZ was a great guy.
  7. Primetime42

    Primetime42 Well-Known Member

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  8. silverbear

    silverbear Semi-Official Loose Cannon

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    Amen... enjoy the game, pops...
  9. Sarge

    Sarge Red, White and brew... Staff Member

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    God Bless you Pops - I miss you.

    Enjoy the game my friend.
  10. Clove

    Clove Shrinkage

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    Okay Pops, get us our first win sir.
  11. DallasEast

    DallasEast Cowboys 24/7/365 Staff Member

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    This one's for you, Pops. Go Cowboys! ;) YEEEAAAAHHH!
  12. TonyTone

    TonyTone New Member

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    RIP Pops. This season is for you.
  13. Bigdog

    Bigdog Well-Known Member

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    Great tribute by the staff. My thoughts and prayers go out to Pops family.
  14. DallasCowpoke

    DallasCowpoke Fierce Allegiance

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    That was a very nice tribute. Bravo Mods/Admins!

    Enjoy the view CBZ. :star:

    ~"ughh, Paul in ugh"~
  15. DaBoyz73

    DaBoyz73 Member

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    What is a paver?
  16. trickblue

    trickblue Not Old School...Old Testament...

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    They are brick pavers, custom engraved, offered to fans at a price to be installed outside of the stadium in various sections...
  17. justbob

    justbob Just taking it easy

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    I used to start my day with a cup of coffee and login on to the zone. Usually Pops would be one of the few people on and he would already have the articles posted. Our first post would usually be a comment about our morning coffee.
    He was always positive and we would often comment on the game and laugh about the chicken littles on the board. I always knew that Cbz would be there in the morning and would be keeping a watchful eye on his yard. I was worried when I noticed he was missing days and finally asked him what was going on. He told me that he was having tests run.. Even then he wouldn't tell what kind and ask me not to tell anyone..I finally found out, first from another member and second Weldon told me about the cancer and that it wasn't operable. I pm several times and laughed about coffee, pea salad and Dr. Peppers. In one of our last pm he told me he was looking forward to the 4th of July and having bar bq tips, Pea salad and of course DPs......In every board there a person who makes you feel at home and like you belong..He makes it his place, but he welcomes everyone and takes care of them when they are there. I had a minute alone by myself today,not watching the game but thinking about a person I never met and the influence he had on me. Hopefully Pops, some of it wore off on us and we will all be better for it. But you can bet we will not forget you and that awful pea salad..God Bless you and your family
  18. DaBoyz73

    DaBoyz73 Member

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    Oh ok, thanks.
  19. Hostile

    Hostile The Duke

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    Thank you for posting this.
  20. Phrozen Phil

    Phrozen Phil Well-Known Member

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    He set the benchmark for conduct on this board, and I'll try and remember that when somebody cuts loose on me. I paused what I was doing today and thought of his family and how they were doing. Hos, from previous postings,I presume you may have had contact with them.(?) It would be nice to know that we think of him, and by extension, his family. In any event, the Paver will be a great tribute.

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