CBZ40: A Moment Of Silence For Pops…

Discussion in 'CZ Announcement Zone' started by MichaelWinicki, Sep 10, 2009.

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    Yes, I have had contact with his daughter and his widow. I know they have to be quite touched by all of the members here who wrote in his tribute book. All of those who did were so gracious.

    About a week ago someone from his family logged into his account and read stuff here. I don't know how much. I'm sure they didn't see everything. It is my sincere hope that through the tribute book on his obituary, the threads here, and the paver they will know that we Weldon was more than a friend to us here. The guy was genuinely admired and loved for his demeanor, tact, and humor.
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    Thank you.

    That says it all.

    And you're right about his approach to his illness. He was one of those rare people ya mean who are casually courageous. No fanfare. No drama.

    I still miss him and figure, I always will.
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    I'm very sorry to hear of Weldon's passing; I spent a lot of time conversing with him on the old DMN Cowboys forum before it went away. Very classy adding a paver for him; he certainly deserved it.

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