Cbz40 GameDay Thread | Dallas Cowboys 24 New York Jets 27 | FINAL

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by DallasEast, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. Sam I Am

    Sam I Am Unfriendly and Aloof!

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    Romo's two mistakes and the mistake coverage on the punt block caused the loss.

    Wow. Romo making two HUGE mistakes was completely unexpected. One? Okay, two? Wow.
  2. The Panch

    The Panch New Member

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    Rob Ryan bout to eat somebody.
  3. mgcowboy

    mgcowboy Well-Known Member

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    Best way to describe this is

    They didn't win it...WE LOST IT

  4. Mash

    Mash Active Member

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    Witten should of scored....I couldnt believe he got pushed out of bounds....should of ran over that Jet
  5. 30yrheel

    30yrheel Well-Known Member

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    romo craps the bed yet again
  6. Silverstar

    Silverstar Well-Known Member

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    SCREWUPS ALL THE WAY TO THE END....the rest of the NFL is laughing right now.

  7. zrinkill

    zrinkill Diamond surrounded by trash

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  8. Hoofbite

    Hoofbite Well-Known Member

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    The turning point was the stupid call to pass from the 1 yard line multiple times in a row.

    that was the turning point.
  9. DIAF

    DIAF DivaLover159

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    Tony Romo - choke artist extraordinare. But he had plenty of help from Garrett and the rest of the offense.

    Romo is a part - he's not a leader.
  10. yimyammer

    yimyammer Well-Known Member

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    It's been fun sweating the game with you guys, gotta go empty my guts in the toilet after that one. Such a shame after they did so many things right, I wish these guys could figure out how to turn a corner, I hope this loss doesn't linger with them
  11. MetalHead

    MetalHead Benched

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    This loss falls squarely on your shoulders,Tony Romo.
  12. links18

    links18 Well-Known Member

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    Garrett isn't the savior after all?
  13. Dallas4ever

    Dallas4ever Active Member

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    I agree that this is where we let it get away from us. Very tough loss.
  14. skinsscalper

    skinsscalper Well-Known Member

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    How many ways can this team find to lose a football game? Un FREAKING believable!
  15. Sam I Am

    Sam I Am Unfriendly and Aloof!

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    Romo and ST should be pissed. Rob shouldn't. Hell, Rob did an awesome job considering what he had.
  16. Cochese

    Cochese Benched

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    ginger wade. ridiculous errors.
  17. iowast8rs

    iowast8rs Well-Known Member

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    not this year, same ol song and dance
  18. tyke1doe

    tyke1doe Well-Known Member

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  19. Pancho

    Pancho New Member

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    Hey, it's Romo ball.
  20. ninja

    ninja Numbnuts

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    Seriously, Romo needs to be taught a lesson. McGee needs to start next week. I don't care if the team loses with McGee. Romo's mental lapses are unacceptable.

    This team will never win with a moronic clown as a leader. Romo is a pathetic joke.

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