Celtics HOF "Chief" Parrish Wants Job

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    Robert Parish yearns for NBA coaching job

    The Boston Globe - By Stan Grossfeld
    Monday, January 28, 2013

    “In my case, I don’t have any friends,’’ Parish said. “I saw Kevin at an event; he said he was going to call me. He never called. I called Larry twice when he was at the Indiana Pacers; he never returned my call. And not just Larry. Across the board, most NBA teams do not call back. You need a court order just to get a phone call back from these organizations. I’m not a part of their fraternity.”

    Bird has a rather different recollection. Traveling, he sent a concise text in response to questions from the Globe: “Robert never called me for a job. Period.”

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    That's not going to help a lot but I like the honesty.

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    I'm a bit conflicted. I mean, I understand wanting to get paid for the work you do but honestly, Parrish want's to get paid for coaching when he has little resume to justify the salary expectations.

    That and the fact that Bird says Parrish never called him makes me pause.

    I don't know what to think of that. Either way, if The Chief wanted to coach, he probably should have gone to a College and started coaching there. With his name and experience, any success at the College level would have, in all likelihood, translated into opportunity in the NBA. JMO

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