Central Florida right tackle Jah Reid

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by UnoDallas, Nov 15, 2010.

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    Wes Bunting

    6-7 #315

    He’s going to be moving on up

    I got to take my first look at Central Florida right tackle Jah Reid this weekend and I will admit that I still need to go back and watch some real tape on him. However, my initial TV impressions of the kid were very good. He’s a big, 6-7, 325-pound tackle who carries his weight well, looks really long armed and displays natural bend in his lower half. He displayed good initial balance and body control in pass protection, kept his arms up and showcased good pop and balance when asked to extend and punch. He was also very powerful in the run game, gaining leverage on contact, displaying good hand placement and liked to pump his legs and finish blocks. Now, he does lack great range off the edge vs. speed and at times is forced to open up the gate and lunge into defenders, pushing them past the play. Plus, he isn’t a real velcro player once he gets a hold of a defender despite his size. However, Reid gets off the snap count on time, seems to really understand angles and looks like one of the better right tackle prospects I have seen so far this draft season


    this kid just looks like a RT

    I'd take him in the 5 or 6 rd
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    Curt Porter from Jacksonville State 6`7`` 320lbs looks like a good prospect as well. There are several linemen from smaller schools this year that might be worth mid to late round picks.
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    Ha! I had him in my first Cowboys mock of the season.
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    way to go Chris

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