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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboysfan31, Apr 11, 2009.

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    Since Hostile predicted that we would lose Austin in his mock, and I trust his opinion, I will be including pick 52 in my mock.

    2(51) Rashad Johnson FS Alabama Only average as an athlete but his instincts and leadership on the field are excellent. I don't see anything wrong with his current size and have no worries because we've got an excellent training staff and Johnson is a hard worker.

    2(52 from NYJ) Juaquin Iglesias WR Oklahoma Solid route runner with good hands, and will be able to take Austin's spot on ST. Iglesias is a solid fit IMO because he's a quiet contributor that is used to being on an offense with plenty of stars, and he knows how to share the ball.

    3(69 from Clev) Herman Johnson OL LSU Not as polished as Robinson, but he is more athletic and I think he will be able to play either G or RT in the NFL. I think he has shown that he is dedicated to getting better by the weight he has dropped so far, and I can only image how scary an interior OL with Johnson, Gurode, and Bigg would be to face.

    4(101 from Det) Jason Williams LB Western Illinois Started out as a safety before moving to LB in college. Williams is an aggressive downhill attacker that can also drop back into coverage. Perfect replacement for Burnett.

    4(117) Jasper Brinkley LB South Carolina If it weren't for his injury I think he would be getting as much hype right now as Patrick Willis got. Lined up at both DE and ILB in college, and I think in Wade's system the guy could be a beast at either ILB or OLB. High risk, high reward right here with his knee, but we got Canty in a similar way and look how that turned out.

    5(156) A.Q. Shipley C Penn State He's a bit smaller than the rest of our OL, but he's a former NT and his attitude on the field makes up for his size. He's also a good leader, he is capable of shotgun snapping, and he is very durable. Great backup for Gurode and a good value this late in the draft.

    5(166) Tom Brandstater QB Fresno St Solid project QB that is still a bit raw, but I think he's got a bright future. He's not quite on the level of McGee or Bomar, but with all the losses we've suffered at DB and WR I think we would be best off only carrying 2 QBs. Brandstater could probably be put on the PS so that he can continue to develop without taking up a roster spot.

    5(172 Comp Pick) Terrance Knighton DT Temple His size is a perfect fit at NT, and he has flashed the speed and explosiveness to be effective in Wade's 1-gap system. Originally wasn't even invited to the combine, but earned an invitation by opening some eyes at the Texas vs. The Nation bowl and he has made the most of his opportunities.

    6(197 from Miami) Mark Parson CB Ohio He might be one of the best man-to-man corners in the draft. Size and speed aren't eye-catching but he is a great natural defender and is effective against the run. He's been working out with Deion too, and we all know that Sanders is in Jerry's ear.

    6(208 Comp Pick) Domonique Johnson DB Jackson St Reminds me of Courtney Brown, though I'm hoping this time around we get a player that's a bit more physical.

    7(210 from Det) Will Johnson DL Michigan You never can get enough DL for the 3-4, and Johnson's 47 bench press reps at his pro day certainly opened my eyes. Doesn't get a great deal of pressure but could develop into another solid rotational DE for us.

    7(227) Jose Valdez OL Arkansas One of Felix Jones' former lead blockers should add depth to our OL. He has surprising foot quickness for someone of his size and weight, and his versatility is another added bonus.
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    I kind of doubt Brinkley lasts that long, but I love the players. You might could even drop big Herman down a little and move one or both of the LBs up.

    BTW, I hope if we take a QB, it's only one we *really* like. Seems like everyone has us taking one just because the Brad Johnson experience was so awful, but I target a position like that unless the scouts truly like him that much.
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    I can live with it for the most part. Neither of the two second rounders are among my favorite choices at safety and wide receiver, but I suppose we could do worse. I like the Shipley pick - if that guy had better measurables and arm length, he'd be in the conversation with Unger, Wood, etc.
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    is it me, or is this the sort of guy that Jerry never wants?

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