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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by AtlCB, Apr 28, 2006.

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    Greenway never blew anyone away with his measurables like lawson and carpenter have, but he was VERY productive at Iowa and made a TON on tackles. I think he is a safe pick to be a solid NFL player, but a player like Lawson has potential to have consistant double-digit sack seasons.
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    Greenway is best suited to be a 4-3 weak side linebacker. He's a chase and pursue guy, not a stack and shed LB. The comparisons to DJ are on the mark.....except Greenway isn't as athletic or explosive. DJ minus the big plays.

    Reasons why I don't think he is a good 3-4 OLB? First, Dallas is looking for a strong side guy. Greenway was weak side at Iowa and doesn't have experience playing over the TE. I don't know how anyone can call him an excellent blitzer considering he rarely did it. Peter King wants to rave about his 2 sacks in a game....well, those were the only two he got all year.

    If anyone saw him at the Combine weigh ins, he lacked definition. He looked like a boy among men compared to Hawk and Sims. His bench and speed numbers were sub par as well.

    Ferentz is a great coach, I'll agree with that. However, I think he has his guys so well prepared that they grade out higher than their actual abilities. Look at recent high round Iowa draft picks. Gallery, Clark, Sanders, Roth, Steinbach....none have really performed to their draft status.

    Greenway is good in coverage, but he is the type of guy that'll avoid a block rather than take one on. Used to a scheme where the lineman keep blockers off him so he (and Hodge) can run to the ball and make tackles.

    He'll probably be an alright pro, but if I am running a 3-4, this isn't what I am looking for.
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    But if the cowboys drafted him I'm sure you'd be ok with it.

    I don't want Greenway, but if we drafted him I'd have to be ok with it cuz BP knows more about LBs then I ever will know. If BP thinks he can play in a 3-4 then there's a good chance he really can play in a 3-4.
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    Same here. I don't expect that Dallas will draft Greenway and according to some there is a good chance Greenway could be gone before Dallas picks. Bottom line is there are no sure experts when talking about the draft, it is all opinions based off what people have seen but how that translate at the next level is anyone guess.
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    What he said. :hammer: I've been anti Greenway from day one. Every game I had seen him play, he just never made any big plays. Any fast guy can get a lot of tackles, but whre are the blowups? The turnovers? The big plays? Missing
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    :hammer: In Bill We Trust...That is why Manny will be our pick. :)
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    Pros: Has rare speed for a linebacker and fine instincts, gives total effort at all times and has exceptional coverage ability. Has the hip flip and movement skills of many safeties after previous experience at that position. A downhill player who is able to makes plays all over the field and does a good job of playing off blockers and getting through traffic. He understands his responsibilities in the defensive scheme and carries them out perfectly, like another coach on the field. He stays in his lanes and does well at turning the play back inside or stringing it out to the sidelines without giving ground. A mature and intelligent person with outstanding work habits and fine character who is an avid film watcher in the mold of a Zach Thomas. He has an excellent burst of speed and quickness when attacking forward, displaying upside as a pass rusher in the right scheme though not always utilized to the fullest in that role in college. A natural and fluid athlete who moves very well, both forward and in reverse. He competes as well as anyone in this draft and is as well prepared to start as a rookie.
    Cons: He needs to get stronger to be more consistently quick getting off blocks, but is a sure tackler with top instincts. His performance on the bench at the Combine (16 reps) was significantly below par for this class. Also needs to add lower-body strength. Must improve man-to-man pass coverage ability to be complete player.
    Numbers: As a senior in 2005, he posted 156 tackles, 10 tackles for loss, 2 sacks, 8 passes defended, 1 QB hurry and 1 pick. At the Combine, he weighed in at 242 pounds and did 16 reps. He ran a 4.78 and had a 33.5-inch vertical jump and a 9-foot, 9-inch broad jump,
    Skinny: Excellent athlete with fine talent and intangibles to be a playmaker on the outside. A future Pro Bowl selection who is the toughest player in this draft class and a top-10 prospect who could slide to the middle of the first round.

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