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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by TheFinisher, Jan 15, 2013.

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    Trade down from 18 and pick up a 3rd.

    1. Alec Ogletree - LB - Georgia

    Former Safety and elite athlete at the position, he'd be an ideal fit in the middle of Kiffin's cover 2 scheme. This is also the kind of flashy pick Jerry feels comfortable with taking in the 1st round. One of the most freakish defenders in the draft who's arrow is pointing way up. Gives us one of the most young and talented LB cores in the league.

    2. Travis Frederick - C - Wisconsin

    Mauler at the Center position who will provide much needed stability in the middle of our line. Frederick is a polished product who can step in Day 1 and be effective. We've been playing around at Center the past few years, Frederick gives us a top talent to build around.

    3a. D.J. Swearinger - S - S. Carolina

    This is one of the deepest safety pools I can remember and there's going to be great value around this point in the draft, I'd feel very comfortable waiting til Round 3 and still coming out with a great talent. Swearinger plays full throttle and brings much needed attitude to our secondary.

    3b. Jawan Jamison - RB - Rutgers

    Demarco is a good back but we need to do a better job eyeing his workload with his injury history. With Felix likely walking, we get a chance to upgrade the RB spot in a draft that is also deep at RB. Jamison is a fantastic talent and would be a steal at this point, giving us a potent 1-2 punch in the backfield.

    4. Brandon Williams - DT - Missouri Southern

    Small school guy with big league talent. I like his fit as a 1-tech in the 4-3 and if groomed properly should be a future fixture for our defense.

    5. Chris Harper - WR - Kansas State

    Another guy who might slide further than he should due to a deep pool at his position, Harper's a physical wideout who fits the mold of what we look for. We have some talented inside recievers with Harris and Beasley but neither of them can play outside effectively in our offense when Miles or Dez go down. Harper can be that guy immediately and maybe develop into a future replacement for Miles.
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    I would like it, but I don't think OTree is still there if we trade down. Chances are if he slips to 18, someone like Balt, Indy, or Chi will trade up to get him.

    I'd also prefer to go safety in the 2nd, and G in the third, but that's splitting hairs a bit.
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    That's true, definitely some LB needy teams picking behind us. Threw in the trade mostly to take a different approach, but I'd just as easily pull the trigger on him at 18.

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