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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Champsheart, Jan 26, 2005.

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    Many may remember Bernies Mock Muncher. It was a Mock draft comprised of many Mock Drafts and the total consensus of those Mocks. I do not think he is doing it any more so I researched this myself. I will give you all the data of 24 Mock drafts with who they had us taking.

    The consensus have us taking Antrel Rolle at #11, and Shawn Merriman at #20.

    One interesting thing is out of 24 Mock Drafts guess who's name never appeared, Mike Williams.

    There are a lot of things you can pull away from the following, but I thought some of you would like to see it.

    With the #11 Pick -
    Antrel Rolle - 6 selections
    D. Johnson - 3 selections
    Pac-Man Jones - 3 selections
    Shawn Merriman - 3 selections
    Braylon Edwards - 2 selections

    All of the following were selected once -
    Dan Cody, Alex Smith, Justin Miller, Thomas Davis, Erasmus James, David Pollack, and Marlin Jackson.

    With the #20 Pick -
    Shawn Merriman - 3 selections
    Troy Williamson - 2 selections
    Dan Cody - 2 selections
    Mark Clayton - 2 selections
    Carlos Rogers - 2 selections
    Antaj Hawthorne - 2 selections
    David Pollack - 2 selections

    All of the following were selected once -
    Braylon Edwards, Marlin Jackson, Thomas Davis, Derrick Johnson, Shaun Cody, Brandon Browner, Elton Brown, Jammal Brown, and Marcus Spears.
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    Senior Bowl reports say Roddy White is a stud and Clayton is catching everything in sight.
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    I would rather have Rolle and Pollack.

    But I think we bring in FA CB not draft one.
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    Yeah that is what I hear even though some Texas Alum tried to tell me that Clayton could not catch a STD in a Tulsa whore house.
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    Does he use condoms? That may explain it.

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