Chance to nearly finish off wounded birds!!

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by LarryCanadian, Nov 9, 2005.

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    I really hope the 'Boys stay focussed and take advantage of this massive opportunity. The Eagles are realing. McNabb is dinged up and has far less mobility. Attack him. Owens is gone and so their big play Wide Receiver that could make us pay for being aggressive is out. Their starting center is out. Their defensive leader and valuable safety is dinged up. Their tight end is concussed and they just signed their old player Lewis which would indicate Smith will be limited or out. A LB just got put on IR.

    We are getting back a rested and hungry Julius Jones, and we have the confident and spark like Barber chomping for more chances.

    This game will be a great indicator as to whether the 'Boys truly have taken that next step. The Eagles are wounded. Lame ducks really. Yes they might be circling the wagons and feeling like they are a team now that TO has been booted, BUT, they are ripe for the finishing blow.

    We have all been choked all year about how we haven't finished off teams like Washington and Seattle. We choked on two games we had won for 58 minutes and truly deserved to win. Well now we have a wounded opponent and this team needs to finish them and give itself a chance to beat out Giants for division title this year.

    Pluck the feathers of the eagles 'Boys. I hope the coaches have these guys salivating and angry and excited and not tentative and over careful. Take the next step team please!


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