Chances of Mike Williams keep getting better!

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Matt, Mar 16, 2005.

  1. Matt

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    Vikes just signed Ex Raven Taylor.

    Now look at the teams ahead of us...
    and what each team needs most, in my opinion.

    1. San Fransisco 49ers QB

    2. Miami Dolphins - RB

    3. Cleveland Browns - RB/QB

    4. Chicago Bears - RB/WR

    5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - RB

    6. Tennessee Titans - CB

    7. Minnesota Vikings - DEFENSE

    8. Arizona Cardinals - RB

    9. Washington Redskins - ? - already signed a bunch of WR's in FA

    10. Detroit Lions - DEFENSE

    Theres even a chance Edwareds falls to us IF Chicago pick a RB. :)
  2. 31smackdown

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    With the exception of the Cards, Lions, and probably the Bucs, every one of those teams could use a true number one receiver, but I suppose you are right. If Chicago takes Edwards, then you have the Titans and Washington to clear. The Titans have a big receiver in Bennett and maybe they go cb, but then Washington you would have to hope they go with Pacman or a DE...Spears, James, Merriman and that they are thinking gardner and cooley can block well enough for portis because moss and jocobs aren't going to cut it in that department. The Vikings have Campbell,Burleson and Taylor... unless they have given up on Campbell, they probably go defense but who? maybe Jones... although they may not pick until the 10 spot with their recent history. They may trade down and let someone else jump up and grab Williams.
  3. Cowboy from New York

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    I also think the Chargers are very serious contenders with 2 first rounders themselves to trade up and grab Williams. They do have a need for a big WR.

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