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Chargers Picks...#19, #50, #81,#151,#187,#188,#225,#227

Discussion in 'Draft Day Zone' started by Hostile, Apr 18, 2006.

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    [IMG] Selections [IMG]


    Antonio Cromartie DB FSU


    Position: CB
    Class: 3Jr
    School: Florida State
    Conference: Atlantic Coast
    Ht., Wt.: 6-2, 208
    40 Time: 4.51
    Selected by: San Diego Chargers
    Round 1, pick 19 (19 overall)
    Grading System

    BIO: Missed the entire .05 season after injuring a knee in the preseason. All-Conference selection the prior year with 22/4/6. Saw extensive playing time as a true freshman, posting 19/1/2.

    POSITIVES: Natural cover corner who shuts down opponents. Physical, sized well and jams opponents at the line, slowing their release off the snap. Mirrors opponents down the field and offers blanket coverage. Flips his hips in transition, quickly gets his head back around and immediately locates the ball. Aggressive in run defense and wraps up tackling.

    NEGATIVES: Lacks quick and fluid footwork in reverse. Slow reacting to receivers. moves.

    ANALYSIS: A junior who entered the season with high grades before his knee injury, Cromartie offers terrific upside for the next level. Will see playing time as a rookie if given a clean bill of health.



    Marcus McNeill OT Auburn


    Position: T
    Class: Sr
    School: Auburn
    Conference: Southeastern
    Ht., Wt.: 6-7.5, 336
    40 Time: 5.08
    Selected by: San Diego Chargers
    Round 2, pick 18 (50 overall)
    Grading System

    BIO: Four-year starter and All-Conference selection the past two years. Awarded All-American honors as a senior.

    POSITIVES: King-sized athlete who dominates the opposition. Strong at the point, jolts opponents and easily removes them from their angle of attack. Makes effective use of blocking angles, keeps his feet moving throughout the action and slides off the edge. Patient in pass protection, flashes abilities on the second level and looks relatively athletic moving about the field. Possesses long arms and big hands, which he uses effectively.

    NEGATIVES: Bends at the waist, lacks balance and seems sluggish at times. Has a long history of back problems, which prevented him from practicing most of his senior season.

    ANALYSIS: At the top of his game, McNeill is an awesome talent worthy of a top-10 pick. Concerns about his ailing back are likely to push him into the latter half of round one. A starter and dominant force in the NFL if he stays healthy.



    QB Charlie Whitehurst Clemson


    Position: QB
    Class: Sr
    School: Clemson
    Conference: Atlantic Coast
    Ht., Wt.: 6-4.5, 223
    40 Time: 4.78

    Grading System

    BIO: Moved into the starting lineup as a redshirt freshman. All-Conference selection two of the past three seasons. Senior passing totals included 66.9%/2,278/11 after a junior campaign of 50.7%/2,067/7/17. Career-best passing yardage numbers of 3,561 came as a sophomore.

    POSITIVES: Nice-sized athletic passer with an inconsistent game. Displays a sense of timing, sets up with proper fundamentals and quickly releases the ball. Tough, stands in against the rush and is patient when given time. Throws with an over-the-top delivery and has an NFL arm. Zips the outs and flashes ability to hit receivers as they leave their breaks.

    NEGATIVES: Indecisive, not poised under pressure and makes poor decisions. Falls out of throws and tends to direct passes. Forces the action as the pocket collapses around him.

    ANALYSIS: Possessing the physical skills to play at the next level, Whitehurst has yet to display the consistent decision-making required of an NFL starter. Practice-squad passer best served spending a season or two in Europe.


    Traded pick #113 to Rams for a TE, did not catch the name of TE


    ILB Tim Dobbins Iowa State

    Position: ILB
    Class: Sr
    School: Iowa State
    Conference: Big Twelve
    Ht., Wt.: 6-1, 246
    40 Time: 4.63
    Selected by: San Diego Chargers
    Round 5, pick 18 (151 overall)
    Grading System

    BIO: Junior college transfer awarded All-Conference honors the past two seasons. Posted career totals of 103/7.5/1 as a senior. Junior numbers were 61/3.5/.5.

    POSITIVES: Hard-working linebacker with a good head for the ball in run defense. Diagnoses the action, remains disciplined and does not bite on play-action passes. Fires up the field, filling gaps and displaying range in pursuit. Flashes cover skills in zone.

    NEGATIVES: Not a sudden or explosive defender. Slow shedding blocks. Hesitant and not instinctive in pass defense.

    ANALYSIS: Overcoming much adversity from his childhood, Dobbins found refuge in football, making it a priority in his life. An adequate backup in a 34 defense who should excel on special teams.



    T Jeromey Clary Kansas State

    Jeromey Clary Grade: 3.35
    Position: T
    Class: Sr
    School: Kansas State
    Conference: Big Twelve
    Ht., Wt.: 6-6, 309
    40 Time: 5.34

    Grading System

    BIO: Three-year starter awarded All-Conference and All-Academic honors since his sophomore campaign.

    POSITIVES: Intelligent tackle with a good degree of upside potential. Outstanding position blocker who effectively uses angles and knocks rushers from the action. Gets movement run-blocking, plays with a nasty attitude and stays with assignments. Seals linebackers from the action on the second level. Displays outstanding instincts and remains alert through the action.

    NEGATIVES: Not light on his feet or quick sliding out to protect the edge. Marginal skills in motion.

    ANALYSIS: Consistent in college, Clary is a hard-working prospect with the ability to play at the next level once he completes his game.


    #188 (from Dolphins)

    Kurt Smith Kicker Virginia



    Chase Page DT North Carolina

    Position: DT
    Class: 5Sr
    School: North Carolina
    Conference: Atlantic Coast
    Ht., Wt.: 6-4.5, 285
    40 Time: 4.97

    Grading System

    BIO: Former offensive lineman who moved into the starting lineup as a sophomore. Senior totals included 27/6.5/4 after 47/5/1.5 as a junior in .03.

    POSITIVES: Leverage lineman with a good degree of upside potential. Wedges between blockers, drives up the field and redirects to ball carriers. Showed improved instincts and quick locating the ball.

    NEGATIVES: Lacks strength at the point and can be handled by a single blocker. Marginal first-step quickness. Best up the field and struggles making plays outside the box.

    ANALYSIS: Possessing adequate size and growth potential, Page flashes ability yet has not shown much consistency or productivity in his game. Needs to pick up the intensity to have any shot at the next level.


    #227 (from Vikings)

    C Jimmy Martin Virginia Tech
  2. felix360

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    lol, i picked the same guy for the same team in Zones draft a few weeks ago on the chat. maybe i should apply for GM with the chargers
  3. Gamebreaker

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    He will be flame bait in the NFL. He's too tall to play corner in a league where he can't be physical with recievers, and he lacks the quickness to stay with them.
  4. felix360

    felix360 Active Member

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    i agree there have been rumors that they could try him out as WR.
    this was a dumb pick, they should have gotten Justice to protect Rivers
  5. GTaylor

    GTaylor Gif Dude

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    Hmmm, the Chargers having a workout wonder playing WR...why not? It's never been tried before...

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