Chat: George: Cowboys scouting department more on ‘same page’ in draft room

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Feb 6, 2013.

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    George: Cowboys scouting department more on ‘same page’ in draft room, but Jerry Jones still ‘the wildcard’

    Cowboys beat writer Brandon George answered reader questions during a live chat Tuesday. Here are some highlights:

    Looking back to what might have been, I remember the 49ers moving ahead in the draft to snag Jerry Rice away from the Cowboys while Landry and Tex Schramm fiddled. And, I remember the Boys passing on Randy Moss (thanks Chan Gailey - ever wonder why you are out of work) thus letting him slip through their hands. But, I also remember the trade with Seattle that allowed them to draft Tony Dorsett. So, what about 2013? Will Jerry listen to his scouts or will he concoct some trade scheme where he bids against himself and gets snookered?
    Brandon George: The two final decision-makers in the Cowboys' draft room are Jerry Jones and coach Jason Garrett. The Cowboys scouts believe the team has taken a step forward in everyone understanding their philosophy of drafting the best player available. Jason Garrett is still a young coach in the NFL, and still tends to lean somewhat to drafting to fill needs over taking the best player available. And then you have Jerry Jones, the wildcard and final decision-maker. He likes to make a splash and could always go after a higher-profile player in higher rounds of the draft instead of sticking with their picks.

    In my opinion, the state of the Cowboys is caused by the miserable drafting over the past decade. Do you see any indications that the Cowboys are improving on the quality of their drafts?
    Brandon George: As I said earlier, I think the Cowboys' scouts and personnel department is more on the same page now about drafting the best player available. But, you still have Garrett and Jerry as the final say-so and that doesn't always lead down the same road.

    What is making the Cowboys have inconsistent quality games wich leads to no playoff apperance?
    Brandon George: To me, the Cowboys' biggest issue has been lack of depth for several years now. The Cowboys' top five to eight players are among some of the best in the league, but there's not much quality depth behind them. Sure, you'll say that's a problem across the league but I think it's a bigger issue in Dallas and some of that has to do with this team's poor drafts during Wade Phillips' tenure.

    Read more: http://www.**************/sports/da...t-room-but-jerry-jones-still-the-wildcard.ece
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    Why do they blame Garrett and Jerry for the bad drafts by Wade and Parcells?
    Garrett is cleaning up the mess that those two left.
    Our top 53 is not as talented at the media leads people to believe.

    Romo, Smith,Witten, Dez,Miles,Murray, Ware, Lee, Carter,Claiborne,Carr,Church,Spencer,Rat,Church, Harris, Hanna,, That's the talent we have on the team, that I name.

    So please all you people that like to blame Garrett and Jerry help me with the other talented people on the team, starters and non starters.
  3. Hoofbite

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    This opposed to the bottom 53? :D

    Also not sure if Church is so good to be worth mentioning twice.

    Not sure they are blaming Garrett specifically. I think the idea was you have Jerry and whoever is coach as the final say. So 3 years ago it was Wade, 6 years ago it was Bill and not that Garrett is specifically responsible for that period.

    I think the reasons why Jerry gets blamed are obvious.
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    lol. You mean what about all the bad drafts under Parcells and Jerry or Wade and Jerry. I'll give you two guesses as to the one constant in all that wackiness and that constant is still in play.
  5. jobberone

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    Too simplistic to just blame Jerry. It's the drafting apparatus/organization although I'd bet decent money Jerry can muck it a little at times.
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    Parcells did not draft THAT well here. He wanted spears over ware and Jerry had to choose ware At 11. Drafts under wade were decent but everyone thought we were so close we didn't pay attention to detail. We need a great draft this year.
  7. Oh_Canada

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    Problem isn't really overall depth talent wise. Problem is they play stupid, lack physicality and have weak minded players.
  8. SilverStarCowboy

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    Teams are a direct reflected by the Head Coach. The good, the bad and the ugly.
  9. lostar2009

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    This team need two more strong drafts to get to where they want to be... Its the truth we need to yield 4-5 starters in this draft and next.. This is why im in favor for a trade down this year because there is some good players in the late 1st and 2nd rounds this year.This draft fits our needs greatly and has greater talent than what is currently on our roster as of now.

    I see as this if Dallas plays there cards right we can fix our dline, secondary and oline in one draft... its all on how JJ and JG play their cards. It can really come into fruition if we can some how haul in some picks for a player.
  10. Idgit

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    What makes you say this? They do lack depth, and they make mistakes in some games, and play really gutsy football in others. They *don't* lack physicality, and they've also hung tight in a number of really, really close games. They lack OL talent and depth at key positions That's about it.

    Some of you guys let your frustrations cloud what you're able to see on the field.
  11. DBOY3141

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    In 2 years Romo will be 35, Witten 32, Ware 32. They need to purge the dead weight (Free, Spears, Connor) and target a couple of "solid" FA's that won't break the bank and use the top 3 picks on OL/DL/safety. With an upgraded OL and half the injuries as last year, this team can get in the playoffs and compete next year.
  12. Oh_Canada

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    They crumbled when the game REALLY mattered.

    Look at the supposed "leaders" of this team in the final game:

    Romo-three picks.

    Ware whiffing on plays like he was Mark Reynolds.

    Austin jogging into the locker room, than jogging back only to tell his coach he couldn't go. Miraculously coming back in when Bryant couldn't move anymore without the help of a wheelchair.

    Sensy missing tackles in the secondary.

    Ratliff not showing up on the sidelines for the biggest game of the season.

    On and on and on.

    They did make progress from the mental aspect of the game I agree...but overall they are still as soft as a fire roasted marshmellow on a hot summer day.
  13. burmafrd

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    Ware should not have been playing at all. So your criticism of him is BS
  14. Oh_Canada

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    Wasn't Terrell Suggs just winning a SB with one arm?? Did you see him whiffing on tackle after tackle?

    If Ware couldn't go, than don't play at all. What's the point if you aren't going to hit anyone?

    The endless excuses are B.S.
  15. WoodysGirl

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    Terrell Suggs had one injury. Ware had three and all of which were pretty major. So it's not an excuse if the injury was truly a factor in his performance.

    Jon Machota ‏@**********
    DeMarcus Ware suffered a fractured wrist, hyperextended elbow and a torn labrum this season. "I was playing about six games with one arm."
  16. burmafrd

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    I guess some here think that one armed with a bad shoulder and neck stingers and so on should be able to make the same plays as when 100%. Which is moronic.
  17. Alexander

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    Jason Garrett's hands are likely not clean in all of this either.

    We already are fully aware that his input was very integral in the decision to take Felix Jones over Mendenhall.

    I have no question in my mind that with his "scouting background" and Jones' level of respect for Garrett that his opinion on players like Martellus Bennett, Tyron Smith and Dez Bryant factored heavily into our decision to draft them as well.

    He almost has the same level of accountability as Phillips has absorbed for the decision to draft Jason Williams, for example.
  18. Oh_Canada

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    If you can't play, than don't.

    Ware was a ghost that final game. No point in being out there. Anyone thinks who thinks otherwise is just mornic.
  19. Alexander

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    But the underlying completely misunderstood. It is too easy to blame Jerry Jones for making a bad choice. But he hardly is making the decisions based on his own personal opinion.

    Jerry Jones is not a talent evaluator and never has been. That is the real problem.

    He is not a true GM who hits the road during the months of Feb.-April.

    He is not attending most Pro Days, individual workouts and the like.

    He sits in the stands in Indianapolis and shows his face in Mobile, but he is not intensely studying the draft classes as much as he is at the mercy of what he is being fed.

    He may be the "tie breaker" and make the final call, but his lack of involvement in the overall process like most general managers is the bigger issue in the equation.
  20. WoodysGirl

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    I think it says alot about the depth behind Ware. They'd rather have a one-armed Ware out there than a "healthy" one in Butler.

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