Cheap shot by Marcus Vick plus Article with Ref statements

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by DLK150, Jan 3, 2006.

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    Yuck. Didn't little Vick have another cheap shot earlier this season? Maybe it was from two seasons ago, but I remember seeing a clip of him hitting someone along the sideline. He is a little punk.
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    Is this the same one or a different.
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    He steps on a guys leg in this clip. The other one I saw, he kind of elbowed a guy in the back of he head as he came back onto the field of play. That was a while back and actually may be from 2 years ago.
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    DAMN - hadn't seen it yet, and that was a cheap shot! I Would love to see Marcus try and pull that crap in the NFL!
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    What really bothers me is that a VA Tech assistant saw it and confronted Vick at halftime. He claimed he "considered" pulling Vick for the stunt. Considered? Any coach that lets that crap go on should be fired from the university.
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    Once a thug, always a thug.

    If he were to take a bullet in the head and die, I wouldn't shed a single tear for that f'ing loser.
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    Quit beating around the bush Rack. Tell us how you really feal.
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    The guy has been a classless punk for the last couple of years.
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    Exactly, well put.
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    Could not afree more.
  12. BrAinPaiNt

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    NEWPORT NEWS, Va. -- Virginia Tech players were out of control during the first half of the Gator Bowl, and Hokies quarterback Marcus Vick should have been ejected for stomping on a prone Louisville defender, the game's referee said Wednesday.

    Steve Usecheck, a Big 12 Conference official who led the crew for Monday's game, called Tech's first-half taunting and late hits the worst he's seen in his 22 seasons. He said that no official saw Vick stomp the back of Elvis Dumervil's leg while Dumervil was down on the turf late in the second quarter.

    "We missed that, and I'm sorry we did," Usecheck told the Newport News Daily Press from his Colorado home. "The TV, everybody saw it but us. I wish we had the opportunity to talk to (Vick) because that was complete (expletive). You bet I would have thrown his *** out."

    Usecheck said he has not seen a replay of the Vick incident but that purposely stomping a defenseless opponent warrants ejection. NBC showed the incident several times during its Gator Bowl telecast, and the footage has aired countless times since on ESPN and other networks. Tech athletic director Jim Weaver has called Vick's action "unacceptable" and vowed to punish him.

    Officials called five personal fouls against the Hokies during the first half -- four that cost Tech yardage and one that was offset by a Louisville personal foul.

    "I was really disappointed," Usecheck said. "We don't see football like that (in the Big 12). Those kids were just completely out of control. Louisville wasn't as bad. Virginia Tech was brutal."

    Usecheck ejected Hokies All-America cornerback Jimmy Williams in the first quarter for swinging his arm at head linesman Al Green. Williams was jawing with Louisville's Amobi Okoye, and Green grabbed Williams to separate the two.

    "He never hit the official but he swung at him twice," Usecheck said of Williams, a senior from Bethel High.

    During the standard meeting of team captains prior to the second half, Usecheck said he told the players, "I don't care if I'm out here until midnight calling penalties. This has got to stop."

    The second half was incident-free aside from offsetting personal fouls early in the fourth quarter, and the Hokies rallied to win 35-24.

    Tech coach Frank Beamer was traveling Wednesday and could not be reached. But immediately following the game, Beamer said: "I'm not happy with some things that went on in the first half. Let's leave it at that."

    Weaver said it would be inappropriate for him to comment on the Hokies' overall behavior because he viewed the game from the press-box level and not the field.

    "That's more an issue for Frank," Weaver said of Usecheck's remarks.

    But Weaver reaffirmed his promised to discipline Vick, first-team All-ACC this season as a junior.

    "We've got to deal with it in a fair and firm manner, but you just can't go off half-cocked," Weaver said. "We'll get it done, I'll guarantee it."

    Having Vick away from campus on semester break and Beamer on the road recruiting slows the process, according to Weaver, who estimated he's received 200 e-mails about the Vick incident.

    "It's a discouraging time because we should be happy and celebratory of an 11-2 season and a great comeback in the fourth quarter," Weaver said. "People are concerned and think it was inappropriate behavior. They're embarrassed and we're embarrassed."

    Also Wednesday, Governor-elect Tim Kaine expressed disappointment in Vick's actions.

    "I thought it was kind of heart sickening when I saw the replay," Kaine said in response to a question. "I didn't see it live. (Athletes are) role models, whether they embrace that or not. It just really sends a bad signal. My 13-year-old son is a Tech fanatic, and he's watching that game and it takes something off the experience for him when he sees that. It really does."

    Kaine said he would not advise Virginia Tech administrators about how to respond.

    "I'm not going to tell the university what step they should take," he said. "I can tell from the comments in the paper that they take it seriously, and they need to."
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    Why couldn't instant replay be utilized for things like this during the game? The replay official could just call down and tell the field guys to eject the player.
  14. BrAinPaiNt

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    That would be a nice addition to the replay tasks.

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