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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Bigtommyb, Nov 13, 2010.

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    For many DC fans that don't know Derek Sherrod. Mississippi state is playing Alabama and you can scout Sherrod. He is playing LT #79. Remember the last 79 for us. I have seen this kid play and if were in the top 5, i say it's time for Dallas to pick a blue chip like Sherrod. Only if were in the top 5, because the ol draft gets weak after that. However check him out DC fans 6'5 315 320.
  2. tupperware

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    Is he rated that high?
  3. UnoDallas

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    I have seen him as high as 9
  4. CATCH17

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    Only 6'5?
  5. Displaced Cowboy

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    No. Taking any OL in this draft in the top 15 would be a poor decision by any team.
  6. realtick

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    There's no way I'm taking him in the Top 5.
  7. UnoDallas

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    could always trade tha top 5 pick - I take him in the top 15

    not as high on Petersen as I once was
  8. Bigtommyb

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    Its only a bad decision when there not a bluechip o'lineman. If there good enough and your in that top 10 and he's best available. if i'm not in the top 10 or lower round one i wouldn't take one. It's alot of factors that play in it. We better do something and he's about 6'5 1/2 but not sure would he be projected for Lor R in the NFL. This line is braking down in front of our eyes. Has to be addressed high. I like Peterson also but if he's gone i'd take this guy.
  9. realtick

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    That's always an option.

    Why are you down on Peterson? Are you believing the hype around here about his supposed "stiff hips" or how Julio Jones supposedly tore him up in their last game against eachother?
  10. Bigtommyb

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    Him and Constanza are rated 1 and 2 lineman.
  11. alsmith

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    We have a very good LT that is 6'5 320 and plays very well, why do we need to use a top pick on someone or a player that we don't need, when we have other needs,

    we need a CB, Newman is older and we can never have enough of good CB's,

    C and that might just be Costa who has look very good, they call him a trash can of dirt, and he call the line protections and he can pull and has good feet,

    G that does not get beat inside and I think Bright who is the strongest players on the team and has good feet could very well fit that bill, but he not a sexy draft pick, he also can pull on sweeps,

    FS depending on the young S's that we have on the team already,

    LB's, one ILB and a OLB that can cover, because I don't think that Brooking and James can keep going,

    We really need a good pass rusher that would be nice also, that can help Ware, not much but a start..
  12. realtick

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    There isn't a consensus no. 1 tackle out there. Some say Costanza, others say Camiri, and apparently some are jumping on Sherrod (whom I think is the best of the bunch).

    But just because they are "rated" no.1 or 2, doesn't mean they are Top 5 or 10 picks. It simply means they are the top rated offensive tackle for this particular draft class.
  13. Bigtommyb

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    How do you say we don't need him .I know nothing about Costa,Bright or Young. We have to see what we have with those guys before you say what we don't need. Columbo and Kosier are done. Guorode looks like he has lost a step and well Davis is Davis. It's time to see what we have and if where in the top 5 or 10, i'd take a look and possibly replace Columbo next year. Young has to get out there because we just don't know.
  14. UnoDallas

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    no not at all - just trying to get some extra picks - thats all -

    just doing normal draft thing - playing with it

    but I don't think we can or will pass on Petersen

    tho there are some other good CB' s coming out

    Prince Amukamara, CB, Nebraska top ten pick

    Brandon Harris*, CB, Miami
    Height: 5-11. Weight: 195.
    Projected 40 Time: 4.41.
    Projected Round (2011): Top 20 Pick

    Harris is a baller - period. On tape, he produces and plays with the swagger and confidence you want to see out of a cornerback. He's a missle in run support and shows the ability to take on a block. In coverage, receivers really struggle to separate and offensive coordinators have stopped calling plays his way this season.

    Ras-I Dowling, CB, Virginia - Height: 6-2. Weight: 200.
    Projected 40 Time: 4.52.
    Projected Round (2011): Top 25 Pick.
    Dowling recorded eight tackles and one pass breakup against Florida State last week

    Jalil Brown, CB, Colorado
    Height: 6-1. Weight: 205.
    Round 2 IMO
    Brown is a very underrated corner

    I watched that whole game - Julio did own him
  15. realtick

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    I hear you about the extra picks approach. There are a number of scenerios that could benefit us that we've talked about before.

    IMO, this CB crop is:

    Tier 1
    P. Peterson (BTW, check out the INT he made today...thing of beauty)
    P. Amukamara (solid, solid CB, reminds me a bit of Vontae Davis...great run supporter and still developing)

    Tier 2
    Brandon Harris
    *Jimmy Smith
    Curtis Brown
    ...a few others

    Tier 3
    Ras-I Dowling (I think he's tremendously overrated. In fact, I like his teammate, Chase Minnified much better)
    Devon House (I'm not a believer...reminds me of Will Blackmon from Boston College a few years ago)

    *Jimmy Smith's size and natural coverage ability makes him a solid prospect, however, IMO his tackling & heart (or lack thereof) makes me very wary of him.

    Bro, I've got the 'Bama/LSU game recorded too, lol. Julio Jones did not own Peterson in any way shape form or fashion. He gave up a TD, it happens; Dieon Sanders gave up plenty. From memory, Peterson gave up about 4 rec. for 40+ yards and a TD to Jones when he actually covered him.

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