Check out these wonderlic scores!

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Kchunda, Mar 15, 2005.

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    I think it would only bother me at certain positions. Obviously you want a "smart" QB who can take in all of the multiple system check offs for each teams offensive systems. On defense, I think the guys that make the defensive calls, like the safety for coverages and the MLB for "in the box" adjustments for the lineman and LBs means you would want those guys to have some braing power upstairs. But for a rushing LBer? I don't think the wonderlic would matter so much. Let's face it, not every great player out there is a freakin genius. Some things in football could be considered mentally tasking I suppose, but in many ways it still boils down to whipping the *** of the man in front of you. Pretty basic stuff.
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    Frank Gore got a 6? a 6?

    Don't you get 5 points for writing your name?
  4. LA=Pancakemaker

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    I think for showing up you get 1 point = 5+1 =6 Franky!
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    Supposively, anything below 10 is considered illiterate.

    I hope I spelled that right.

    You really have to wonder if his grades are a front if he's going to a major university but can't figure out what doesn't belong from dog, cat, mouse, deodorant.
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    The Miami guys always do notoriously bad.
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    Agree. I think if you play a sport and can score a double digit on th 'lic you are considered gifted at the "U"
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    Henson got a 42, which in a normal year would be the highest. That A&M center scored freakishly high.
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    The A&M center also got in trouble for yelling racial slurs in a Whataburger parking lot. . .

    Anyone know what Mike Irvin got?
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    Don't go there........ :mad:
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    Yeah, he never actually admitted to yelling racial slurs but he did his time (a team suspension and tolerance class) and appologized to the team.

    Also he played all across the line at A&M which shows he understood all of the blocking assignments. A good thing for a center, which incidently as a posistion averages the highest average wonderlic score in the NFL.
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    By the way I agree with the idea that the minimum scores are dependent on position. For OLB (WLB and SLB) I want 20s or higher along with Center, QB, WR, RB, FB, CB, and S. I actually want higher than a 20 for Center, S, and QB.

    These three positions usually run the schemes for their units, so I want them to understand their roles and the roles of the players around them.

    I think some of the strugles that Sean Taylor had last year could easily be attributed to his score... 9 or 11 or something...
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    Chris Henry got a 9. What a jack@#$.

    Luis Castillo is da man on all fronts. Hed be a steal in the 2nd-3rd round.
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    Wonderlic isn't strictly an intelligence test. The tragic part is most of the questions are pretty easy. Some sample questions:

    Assume the first 2 statements are true. Is the final one:

    1 true,
    2 false,
    3 not certain?

    The boy plays baseball.
    All baseball players wear hats.
    The boy wears a hat.


    Paper sells for 21 cents per pad. What will 4 pads cost?


    RESENT RESERVE — Do these words...

    1 have similar meanings,
    2 have contradictory meanings,
    3 mean neither the same nor opposite?
  15. Cajuncowboy

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    I think some of these athletes just blow off the test and write anything down just for the fun of it. There is no way you can function scoring a 6 and go to a University. If that is the case then they need to shut the University down.
  16. AsthmaField

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    Are these questions from an actual Wonderlic test, or are they simply from a normal IQ test?

    If those are truly questions from the Wonderlic, then I wonder how any player couldn't score pretty highly.

    You'd either have to not care and just be writing anything down, or you'd have to have some type of learning disability.
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    Problem with comparing scores is that you can prep for the Wonderlic. A score of 30+ might mean a guy is smart, or might mean a guy paid for Wonderlic prep.

    BTW, a score of 19 surely doesn't disqualify a defensive lineman. A score more like 9 (I think Marcus Steele and Daleroy Stewart were around 9) makes me worry.

    Before Wonderlic prepping proliferated, the rule of thumb was a QB was thought to need a 23 minimum to function well in the role. But Dan Marino's 21 didn't seem to hurt him any ;).

    The fact that players like Eli Manning routinely score higher than Steve Young did.. eh, don't try to compare the scores from year to year.

    I do recall a time when Drew Bledsoe's 33 was the highest among starting NFL quarterbacks.

  18. Chief

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    Like someone else posted, it's become an annual tradition to see how low the Miami guys scored.

    And the fact that some of these guys prep for the test really takes some of the fun out of it.

    I don't know how important the Wonderlic is anymore, but something that I think is very interesting and could play a part in how a player handles being a professional is the brain type testing that they sometimes do.
  19. InmanRoshi

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    John Henderson supposedly got a 6 too. I think Jon Abraham got a embarassingly low score as well.
  20. jobberone

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    They would but then how would they field a football team?

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