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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by MarionBarberThe4th, Jan 16, 2012.

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    Free agents:

    Ben Grubbs - G - Hes very good. Ray rice will be tagged

    Cortland Finnegan - CB - When you have a big mouth like he does you can't not show up every week. It'd be too embarrassing. 6 TD's in his career.

    Cory Redding - DE - averages a sack in every .25 games started. I feel like he's active. Dont we see him forcing RB's to bounce?

    Jarrett Johnson -OLB - he's not a loser is the thing

    Michael bush - RB - can't trust Felix

    Safety - idk it's a scrap heap . Buy high on Goldson? Take a flier on Shawne me- I mean Laron Landry? June cuts?

    Our FA's: Laurent Robinson: I dont care. He's nothing special. Romo could make the next guy in line rich

    Trade down once or twice. No details, it's early I'm spitballing.

    Late 1st- Cordy Glenn - G - GA - are we that sure he's not better than Decastro? (ducks)

    2nd - Whitney merciless DE/OLB - - Illinoise - probably a 4-3 DE but he's extremely productive and doesn't stop. Forced 9 fumbles god we can use that.

    2nd - Bruce Irvin - OLB - West Virginia - different player but similar production. Averages about a sack a game and is extremely quick off the edge. Just a different kind of player to block. He would be a really tough guy to adjust to after blocking Ware and jarrett Johnson a whole series.
    Still getting better and learning. Big upside. Like I said, reminds me of Brooks reed. Con: has a very ugly mug

    3rd - Kelechi Osemele - G - Iowa State - just as big and powerful as Glenn. Great gamble. Doesn't have the Garrett feel but I'm intrigued .

    3rd - markele Martin - safety - the good Cowboys - don't know that much about him yet but another linemen would've been overkill and Ladarius greens gotten played out

    4th or 5th - Omar Bolden - CB - ASU

    5th or 6th - Ryan Broyles - WR - Ok

    Late - Russel Wilson
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    Other than underrating Robinson, I could live with this offseason - both FA pickups and the draft.

    I love the idea of drafting both Whitney and Irvin. Cannot have enough pass rushers.
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    In your scenario, I'd go with a CB in the first round. Everything else I absolutely am in favor of doing. I particularly like the Whitney and Irvin picks. I suggested that in another thread, but with different players, i.e., multiple pressure players.
  4. MarionBarberThe4th

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    I think what it does is creates more mismatches and chaos for QB's. Even if Spencer was playing to expectations we still need more rushers. Just a larger number of guys that have to be accounted for.

    I especially love the mismatched combo of Bruce Irvin to pair w/ the longer pass rushers
  5. Chris in Arizona

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    Just kidding. Not a fan of Mercilus though.

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